LinkedIn Kills LinkedIn Answers Service [Report]

By: Chris Crum - January 17, 2013

LinkedIn has had a service called LinkedIn Answers for going on six years. Never heard of it? You’re probably not alone, because there reportedly aren’t that may people using it – at least not enough for LinkedIn to keep it alive.

Though as a LinkedIn user, I have yet to receive an email on this, Mashable is reporting that LinkedIn users are getting emails from the company about the service’s demise. The publication shares this statement from the company:

“As of Jan. 31, LinkedIn Answers will be retired from LinkedIn. We will be focusing our efforts on the development of new and more engaging ways to share and discuss professional topics across LinkedIn. In the meantime, members can still pose questions and facilitate professional discussions through other popular LinkedIn channels including LinkedIn Polls, Groups, or status update.”

Q&A site Quora (though it’s looking to expand its own offerings beyond Q&A) added a new LinkedIn connectivity feature last month, enabling users to directly share their Quora contributions on their LinkedIn profiles.

“Quora is a place where people share a wide range of knowledge and experience with others, and many users have already shared stories about professional opportunities they’ve received due to their contributions on the site,” a spokesperson for Quora told WebProNews. “Now, with the use of LinkedIn’s new profile, Quora is making it easier to share your answers with your professional network to demonstrate your expertise and to give a fuller picture of your professional biography and identity.”

LinkedIn announced last week that it has surpassed 200 million members.

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  • Theo

    Maybe they’ll buy Quora. If they’d been smart they would have linked Endorsements to Answers and gave credibility to it, right now that function is a joke and Groups are just a spammer’s paradise.

  • promotional items

    I had no idea they had that service. Why didn’t they advertise it?

    Now I have to go check it out and, if I find it useful, become sad. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Linkedin!

  • Kevin

    Why was it not advertised? I have uses to twice and both times it was helpful.
    Another company switching off services without question.

  • Ilan

    I have noticed that the majority of questions are from users who aren’t accustomed to knowledge bases, articles, FAQ, etc. They come on LI Q/A and ask questions about how to customize, use and improve their accounts (whether it be basic or premium). With Linked In removing Q/A, do you think that LI will be able to handle the thousands of questions from users that are helped by other community members? Will customer service be an issue? Quality of service perhaps?

    I know most of you will say, there’s groups for that; but the Q/A pool was the most effective way. Groups are often loaded with spam, marketing and other junk. Q/A is personable, it leads the user to believe that focused attention to his/her need is available.

    I’m understanding frustrated users eventually abandon their account, they will leave it registered but never login again. To accommodate the millions of questions users have, especially not those savvy enough to find solutions on their own; why would they completely shut down Q/A and not rebuild it to accommodate the consumer? Whereas groups can be used for professional grade discussions but as for help, Q/A is best.

    LI better have a great plan for customer support, live chats, interactive FAQ and more otherwise all those people out there will create registrations and abandon their accounts shortly after realizing they aren’t getting anywhere. This happened with YouTube previously, since than they had dramatically revised their customer service to videos, etc.

    Just a thought..

    The Help Center is a joke. I am sorry to say but answers found in the help center only lead to more questions, without the use of follow-up question links, screenshots and such it will be nearly impossible for newbies to find help. You have to drill down just to find the help center, it became as hidden as the Q/A link.

    Interactive one-on-one does not get better than Q/A. Groups are also not as nearly efficient as they can be, sometimes it feels as if Linked In was a “Click next to complete” installation and that’s it, it’s over and is barely maintained by none other than the users. For a turnkey solution, with no evolution none-so-ever, the pizzaz this place once had is diminishing.

    Removing Q/A all together as opposed to downgrading it is a HUGE mistake and just one less way for users to interact.