LinkedIn Has New Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Some Count LinkedIn as Top 5 Traffic Source

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When you think about traffic-driving social networks, LinkedIn may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, and truth be told, there’s a good chance it will not drive the kind of traffic Twitter or Facebook will for your site. However, some sites have found it to be a quite valuable traffic tool, and the company seems to want to further cement its status as such.

Do you get substantial traffic from LinkedIn? Let us know.

LinkedIn reportedly has about 65 million members. That may not seem like much compared to Facebooks 400 million (likely well over that by now in reality), but LinkedIn can bring a different brand of relevance to the table.

Earlier this year, we talked to entrepreneur Lewis Howes (who claims that LinkedIn is one of the top traffic sources to his blogs) about how powerful LinkedIn can be for driving traffic. He had written on the subject previously at Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger. "You need to take into consideration that LinkedIn has the highest average household income per user over any other social networking site (even NYTimes.com and BusinessWeek.com readers)," Howes told us. "That being said, these are business decision makers you are targeting with your traffic from LinkedIn. The network is for real, and it will only continue to grow in time…"

What’s New

LinkedIn has announced some changes to its news sharing options, and some of them just may help content spread more like it would on Twitter.  Notable changes include:

1. Public vs. Private – Users now get complete control over who sees what they’re sharing (everyone, connections, a group, or one person).

2. Images and article excerpt – Facebook-style images/excerpts that can increase clickthrough potential.

Linkedin - Display images and excerpts with shared content - help with driving traffic with linkedin

3. See and delete your own posts – preview, edit, and delete options for status updates to prevent typos.

4. Easily re-share – LinkedIn’s version of the retweet – just click a button and share content with connections, groups or individuals. This could be a huge factor for traffic. Retweets are great for making content go viral.

Sharing on linkedin - to help drive traffic

5. Improved off-site sharing experience – Now content sites will be able to offer a similar sharing process for LinkedIn to its own internal re-share feature.

6. The URL shortener (Lnkd.in)
– LinkedIn calls this a companion to its Twitter integration.

7. Attribution
– Re-shared articles give "via-style" credit by attributing something you re-share to the person who shared it with you.

8. Shared items on your profile
– If a user chooses to make shared items public, they will appear on their profile.

Howes told us that people don’t generally associate LinkedIn with driving traffic, and that their perception of it is more like a resume or a way to get a job. "They don’t see all of the powerful tools within LinkedIn that allow you to drive traffic back to your site," he said.

LinkedIn has recently launched some new integrations that can only help with a user’s traffic strategy – notably, integrations with Twitter and Microsoft Outlook. "The Outlook integration is a way to connect more with your current LinkedIn contacts, and also help you grow you network as well," Howes noted. The Twitter integration obviously lets you tap into the following you already have on Twitter, which has already proven to be a significant traffic-driving tool.

Read our previous article on getting traffic with LinkedIn for some tips from Howes. For steps on setting up your LinkedIn integration with Microsoft Outlook, read here.

Do you think LinkedIn’s new changes will help drive traffic? Share your thoughts.

LinkedIn Has New Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site
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  • http://linkedinguy.com Paul Buijs

    Not only is LinkedIn one of the type five traffic source to my site linkedinguy.com (your source for everything LinkedIn:) it is the number two source of traffic outside of Google search. Twitter is a distant third.
    Great article explaining the new features! I already linked to it in the LinkedIn Q&A where someone asked if LinkedIn had a comparable retweet functionality.

    • Chris Crum

      Thanks Paul. Having a LinkedIn-based site probably doesn’t hurt either :)

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    I knew that Linkedin is a great way to pass on links, and now this way of obtaining targeted traffic is an invaluable source to building business relation. Thanks! Similar to what Service Magic does for the home improvement industry for contractors in the carpet woodinville, tile works to energy efficient windows.

  • http://www.opusalbums.com Daniel Roberts

    I use Hoootsuite and several retusn come from Linked-in without it beind entered specificall in this place.

  • http://www.harmony-lingerie.co.uk Errol

    I have never really used Linkedin and never really put it on par with Face Book or Twitter, just goes to show you how wrong i was.
    I shall look on Linkedin in a new light and be paying closer attention to it from now on.
    This site has great potential and I for one will be looking to harnest the traffic from this site.

    Thanks for a great article.

  • http://www.anotherfp.com Mike Scorelle

    I produce a publication covering structured finance (http://www.anotherfp.com) and although I have a pretty strict paywall for the articles (subscription-based model vs. advertising), I produce related free webcasts and post the links in the 30 or so related LinkedIn groups to which I belong. I also post links to my blog in these groups.

    I get a ton of traffic that way. Before I put up my paywall I would post articles and probably recieved a third of my traffic that way.

    Twitter and Facebook have a much larger audience, but for my very focused audience LinkedIn works much better.

  • http://www.gteksoft.com jason

    Ya it is quite intresting and I am still exploring.

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  • http://www.smallmoneyseo.com/ martin

    but who has the time to use all the good tulles?

  • David

    Online Dating sites like YouDate.net have benefited from Linkedin.com

  • http://www.chess-sets-and-more.com Kevin

    I’ve never really used LinkedIn, but thanks for the information. I shall give it a try.

  • http://www.priorityresults.com Brian Bierbaum

    I have used LinkedIn for sometime now to generate traffic to our site and for our clients. The marketing style quiz below was promoted via various relevant LinkedIn groups and generated significant traffic to our site. Additionally, we have used LinkedIn Polls as a rapid research tool and as a way to drive traffic back through the links you can add. Quite helpful!

    The marketing style quiz:
    “What is your marketing style? Take this 5 question quiz to find out! http://bit.ly/cB0y1T”

    Article on Using LinkedIn Polls:

  • http://www.carlbradshaw.co.uk CarlBradshaw Positive Business Development

    Linkedin is for switched on business owners who want to grow organically.

    Superb at least 2 solid enquiries every week.

    Add me to your profile and watch your network grow! http://uk.linkedin.com/in/carlbradshaw

  • http://www.arrowsmithmarketing.co.uk Gareth Edwards

    I get a call or email every week on the back of my status updates. Increasing amount of web traffic is being referred from LinkedIn too.


  • http://relevanttrafik.com Gary Nicholson

    LinkedIn is great for traffic, but not only that, it is a great way to get an introduction to potential clients and find potential clients to add to your network. I have received sales leads and calls from potential clients thanks to LinkedIn.



  • http://affiliatewebsitereview.com Affiliate Website Review

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve had a Linked-In account for about 2 years and to be perfectly honest… just didn’t see the value of doing any work on it. The other social networks just seemed to serve my needs a whole lot better.

    However, after reading your post I am certainly going to revisit my options. And, I think Mike Scorelle for his input!

    Rick Samara

    • http://priorityresults.com/blog/author/jlarranaga/ Jlarranaga


      Most people underestimate the power of LinkedIn. You already have a profile, so join the appropriate groups for our industry and jump into discussions or answer a few questions and you’ll drive traffic back to your site.

      Also, I have linked my LinkedIn status update to my Twitter account so when I post my update, my Twitter followers see it too. The more you integrate your brand across these social media channels, the more powerful they become.

      Good Luck!


  • http://myway2fortune.info Brian Mc

    Thanks Chris Crum for the information. Just signed up!

  • http://www.holistic-mindbody-healing.com Val

    Will definitely have to spend some time on my linkedin profile and doing some networking there. Thanks.

  • http://www.bizcoachinfo.com Terry Corbell

    In my experience, LinkedIn is fabulous. Count the reasons, which include:

    With social networking now responsible for half of all search engine ranking critierion, my Web site is more prominent.

    It has reconnected me with old acquaintenances, and is establishing new ones.

    Linkedin refers considerable traffic to my site — 50 percent of Google’s referrals.

    In terms of Web presence, it’s almost as good as a Web site in itself.

    In using most features, such as linking with Twitter so that every time I tweet, it shows up in my LinkedIn profile. I also use the Typepad feature which automatically posts headlines and summaries of my articles from my business-coaching Web site.

    And it is a source for great information without having to wade through posts that are not relevant.

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  • http://www.blogginhealth.com Me And My Bloggin Health

    I think likedin is a good source of traffic if used properly. I am a member now for over a year. Although I have not yet got a hold on its full resources because of the complicated interface and navigation, I have had quite a solid traffic.

  • http://mayflo.com may

    I’m always curious about linkedin, thanks for this great article, now I know linkedin better than I was thought.

  • http://trinidadyfacundo.com ariyadi arnas

    I love to be add in Linkedin. Thanks!

  • http://www.gteksoft.com Jason

    If linkedIn is going to drive traffic to my site (but how) I would like to create my proile in LinkedIn and drive traffic to my site.

  • http://www.garycjohnsonlaw.com Gary C. Johnson

    My site has been up for just over a month now. LinkedIn has already driven traffic to my site. So while I do not have good statistics yet, I believe that it has helped my site Page Rank and created a quality backlink that will continue to drive traffic. LinkedIn is particularly good for me because it is more oriented toward business.

  • http://priorityresults.com/blog/author/jlarranaga/ JLarranaga

    If you’re a B to B marketer, LinkedIn can be a great source of inbound traffic. By participating in group discussions, running ads for potential new talent and by updating your status regularly, you’ll notice the increase in traffic.

    We can see the LinkedIn traffic on our Google analytics and it’s consistently one of our better sources of qualified inbound clicks.

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  • http://www.mymusicsuccess.com Simon Adams

    One of the best traffic drivers is linkedin groups. Rather than posting endless spam though, join in and contribute to relevant conversations on linkedin groups, and make sure your signature file details are at the end of every post (including your web address of course!)

  • http://www.funny-business.com Michael

    Glad to hear more about LinkedIn. I’ve been new to the network and don’t feel I know all the “ins and outs” of the website.

    Thanks for the post!

  • http://www.trabaje.net/sap Sergio Poato
  • http://www.gwsmedia.com GWSMedia

    Thank you for this neat little illustration of how else linkedIn can be used- It’s a resource so many people are using predominantly as a business card and C.V, so its nice to see some more features being built up, and so functionally explained!

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  • http://www.indian-vedicastrology.com Rajiv Sethi

    Rajiv Sethi is a Vedic astrologer and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He also holds an MA in astrology from the Indian Council Of Astrological Sciences, Delhi chapter.

    Rajiv has been teaching astrology to diploma level students since 2001. He taught at The Astrological Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, and currently teaches at the Southwest Institute Of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.

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