Limbaugh Advertiser Says Ad Boycott Is “Terrorism”

    March 26, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Mark Stevens advertises on Rush Limbaugh’s show, even after the latest Limbaugh scandal. He remains unbowed by the current advertiser boycott that is decimating Limbaugh’s advertiser base.

Yesterday, Mark Stevens was on the Fox Business Network show Varney and Co. He made some interesting remarks about the current Limbaugh advertiser boycott:

“I just want… The reason why I want … What I’d like to say is that what is not known about this is this is not a boycott. That is a polite term for organized terrorist activity that is descending on people, on businesses that are advertising on Rush, and it’s part of the larger war on business in America today.”

Limbaugh played that excerpt on his show today, adding his own commentary:

“That’s an excellent point. It’s an organized action by the left attempting to terrorize individuals who own businesses and operate radio stations. It’s not angry consumers. These people couldn’t have cared less what happened three weeks ago other than the opportunity it presents them. They’re not even really offended by what happened. This is just an opportunity to execute a plan that they’ve had in their drawer since 2009.”

So, if you are involved in an advertiser boycott against Rush Limbaugh in response to his calling Sandra Fluke a slut, you are a terrorist and you are engaging in a war on business that you have been plotting since 2009.

Limbaugh continues:

“Have you heard a conservative media member express a desire that the opposition be shut down and silenced or thrown in jail or prosecuted? Do you ever hear that? No. We’re not afraid of discussing what we believe. We know we’ll triumph. We’re not afraid of debating our ideas, and we’re not threatened by virtue of their existence. We’re threatened by what they want to do and we’re threatened by their ideas, but we’re not threatened by their existence. We don’t seek to shut ’em down, but this is all they’ve got.”

Conservatives do not seek to boycott things they do not like. Unless…

You stopped advertising with Rush Limbaugh recently.

You’re considered a “Hollywood Liberal”.

You’re a gay Republican who is invited to attend one of their meetings.

You’re Ben and Jerry’s.

You don’t want Rush Limbaugh to own your football team.

You insult Tim Tebow.

You’re General Motors.

You’re rumored to offer tacit support to your gay employees.

You’re a Thin Mint.

You use Ellen Degeneres in your ads.

You sell Archie comics.

Of course, all this is preposterous. Conservatives can boycott anything they want, no matter whether you like it or not. It is not infringing on anyone’s First Amendment rights. It isn’t terrorism. And it isn’t a war on business when they do it. But, don’t act like it doesn’t happen.

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    Web Pro News is a lot better when you are not wasting our time with political viewpoints. Let’s leave the politics up to FOX and MSNBC and stick to interesting articles pertaining to the web.

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  • Marisag

    The very essence of a free market and free society is that consumers are free to make whatever choices they want.

    • Kim

      Yes – this “group” “boycotting” Limbaugh’s advertisers want to shut him down and will jump at any opportunity to do so. Last I checked we are a free market and a free society, however this is fading under the current administration. Our president has divided our country worse than ever before – such a uniter. Isn’t he president of ALL of our country – ALL Americans? Not just socialist Democrats? We are in the middle of a civil war, albeit without weapons. Very scary times.

      • Will

        And your a fascist republican. Left up to me, I would drive you people into the sea.

        • Bill D

          hmmm… I guess that’s what Liberal Socialist tolerance is all about.

          • bob

            And the commies have yet to learn how to spell

          • James

            Yep, that’s DEFINITELY “Socialist Camp Stupidity” alright. That’s exactly why The Rat In Chiefs’ minions need to sew their pie holes shut! Before ANYONE starts trying to “Drive ANYONE ‘into the sea'” with their stupidity, I suggest they go get a serious lobotomy procedure to correct their “Abby Normal” deficiency FIRST!!! Liberalism IS a mental disorder of the worst kind.

        • Theresa

          There it is, more of that Liberal tolerance. This latest attack on Rush is a failure. The double standard that the left has enjoyed for so long is crumbling. The free market works, and Rush is coming out of this stronger.

        • matt

          Why dont you move to europe? there is a place that is already working the way you want it to. Drive us into the sea??? Lol. i want you to live buddy, but not in the USA.

  • Kim

    We all have the ability to make CHOICES, and the free market allows supply and demand, and if there was a demand for a liberal Rush Limbaugh to reach as large an audience, then there would be one. Wasn’t Gore’s network not able to survive because there was no AUDIENCE and thus not enough sponsors. Advertising decisions are made based on audience demographics – not politics of the show.

    What was accomplished was that for those advertisers who chose to give in to the “boycott”, they lost real customers and it will hit them where it hurts – in their financials.

    • Socialist Democrat

      Your narrow-minded view of reality is stunningly absurd. We all have choices, therefore, those companies have the choice to withdraw support if they want to. And we have the choice to tell Limbaugh to go screw himself. If you want to support him, fine, you go ahead, but at least back yourself up with irrefutable fact as opposed to hate-fueled opinion.

      • Bill D

        “Narrow-minded” …why is it that it is always the Socialist Democrats who are always so eager to silence the opposition.

        “reality is stunningly absurd” …only because you are in an endless search of utopia – which only exists in fantasy land.

        “We all have choices” …more government control means LESS choices, not more.

        “irrefutable fact as opposed to hate-fueled opinion” …that’s funny! Are you saying that Al Gore’s audience is more popular than Rush Limbaugh’s? Besides, I have yet to meet a Socialist Democrat that was even remotely interested in ‘irrefutable facts’ – it’s all about emotional response.

        • Will

          So your a fascist repub???????

          I will gladly take a government who is more in tune with the people mind you with more control over a government who s****s on the people for the sake of giant financial firms

        • tardacus

          i have yet to meet a rush supporter who was interested in ANY facts, rush is the national enquirer of the radio waves.

          • matt

            I’m telling you guys, if you dont know anything about our history, if you dont like how America was founded, if you dont like America… LEAVE! There is tons of space in Europe!!!! If you feel like the conservatives need killed off, then do yourselves a favor, stop acting murderous and go to EUROPE!

      • Kim

        Where in my comment is “hate-fueled opinion”? Really incredible.

      • Kim

        Those companies didn’t withdraw their support because they wanted to. They were threatened and terrorized.

        • tardacus

          carbonite withdrew their commercials because the owner disagreed with what limbaugh said. his response was an honorable and normal response.

          when rush disagreed with what sandra fluke said he did the dishonorable and abnormal thing by cursing and slandering her.

          rush and his supporters have no credibilty when they start talking about values.

          • James

            VALUES?!!! What you MEANT to say was “they HAVE credibility AND intelligence”!!! I suppose that The Rat In Chiefs’ Million Dollar Supporter, The Jock Itch On Two Legs Maher is a saint with HIS hate speech of women & that was “ACCEPTABLE” with HIS “dishonorable and abnormal cursing and slandering” of whoever doesn’t carry the water for the retards. Go preach to your loser thugs before you start spouting your stupidity. Carbonite & every other weak-kneed moron company who has NO strength of character and baled on Rushs’ show are losers anyway. I don’t always agree with what he says, but he was SPOT ON with that lying Fluke trash , Fool. Don’t regurgitate that useless drivel & expect ANYONE who isn’t a total idiot to go for that mess! Next time you decide to go ahead with any more of your regurgitative nonsense, learn how to spell correctly. Understand that credibility ISN’T spelled C-R-E-D-I-B-I-L-T-Y, Plus, learn how to use capitalization in your drivel, so you don’t appear as stupid as you ARE. Grow UP! USE your “brain”, or whatever it is that operates in its’ absence.

      • bob

        I wish I could withdraw the support I give you for your food stamps, housing and health care. Maybe you would develop a friendlier disposition towards us givers

        • Kim


          • James

            Agreed! The motion carries.

    • Will

      You repubs always want to have your cake and eat it too. These businesses are exercising their freedom by not advertising on his show. Be smart, you cant claim that a free market allows for choice when you wont even give that to a company working withing the free market system.

      On top of it, you have no moral code and YOU espouse the very fascist ideals that gave way to Mussolini and Hitler.

      • Art

        Will, you keep screaming fascist, when you, sir, are the epitome of fascism. Stop pretending to condemn it when by your very words you obviously embrace it. “I would drive you into the sea.” “I will gladly take a government who is more in tune with the people.” Brown shirt much? Because that’s what you sound like.

        YOU have no moral code and YOU espouse the very fascist ideals that gave way to Mussolini and Hitler. I suspect in your heart of hearts you know that and like that.

        • James

          Art, don’t waste your time on Will. That is an arrogant fool who’s drunk WAY too much of the fertilizer flavored Kool Aid to even hope to have any more common sense, logic, OR reason. You are beating a dead horse. The Rat In Chief is a fool & so is Will. They will all get what they so richly deserve when their “King” is deposed. His “moral code” doesn’t exist. In fact he would have made the perfect stooge for Hitler, Mussolini, Khrushchev, Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, Kadafi, or that Osama bin Laden trash, but all of them would just have that fool slaughtered anyway. Just another fool who “thinks” that Che Guevara was an actual “hero”. We’re all wasting our collective time trying to talk any sense to this brick wall of an idiot.

      • James

        Oh yeah, Will, for your ever so infinitesimally microscopic intelligence to hope to grasp onto, I’m an INDEPENDENT & you are an idiot.

    • chris

      Yes, people have the right to make choices in the free market. Personally, I choose not to spend my money on any companies that support hateful people like Rush who are abusive towards women, because I don’t personally want my money to go to support that kind of disgusting behavior. I don’t think it’s acceptable to try to stop women from participating in the political process by attacking their sexuality, and I think it’s both absurd and deeply offensive to say that any women on birth control “must be a slut”, so for ethical reasons, I will make sure that I never let another penny of my hard earned money go into the pocket of that hateful windbag.

      And, as it is a free market, I have the right to do that.

      • James

        Chris, it’s really too bad that, essentially, you support sluts & with your obviously gross lack of comprehension & your failure to follow up on actual FACTS, Congressional Representative Issa said, “Her name was submitted too late to be admitted to testify. She’s not a lawyer. She’s not a member of the clergy – crucial for a hearing on religious freedom, wouldn’t you say?”, but NASTY PIGlosi & the Liberal Media created a supposed “newsworthy event” with all the trimmings & decorations for a convincing “falsehood du jour”. A podium, Microphones, a pretense of alleged importance, & the ever essential Liberal Media, to allow Fluke to denounce intelligence & common sense with her “story”, actually, more like “a tale” told on stage with the footlights included. But this 30 year old activist “Co-ed” actually infers that women must, to all intents and purposes, be PAID to have sex, which also infers “slut”. If you can’t afford to pay for something which isn’t a “right”, DON’T DO IT! She whines that none of them can possibly afford $9.00 a month at TARGET for the exclusive right to have sex, when “having sex” IS NOT a “right”. Her ENTIRE “testimony” stinks of fertilizer, at BEST, those numbers make NO sense, she’s an idiot. Just leftist trash as usual with the help of NASTY PIGlosi & the never ending “agenda”. PIGlosi also says, “As a result, today, she (the “Co-ed” Fluke) has been subject to attacks that are outside the circle of civilized discussion and that unmask the strong disrespect for women held by some in this country. We call upon the Republican leaders in the House to condemn these vicious attacks on Ms. Fluke, which are in response to her testimony to the Congress”. Just maybe, NASTY PIGlosi would like to address the trash coming out of The Rat In Chiefs Million Dollar Contributor, Crotch Rot Maher, about the foul garbage coming out of THAT pie hole as to the “strong disrespecting of women”, “viciously attacking” them, totally trashing them, & calling them “Boobs” & the “C” word, then THAT is allowable, huh? I guess that if it’s coming out of a Libtard jerks’ pie hole, it’s okay? Right?

        • nbforrest

          james,You might have some valid points but as long as you continue to express yourself in tourette`s inspired fits of ranting, you lack credibility and no one is going to pay attention to anything you have to say. you might have more success getting your point across if you spend some time developing your social skills above the level of a 12 year old hysterical drama queen.
          have a nice day.

    • tardacus

      clear channel is losing more money than the advertisers are.
      rush isn`t the only game in town. if McDonalds doesn`t advertise on limbaugh anymore it`s no big deal because limbaugh listeners are still exposed to McDonalds ads on the T.V., newspapers, internet etc.
      rush is only on 3 hours a day, how much advertising time is McDonalds really losing by not advertising on limbaugh`s show? maybe 2 or 3 minutes a day? that`s nothing!
      If everyone of limbaugh`s listeners stopped going to McDonalds it wouldn`t do anything to hurt McDonalds bottom line.

      limbaugh`s listeners have been brainwashed to believe that they have more power than they really do.

      even if limbaugh has 20 million listeners that he claims he has, thats nothing compared to the 290 million other americans who don`t listen to his show.
      20 million limbaugh listeners worldwide boycotting McDonalds won`t even be missed by McDonalds.

  • NotAMoron

    Actually, Kim, several businesses boycotting Rush have seen a huge boom in sales as people such as myself have been striving to show support for businesses who have some sort of moral code.

    • Kim

      Oh so it’s ok for you to spout about “moral code” as long as it’s the moral codes YOU like. Wow.

      • tardacus

        and what moralcode says it`s ok to call a woan a slut and prostitute just because you disagree with them?
        That`s not a moral code that`s a lack of a moral code.

        • Larry

          Some of the very important times of my growing up period we needed very loose woman like miss luck,although the ones I knew were way better looking. That being said they were still known as the sluts as I’m sure in her college days that is precisely what she was referanced and used for many quick sessions of her ost likely many skills.Nothing wrong with skills,although probably not something to portray in front of the world.You know the saying,,IF THE SHOE FITS,,WEAR IT.We as conservatives have to listen to the nastiness you dish out to our conservative woman all the time.And Will,your desire to run us into the sea tells me your all talk and no bite.If u even had a clue you’d realize your seriously outnumbered.You better come packed for bear cause that’s what you’ll run into and more.

          • Jean

            Larry, did you even listen to what the woman actually said??? I’ve read the transcript of what she said from start to finish: the spin Limbaugh put on it is inaccurate, very inaccurate, and his followers are falling for it hook, line, and sinker. I personally feel Fluke should sue him, and I assure you she would win! As for the advertisers, no, people boycotting Limbaugh’s advertisers is not terrorism. It is freedom of choice and freedom of speech. If a company leaves Limbaugh’s show, it is because they realize he has upset enough people that being aligned with him can and will hurt their business. Their decision to keep or stop advertising with him is their choice. I admit I refuse to do business with businesses that advertise with Limbaugh because anyone who advertises on his time slot is essentially supporting his BS, and my money won’t go there!

        • Kim

          A 30 year old law student at one of the most prestigious(and expensive) law schools in our country is asking me to pay for her birth control.

          Can we have the government pay me retroactively for 24 years of birth control pill cost? That’s what I think should happen if we start paying for everyone’s birth control.

          Give me a break.

          And personally, the real issue is ABORTION, aka WOMEN’S HEALTH, disguised as birth control.

          • Jean

            Kim, do you know what all birth control pills are used to treat? PCOS, endometriosis, adenomyosis, dysmenorrhea, PMDD, and more. Many of these conditions are extremely painful! Birth control pills should be paid for by insurance. By the way, students at that college pay for their own insurance, as you would know if you had listened to what Fluke actually said.

          • Kim

            No tears from me. Heard the whole sorry thing. And. It wasn’t “testimony” ms. Fluke gave—she had a press conference set up to look like she was giving testimony. Check the facts.

            Most birth control pills are prescribed to control birth. And then when a woman reaches a certain age doctors will not prescribe them anymore due to increased risks of bad side effects with age. Check the facts.

            This is not an access issue—everyone who wants them can get them. Difference is I don’t want to pay for everyone’s.

    • Kim

      Really? This is all false outrage that is part of a much bigger agenda to silence any opposition to liberal/communist ideals.

      Last I checked there was a Gallup poll that showed the majority of the country is conservative (40+%), and liberals were only 21%.

      • tardacus

        rush limbaugh and his followers are an embarrassment to all real conservatives.
        nothing that rush says and does is considered to be an example of real conservative values.
        drug addiction, sex tours to south america, vile slanderous diatribes, etc etc, NONE of those things are considered to be conservative values by REAL conservatives.

  • http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com pk

    I love you! This is wonderful! All I know is that many of us only got involved with this effort on after the week of Feb 27th. The people I started to work with gathered on a facebook page – I found that page on March 2nd, it had under 5,000 people and by Monday evening March 5 – there were 30,000! I discovered Media Matters after watching a tv news show and a few days later. (The GOP conspiracy theories have them behind this terrorism plan)
    A friend and I started this website to provide information and support to the limbaugh Boycott -http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com/ We have links to spreadsheets of up-to-date sponsor lists, we have links to petitions, we are starting a list of sports teams who call a limbaugh affiliate their official radio station. We find 90% of the advertisers, local and national don’t want their products or services associated, once notified. Whether they really do something about it .. well if they continue to be heard on a his show, they get more calls. JOIN US@

  • tardacus

    rush`s tinfoil hate conspiracy theories would be funny if they weren`t so absurd.He`s a certifiable lunatic.

  • http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com pk

    Check this article out – posted on FloridaFamily CELEBRATING their victory at pressuring lifelock to pull advertising from a local television station because their programming was detrimental to what FFA define as family values. Talk about HYPOCISY! : http://floridafamily.org/full_article.php?article_no=115

  • Kim

    pk, you and all of the others have never listened to Limbaugh’s show. And you are all terrorizing advertisers as part of your communist agenda.

    Can’t have discussions of FACTS so you have to SHUT THEM DOWN. You are all communists. And be careful what you wish for – what you are doing now could absolutely backfire down the road and you’ll see advertisers wanting NOTHING to do with radio ads on ANY type of political show, liberal or conservative.

    Can’t wait until November. The silent majority will rock your world.

    • http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com pk

      Oh believe me, I have listened. I am disgusted and appalled and embarassed that so many men listen and follow him like lambs. He, like howard stern, belongs on a satellite radio network.
      The silent majority are accomplishing nothing by being silent. Grass roots and social media is the wave of the future. join us, we have conservatives and liberals, men and women and people of all colors … http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com/

      And Mitt, hey I am from MA where he made a four year stop-over on his way to his next political endeavor. He is so far removed from the middle class that he knew enough to leave before running in another race here.

      • Whatever

        Terrorists? Seriously? This is hysterical. The free market gets to decide what to buy, and the free market also allows your “terrorized” companies to choose the venues they seek for advertising (ahem – meaning, to generate profit, no matter what the vehicle). Nobody is forcing these companies to stay with Rush, and they might be just as well off picking a better partner for their brands. Right now – Rush is toxic. So who wants to be associated with that??

        This is not terrorism. This is a grass roots effort to bring civility to the airwaves. Rush, who for years has pushed the envelope further and further, happens to have become the flashpoint. Rush, Olberman, Maher – right or left – you pick the name. In my opinion it is not about politics or “terrorism”. It’s about bringing back a country where it is actually ok to disagree – CIVILLY.

        If Rush understood anything about civil discourse, he’d still be the big man of talk radio. But he apparently doesn’t, and the market is now speaking. Finally. More to follow on both the right and left, hopefully.

        Let’s end hate radio.

        • Kim

          So you are for censorship? Wow, I see big First Amendment problems. And yes, these “grass roots” groups doing the “boycott” are not concerned about what all people are saying, only what Rush is saying so they can destroy him and silence him so 20 million Americans will not listen to conservative truth. Truth to all of the crap you have been force fed by a mainstream media that tries to make people like you think that the socialist/liberal/communist mindset is the majority of how the people of our country think.

          But you and all of your ilk are WRONG. The USA is a conservative majority country, and a recent Gallup poll proved it.

          • Whatever

            Kim – Did you actually read my post? Who said I was for censorship? Where are you coming from with all of this “anti-conservative” stuff? Where did I say I even disagreed with the point Rush was trying to make?

            I’m for civility in free speech. Rush can say/believe/preach any ideas he likes. It’s the WAY he’s doing it that’s objectionable. Whether it is Rush or some left-leaning wingnut, it’s the same to me. Enough of this awful destructive talk from all sides.

            I hate political correctness.
            I am FOR free speech.
            I am FOR a civil society which helps build things, not tear them down.
            And, for the record, I think it’s despicable for the politicians to politicize this situation.

            Finally, I don’t see this as a Free Speech issue, since it’s the market, NOT the government that is challenging the situation. (altho Fonda and Allred have tried to make it such, along with some whackos in other areas, I think they’re dead wrong.)

            This, in my mind, is about PEOPLE having had ENOUGH of this type of “entertainment” on the airwaves.

          • Kim

            Whatever, I understand where you are coming from, but really it is a slippery slope. We have to stop being OFFENDED at what people say. My God, been to the movies lately??? I am totally offended, choose not to go, but look who does go – a whole generation has grown up on soft porn and dirty humor and disgusting behavior all in the name of humor.

            If you are trying to clean the airwaves, I would think you would be really trying to change the smut coming out of Hollywood. Hollywood has had a HUGE affect on our culture, and not in good ways.

            Also, have you ever really listened to a 3 hour Rush Limbaugh show? He talks about what is going on with legislation/politicians/etc that the regular media never talks about, or only talks about with their slant. So Rush gives the other slant – and asks questions, and asks his audience to ponder political situations. Things that affect all of us, liberal and conservative. Not enough people pay attention to what really matters in Washington and thus we have an electorate who goes with their “feelings” instead of policy positions. In essense we better all be watching what our government does as it all is Kabuki Theatre.

            I am an equal oppportunity criticizer as well and have plenty to complain about with former Pres. Bush and current Republicans. I claim no party – I am a conservative. And I am a realist. Not an idealogue. People better wake up and look at the big picture.

            We are all in trouble when 50% of our population pays no FEDERAL income taxes.

          • Kim

            And people have not had “enough” of Rush Limbaugh -he still has the largest audience – 20 million – in radio and from what I understand it has even grown since all of the bruhaha.

            Please give a listen to him, and not just soundbites. I watch the Rachel Maddow show sometimes, as well as Bill Maher and Chris Mathews. Always good to be well-informed. I don’t agree with 99% of what they say, however I am not offended. And I actually agree 100% with Bill Maher’s column from the other day about people needing to stop being offended by what other say.

            There is no right in our Bill of Rights NOT to be offended.

          • Whatever

            Thanks for your response. Seems we are in agreement that the points of view are not the issue. Nor is censorship.

            I would happily do my part to change what Hollywood produces. in fact, I do. I don’t go to the movies for the most part because it is all crap.

            But for me, in the case of Rush, I’ve had enough of the abusive nature of this type of show, and am happy to apply pressure to drive change, and that pressure can only come from the public on the sponsors. I would NOT favor censorship, but if enough like-minded people pressure the almighty dollar, then things can change for the better.

            I am hopeful that this episode will lead to all talk radio/TV becoming more civil in tone. As I said before, I don’t care if it’s Olbermann or Buchanan or Limbaugh or in the Boston area, Jay Severin. There’s no need to be abusive to get your points across to your audience. And it’s high time the public stood up and said “enough”.

      • Kim

        Lots of women listen to him too. And by the way, there is a new political group made up of ANGRY CONSERVATIVE WOMEN. Angry because of the likes of Ms. Fluke weakening all women in our great nation, on so many levels.

        You need to educate yourself on how our government works and read the Constitution. Obvioiusly you missed alot in school, or else you are pretty young and had anti-American crap taught to you instead like most of our schools today.

    • Jean

      I’m sorry, Kim, but I’m literally laughing out loud! You put ‘Limbaugh’ and ‘facts’ in the same sentence. Oh, yes, I listened to Limbaugh’s show, and went on to do my own research to either verify or nullify what he had said. The actual facts did not back up what he had said at all! I hate to say this, but… I think I’d trust Alex Jones before I’d trust Limbaugh, and I have to say Jones is largely full of BS.

      • Kim

        Jean there is an organization that fact checks everything Limbaugh says and he is 98% accurate in everything he talks about.

        I am for freedom of speech–not the right to not be offended.

        Also he apologized. I listened to the show that day and understand the point he was making and yes I thought his choice of words was poor. But he apologized. And you just want to silence him because you don’t agree with his viewpoints. Limbaugh loves to take the absurd in politics and/or the media and make a point.

        You are scared of the truth. Funny but conservatives never call for people to be silenced or destroyed just for saying something.

        You are disingenuous since you have not criticized all political types for horrible things said about ALL WOMEN. You probably celebrate when these things are said about conservative women. If Ms Fluke was a conservative and a lib like Bill Maher or Chris Matthews said horrible things about her you all wouldn’t bat an eye and would cheer them on.

        A truly sick country we live in today and I can’t wait until November.

        • Whatever

          What is the source for your “98% accurate” if you don’t mind? I’d be very interested.

          • Kim

            The Sullivan Group audits Rush Limbaugh continuously to see how his opinions stack up with what actually happens, and also his predictions. I know, Tom Sullivan is a friend of Rush’s and I’m sure this is part of Rush’s “schtick”.

            I started listening to Limbaugh after my father-in-law would bash him so much in 1999/2000 I had to listen for myself. After several weeks I realized that Rush puts into words what I, as a conservative, think. No, not the trashy comments about Ms. Fluke, but his larger point of looking at the big picture here. Listening made me realize that we are not getting the whole story on the evening news. Also the corruption in DC is incredible.

            I am also always perplexed on how some people who are uninformed (the vast majority of our citizenry) think our government works. It’s like they really didn’t pay attention in school while learning about how our government works. So sad.

            I don’t want courts making legilation – that should come from the people,us, our representatives.

            If people are unhappy (OWS types) they need to change things by using the ballot box and getting involved in local/state politics – even just communicating with their local reps. It is sad when the same people are calling for Rush’s head are the ones having temper tantrums about everything.

            I want a government that works for us, not the other way around with us working for them. We are at a tipping point in our country for sure, and civility in speech is always yelled about conservatives, when our President and the Democrats do a pretty good job saying some uncivil things. We don’t need “civility police”. We need parents who actually parent their children. We need personal responsibility which seems so out of vogue today.

  • William Schmitz

    A BIG thank you to all boycotters. First rash was in denial, now rash is whining, next stop the dumpster where rash and all his trashy friends belong.America will be a much better country without those phonies.

  • http://boycottrushlimbaughssponsors.com pk

    Media Matters is not our leader: http://wp.me/P2gTkU-8q

  • Kim

    pk you are so disingenuous. What types of activism/boycotting have you done when CONSERVATIVE women have had horrific things said about them?

    The curtain has been pulled back on all of you, and on “Media Matters”, your chosen far left wing radical website.

    Please go and get educated.

  • Kim

    Besides, all of these OWS and people “boycotting” Rush with phone calls and tweets etc MUST NOT HAVE JOBS, or RESPONSIBILITIES, or a LIFE. And maybe since they are really all communists they fall right in line in doing what their dear leader wants. Scary.

    Conservatives are the ones working and paying taxes and supporting these knuckleheads and are the silent majority because they don’t spend their days staging/participating “boycotts”.

    • nbforrest

      You might have some valid points but as long as you continue to express yourself in tourette`s inspired fits of ranting, you lack credibility and no one is going to pay attention to anything you have to say. you might have more success getting your point across if you spend some time developing your social skills above the level of a 12 year old hysterical drama queen.
      have a nice day.

  • http://www.govtjobs2012.in/ SHIVAM

    I thought his choice of worlds was poor. But he apologized. And AB( any body ) want to silence him because you don’t agree with his viewpoints.

  • Del

    Mark Stevens,one of Rush’s advertisers calls what has happened to him and his family, his company and employees as Boycotting/Terrorism. There is a big difference between boycotting; which you just stop buying their products; and boycotting/terrorists which threatens and tries to create fear for your life when you don’t comform to what they want. Mark Stevens has decided he is doubling down his advertising on Rush’s show. Great job Mark. I’m going to back up Mark’s fear; by writing my Representative, Speaker John Boehner and Senator McConnell; and request they add into the NDAA bill Boycotting/Terrorists.

  • alice

    I sugest you people read these books and you will know where Obama comes from, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair. cocaine,sex,lies & murder,The Roots of Obama’s Rage but most of all Rules for Radical, where Obama has used Sauls Alinsky method to change, the world. Now that Alinsky has past on Obama is trying to do the same, he was put here for a reason, He had no experience, everything about him was sealed, even his birth cert. If we don’t get this man out of office everything is going to be taken away from you and you will be under government control worse than we are. Obama wants power, and power is a pool of corruption,dishonesty, selfishness,arrogance, dictatorship,and suffering, so remember,hate people who want everything free and make the working people pay for your birth control when it is free all over, but the best thing is to keep your pants on.

  • Rosemary

    Pardon my interruption, Mike Tuttle, but

    1. WHAT does Rush Limbaugh have to do with web professionals’ news?

    2. Did you do ANY research on WHY the advertiser called it terrorism? Because, you see, terrorism has a definition and what is being done to some of those affected businesses fits the definition. We aren’t talking about customers boycotting, in this case, we are talking about threats, intimidation, denial of service attacks, etc. We are talking about customers who do not wish to boycott being unable to do business with their chosen merchant due to interference. We are talking, in at least one instance, of a WOMAN (Isn’t that what started it all?) who works for one of these companies being harassed.

    Oh, yeah. I use one of my emails to subscribe to the webpro newsletter but I won’t cancel it, or harangue against your site, or attempt any harassment, or denial of service attacks, etc. Why? Because it will hurt others more than it hurts you and they don’t deserve to be punished because you said something I consider to be stupid.