Lilyhammer Season 2 On The Way, But Season 3 Up In The Air

    August 29, 2013
    Chris Crum
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We know the second season of Lilyhammer, Netflix’s first original series, will be coming out, but things aren’t so clear for the show after that.

A Facebook community page about Lilyhammer points to an article from VG.no talking about uncertainty about the third season. It’s in Norwegian, but here’s a snippet from the Google-translated version:

Steven Van Zandt’s still not sure if “Lilly Hammer 3” will be created. If it happens, it’s Bruce Springsteen tour, which determines the recording days.

VG met Steven Van Zandt, lead actress and producer of “Lilyhammer” on Blue Canvas event in Oslo. Here he was to talk about season two of the hit TV series, which is to look at NRK later this fall. Speculation about what will be another season has gone on for long , but when VG ask him to still can not give any confirmation. – We’re still talking about it, it looks like it’s going to happen, but there are some complex negotiations that are now underway , says Van Zandt to VG. Do you think we’re going to see season three? – I hope it will happen, we should know soon, he said.

Obviously, the translation is not perfect, but I think we can get the general gist here.

Netflix has seemed pretty gung-ho about keeping its original shows going so far, with second seasons for House of Cards, Hemlock Grove and Orange is the New Black already moving forward, not to mention clear interest in keeping Arrested Development going.

Lilyhammer has been around longer than all of these, however, and frankly hasn’t generated the buzz that the others have. Also being the oldest of Netflix’s shows could make it first on the chopping block if and when Netflix decides to stop renewing some of its programs.


Based on this roughly-translated bit of what Van Zandt had to say, it sounds like a third season may very well still be in the cards. Netflix will likely want to see how the second season plays first, though it did renew Orange is the New Black before it even debuted to audiences.

They managed to work around the Springsteen touring schedule to get the second season of Lilyhammer going. If you’re a fan of the show, I wouldn’t worry too much about it going away just yet.

We don’t have a concrete release date for Lilyhammer: Season 2 at this point, but Netflix said in a letter to investors last month that it would be coming out this year. Now, in this VG.no article, we appear to have that down to the fall.

We’ve reached out to Netflix for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Image: Netflix

  • michellem

    Love. Lilyhammer and walking dead

  • John Majors

    “Lilyhammer” is the most refreshing, funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time. I watched all of the episodes of season 1 back to back, and it was bitter sweet. It ended and all I wanted was to then watch season 2. It’s been a long wait. Bring it on Netflix… please.
    Check out the user ratings at imdb… impressive.

  • Ferdinand Burfopolis

    Unless he went through a recent sex change, Steven Van Zandt is an ACTOR, not an ACTRESS. You should edit your report to reflect the male version of the word…

    “VG met Steven Van Zandt, lead actress and producer of “Lilyhammer” on Blue Canvas event in Oslo.”

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      As noted, it’s the Google-translated version. It’s never perfect.

  • Debra P

    I recently found this while surfing Netflix, and decided to watch it. I had never heard of it, but after watching the two seasons back to back, I am hooked. It is so original, witty, and I love the characters. Fantastic series, and I’m going to spread the word !

  • andrea ben

    My new favorite show! Steven is fabulous, the writing is great, love, love, love this show!

  • laura

    Really like this show, and I love how The sapronos were incorparated into the last show ie…(the characture Pauly and Sals wife, even the theme song, lol

  • Nancy

    Love this show-the twins are adorable and really do have it all! So funny to watch the guys babysit! More Please!
    Love everyone’s spirit!

  • chris

    I love this show. Please please hurry up with season 3!

  • Kathy

    Found this while looking for something to watch on Netflix. LOVE IT!!! Great cast, hope There will be a season 3.

  • petar s

    I love this show. Hurry up with seasons 3 and 4 and 5 and many more …..

  • joe

    This show is awesome. I imagine there will be a season 3 and more if the great writing continues. Great show.

  • Giselle Dugo

    Ey guys! we really like Bruce Springsteen but we need the SEASON 3!!!! Please