Lily Allen Defends Video, Denies Racism

    November 13, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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Lily Allen is under fire right now for her new video, “Hard Out Here” in which she takes on issues concerning the objectification of women and the double standard in the music industry.

Now she faces allegations, though they are a stretch at best, of racism in the video, according to Spin. Warning: This video is NSFW.

“The video is meant to be a lighthearted satirical video that deals with objectification of women within modern pop culture,” she wrote. “It has nothing to do with race, at all.” She added that despite two weeks of attempting to master Miley’s famous twerk, she was unable to pull it off. She also stated that the reason she was wearing more clothes than the backup dancers was, in fact, her own insecurity, thank you very much.

She took to Twitter to dispel the rumors and tongue lashings she was receiving:

Allen is no stranger, unfortunately, to racism accusations. In August 2012, she sparked a mass frenzy with this tweet:

However it may have seemed, the tweet was not racist. It is a little crazy to think someone would say something like that in this day and age, and actually mean the color of someone’s skin. And expect to ever work again….She later tweeted:

While the backlash is damaging to Allen in some ways, and great in others (many fewer would have seen this video, if not for the brewing controversy), it’s sad that her message, bringing attention to the objectification of women in the music industry, may be lost in all the unnecessary hysteria.

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  • Hmm

    Women objectify themselves. No one is forcing these women to do these things and these women are making millions. Miley Cyrus is worth 1/5th of a billion dollars. She isn’t being exploited or used. She and her family are set for generations. Not just life but generations.

    I am sorry. I like women. I think women are wonderful. But at the same time, I won’t feel sorry for things they are doing to themselves and when they are profiting by it.

    I guess in general I am tired of women and their double standard. They want to be noticed so they spend billions on make up and products to make themselves attractive. Then when they are noticed, they scream that they are becoming objects. If you want to be brutally honest, the reason why men don’t take more of an interest in women is because after a while all a woman does is complain. We have a lot of American princesses in this country. It gets to the point that yeah men just look at women because they are pretty, but it is not worth getting to know them because after you get together with a woman, a man’s life becomes a life of never ending complaints.

    If you want to know why men don’t really care, look directly at the feminists in this country. Men are simply tired of it all.