Likester Idol Predicts American Idol Results

And the eliminated contestant will be...

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Likester Idol Predicts American Idol Results
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And then there were three.

Want to know who’s going to stay and who’s going to go on tonight’s American Idol results show? Likester is giving you their predictions, announced today at 3 pm EST.

Likester thinks that Haley Reinhart is going to get the boot tonight, meaning that the final two will be Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina. Here’s what Likester says about Haley:

Despite the author of this post personally liking her, we think her time as come. It’s been a great run, Hayley, I hope the numbers are lying! Best of luck tonight.

The startup uses Facebook likes to analyze trends in pages, show users their ‘like” statistics as well as those of their friends, and to see what pages are popular in any given geographic area.

Likester has been running the service called “Likester Idol” where they use fluctuations in Facebook likes of Idol contestants in order to predict the outcome. Likester analyzes Facebook likes before and after contestants’ performances on Idol and from that they can see how many new fans were gained by the performance. Using that data from the Wednesday night’s performances, they attempt to predict Thursday night’s results show.

So how have they done? Pretty well, as of late. However, they did miss a prediction last week, as they predicted the elimination of Lauren Alaina and the safety of James Durbin. Durbin was the one ultimately eliminated.

They also say that they predict Scott to win the whole season. He has the most likes on Facebook overall at just over 312,000.

WebProNews recently talked to Kevin McCarthy, founder and President of Likester. In that interview, he said that their goal is to “help users understand the things that they’re already liking and, potentially, things that they could like.”

He added, “I think we’ve done a really good job of putting the data out there. Our challenge is going to be about surfacing the good stuff for the users, so that they don’t have to do all this searching.”

Is Likester right? Who do you think will go home? Is it the same as who should go home?

Likester Idol Predicts American Idol Results
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  • Tia

    I agree. i think haley should go home. she should have left a long time ago. james should have stayed. it would be a bettter finale with james, scotty, and lauren. those three are the best. as long as scotty or lauren wins. not haley!!!!

    • Katie

      Haha this site as well as Tia are out of their minds. James was an absolute Adam Lambert wannabe joke. Lauren is timid as a pussy cat and Scotty is slowly losing the country demographic. It’s anyones’ game; however, Haley is the most talented “artist” remaining.

      • Crystal

        How can people say that Haley is the most talented? She screams for half of her songs. Is she capable of singing something without growling or is that her only talent? Not to mention that she had too HUGE mistakes last night, number 1, (not totally her fault) was falling. Number 2, she butchered the Alanis Morissette song. It was HORRIBLE. I was embarrassed for her! She is trying to be this bad ass girl and she just isn’t. To top it all off, the last few weeks she has been inconsistent. One time she is great and the next she does awful and the judges have said she needs to step up her game every time. She should have not made it this far.

        • carrie

          crystal – you and tia belong together – lets hear you sing??? thats what I thought!

        • mdean

          “How can people say that Haley is the most talented?” By listening to the range, nuance, timbre, emotion, and control she has over the wonderful musical instrument that is her voice!

          Lauren has the range, timbre, and control, but lacks emotion and nuance. Scotty has timbre and some control, little emotion, no nuance, no range.

          I am a lifelong musician, performer, and music educator. I like all the contestants to some degree. But please, our EARS know who had the most talent: Casey, Haley, then … er…

          • Crystal

            Well, I guess America voted didn’t they.

      • mdean

        Katie — Accurate assessment, with the exception of calling Pia supporters crazy. She was very good — at what little she did. James was a poor imitation of Adam Lambert. (Every time he sang my wife asked, “When is he going to stop screaming at us?”) Lauren has an incredible voice, but is too timid to really use it. And Scotty plateaued weeks ago, hasn’t gotten better at all. Haley will be a bigger star than any of the above. (And people told me I was crazy when I said Clay Aiken will be bigger than Rueben Studdard.)

    • carrie

      tia – you suck…just my opinion

  • http://www.likester.com Kevin McCarthy

    Thanks for the shout out, Josh!

    I can honestly say I hope we’re wrong tonight, though that does kind of defeat the purpose haha.

    • Mike

      I hope you are wrong too, and that your prediction is off like it was last week. I love Haley and you would think based on the buzz on the internet so does the country. I can’t imagine a more boring finale if Haley weren’t part of it.

  • Teresa

    I think scotty and haley should stay and lauren should be voted off haley has a voice of an angel and scotty sounds just like randy travis and hes a hunk

    • mdean

      A hunk? Is the show “American Hunk”? Just wondering….

  • carrie

    bottom line is that they are all great. no matter who your personal favorite is…there is more talent then any one of us has. right? you know it is…so unless you can sing and perform better than any one of these kids up there in front of the world…(tia) please do not run them down!! p.s. James Durbin is also great…so sorry to see him go home as he was one of my fav’s too…but all but one has to go home sometime. good luck to all of them!!!

    • mdean

      I agree that personal attacks should NOT be a part of the AI phenomenon. AI is a SINGING contest. Based on that standard, the final three would have been Casey Abrams, Haley, and …. hmmm, …. er….

      Scotty’s good, but a bit overrated. James was good, but HIGHLY overrated.

    • carolny61

      I so agree with you Carrie!!!

  • David

    How about we just call this “Country Idol”!
    Scotty is inconsistant and sounds like a kareoke singer. Simon would have had him gone already!!

    • mdean

      Yep, this year really accentuates the void left by Simon’s departure…. I’m sure he would have sent James Durbin packing weeks earlier as well!

  • mdean

    Once again, teeny bopper voters got it wrong again, voting off the ONLY true superstar voice on American Idol….

  • mdean

    But… I will concede that teeny boppers got it right when they woke up long enough to vote off James Durbin!

  • tracei

    i still believe know matter who win this compitition we have not heaRD THE LAST OF ANY OF THE FINAL THREE AND ALSO JAMES I KNIOW SOMEBOBY WILL SNACH HIM UP SOON JUST WAIT AND SEE

  • http://www.laptopbatterylife.com/cheap-laptop-battery_business+notebook+nc6200+battery.html Business Notebook Nc6200 Battery

    95 million of ya’ll voted this week… and not for Haley, sadly. She was getting better & better each week, IMO. Scotty vs. Lauren. Idol

  • carolny61

    I think Lauren has the ability to go far with her talent! She’s young & they can do so much with her…she has a heart, she is compassionate to ALL of the contestants….even when they’re are voted off!!! Scotty too will shine!!! Good luck to them both!!

    • http://diker kaelie

      well thats a stupid prediction have u ever relized that there is someone hawt every year an d they win

  • http://diker kaelie

    hey i think that scotty is going to win he is howt and sexxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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