Lana Del Rey: Why Does the Internet Hate Her?

    February 3, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook:

So, someone is going to have to explain to me… why are we all supposed to hate Lana Del Rey? I don’t know anything about her, except that I’m intrigued by her sound and wouldn’t mind hearing more…

I had not heard anything about how we were “supposed to hate” this chick. I listened to her Later… With Jools Holland performance and actually liked it.

After a little Wikipedia reading, I saw what she was going for in her look – something they call “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”. I understood that she was a manufactured star, in a sense. Fake name, plotted career, niche look pushed as latest-flavor pop. But, none of that is unique in today’s pop landscape.

Then, I saw all the Twitter comments about her recent SNL performance. I pulled that up on YouTube and gave it a listen. Audio-wise, the mix was a bit thin. Visually, she doesn’t know what to do with her hands – she could learn a thing or two from Adele on that score.

But, there was nothing nearly so bad in that performance as the one from Ke$ha on SNL.

Both of them suffer from some asinine lyrics. But, Del Rey sings. No AutoTune silliness. Of course, comparing turds is no way to arrive at decisions about quality. Let’s just say Del Rey had an off night on SNL.

Then came Letterman.

Most commenters felt her performance was much better. Some didn’t.

In my other life, I mix live bands. I can tell you now that at least half the difference between the SNL performance and the Letterman had to do with mix and EQ. Half. Not saying it was the sound guy’s fault. Who knows what the setup was?

But, I think this “I Hate Lana Del Rey” phenomenon is something else entirely.

It’s hip to hate Lana Del Rey. And, it is equally as hip to defend her. It’s just a “thing”. And, I think it all launched because of a Tweet by Juliette Lewis:

“Wow, watching this ‘singer’ on SNL is like watching a 12-year-old in their bedroom when they’re pretending to sing and perform #signofourtimes.”

Lewis later deleted the tweet. But, actress Eliza Dushku also piled on:

And, with that celebrity cred behind it, the whole thing took off. It became a thing. And now, everyone has to pick a side. It could be about anything: Super Bowl commercials, Facebook changes, settlements on the moon. But, this time, it’s about a person.

Lana Del Rey’s career will do just fine. She will last just as long as any other pre-fab pop artist, which can be a long time sometimes. The Internet will get tired of playing with her when the next whipping boy/girl comes along. For the time being, people will talk about how they hate her so much. Hate! Like she killed your kitten or stole your boyfriend.

We really need to come up with a metered continuum for our hate. Some scale with which to measure it. For crying out loud, people, they’re selling kids on the Internet. Let’s reserve a little for that, shall we?

  • monica

    Lana your an amazing singer love your songs keep doing what you like

    • MJ


  • N. Chaplin

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been hearing this name a lot lately but this is the first time I’ve actually heard a note of her music. I’ve been a big fan of Nancy Sinatra all my life. Nancy Sinatra she is not.

  • Opinion

    Two reasons:

    • Her voice is awful, even on the album. It’s got a piercing, sharp tone. A real fingers down blackboard pitch.
    • Her songs are razorblades in the bath.

  • Stone

    It doesn’t often happen, but I was so captivated by Lana’s vocals and particular style on SNL, that I had to watch and listyen to it a few times. That doesn’t often happen. She’s great. She might not be for everyone, but neither is everything. A campaign to hate anyone is immature & chilish, but then, what can one expect from the anonymous internet generation. Worse to come, for sure. Just for the record, I am a recording artist and know good stuff when I see / hear it… but to some music is like religion. People usually fight for what they don’t have.

  • jimmy rubber

    Lana, your singing is God awful. Please learn a trade like Welding so you have something to fall back on.

  • someone

    lana del rey is one of the most unique artists we see today! if you don’t like her music then you’re all whack-a-doodle!! her lyrics are amazing and meaningful unlike other garbage singers. her music is captivating and beautiful and her videos are always amazing to watch! i get touched with every song i listen to! so if you think she sucks then go watch kesha or someone your standard because u clearly cant handle something this good!
    stop hating on her all of u can never be as good as her! and the person who wrote the article is an idiot! your just pushing it to criticize her as much as possible! clearly all you do is sit behind the computer and criticize other people’s achievements when you’ve probably never had any of your own!
    my suggestion? …if you don’t like her don’t watch her! but please don’t rain on our parade!

    • Ygr

      Can you explain the meaning behind her amazing and deep song video game ? She wants a man who likes video games more ? So much meaning

  • Martha

    i just found a video which exactly describes what I wanna say


  • Benson

    I thought the basis for all the hate was that this was her 4th or 5th attempt at this, having different names and looks. They finally hit one that stuck, but the internet does not forget anything.

  • lela

    It’s not only her vocals. The whole persona seems quite fake, not only due to her extremely obvious plastic surgery. Gee, which girl wants to have a permanent duckface?..really can’t help but always associate her face with a rubber boat. IMO that look doesn’t go with the kind of music she’s doing, just doesn’t seem sincere for some reason, and the (on-stage) demeanor ..very attitudinized.

  • megan

    i dnt think she sounded bad at all. True, she didnt know what to do with her hands. But, yah, kesha cant even really sing, and you know that once you hear her sing live. And the style of ldr’s music is awsome! It’s unique.

  • megan

    also, it just seems like there are a lot of jealous girls posting on here who really need to act their age. And the meaning behind video games is obvious if you think. It means there love is just a game, like theyre playing a video game with each other. It could also be a play on words like ‘video’ as in movie as in sex tape. True, not a deep meaning to us, but a meaning nonetheless and it could be deep to her.

  • Laura H

    I am not a fan of ke$ha and the first time I’d ever heard her live was on this blog. You say her performance at SNL was worse than Del Rey? As someone who mixes bands… are you deaf? As terrible as i find her music to be, her performance was actually really good and the only reason she went off key once or twice is ’cause she actually moved. Del Rey was awful on SNL, both songs were disgusting and she did sweet jack when it came to performance. she looked like she was about to fall over in that stupid dress. she had no excuse to go so off key as many times as she did besides the one valid excuse: SHE CANNOT ACTUALLY SING. well done to those who autotuned the crap out of her for Letterman. They had to learn that lesson the hard way. she still sucks hard