Kodak Sues Apple Over Patent Dispute

    June 20, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kodak filed a lawsuit on Monday against Apple, claiming they are trying to hold ownership over several patents that don’t belong to them.

Apparently, the two companies hooked up in the early ’90s and worked on some projects together, and out of that collaboration came ten patents that Apple now says rightfully belong to them. Kodak, however, disagrees. And at this point–after declaring bankruptcy and selling off what they can just to break even–those money-making patents mean a lot to them.

The patents relate to digital camera technology as well as printers and picture frames; Apple says they are the true owners and even requested approval to file their own suit against Kodak back in February for the same reason. They were also involved in another lawsuit involving a camera that Apple says they showed to Kodak, only to have the idea stolen out from under them. It’s basically been one big game of tattle-tale.

“Apple’s strategy has been to use its substantial cash position to delay as long as possible the payment of royalties to Kodak” and interfere with the sale, Kodak said.

The suit also names Flashpoint Technology Inc, a privately-owned company which is also claiming their stake in the patents through an assignment from Apple.

“Apple and FlashPoint are seeking to benefit from Kodak’s difficult financial position,” Kodak said, “which will be exacerbated if the debtors cannot obtain fair value for the patents.”

Reps for Apple have yet to comment.

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