Kim Dotcom Asks President Obama Some Questions In His New Song

    July 20, 2012
    Zach Walton
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You may know Kim Dotcom for running the now defunct Megaupload and fighting against extradition to the U.S. You may not know that he’s also a rather accomplished musical artist. His new song, Mr. President, is obviously targeted at the U.S. government.

If you have been following the Megaupload situation, Dotcom blames Vice President Biden for the shutdown of Megaupload. He claims to have evidence that Biden and MPAA CEO Chris Dodd collaborated on the attack against Megaupload with top execs from the major movie studios.

Dotcom released a song back in May that targeted New Zealand MP John Banks over a money scandal. For those unfamiliar, Dotcom claims to have gave money to Banks totaling $100,000 in two checks for $50,000 each to keep it anonymous. Banks claims to have never received any money from Dotcom.

While his previous song wasn’t very good, Mr. President is much better. You might not agree with the message in the song, but the production values are good and Dotcom’s voice is much better this time around.

One of the more interesting parts of the music video is the allusions he makes to the Civil Rights movement. He mixes footage of Martin Luther King Jr. with the ACTA protests in Europe earlier this year alongside protest footage from Occupy Wall Street and the London Riots.

Dotcom has also created a new website for his latest campaign that aims to expose the corruption in Washington. On the site, he lists a timer counting the number of days that Megaupload has been down. He also asks users if they would still vote for Obama if Megaupload isn’t brought back up by November 1. So far, 4,625 have said no while 1.674 have said yes.

  • Mad Motorcyclist

    I realize many of us are fed up but it is not enough to not vote for the present President. You must vote against him! If we don’t like Romney he can go too but until we get a few one-term’ers in a row they won’t get the message. Only THEN will we get a break up of the two party system and innovative parties will emerge. We cannot vote the incumbent out unless we vote a new one in.

    • http://www.lateefkehinde@yahoo.com Lateef kehinde

      My own coment is that we can vote x president because he may have an uncompleted project to complete when voting him in second time thank.

  • Bruce

    Send the fat kraut (Kim Dotcom) to gitmo! And, shame on the New Zealand Government for allowing a known forign convicted criminal to buy NZ citzenship.

    1real Kiwi

  • http://www.lateefkehinde@yahoo.com Lateef kehinde

    Vote him 4 second time