Keepio to Threaten eBay and Craigslist?

New startup brings social to e-commerce

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We all know about eBay and Craigslist, but now there is new startup that hopes to shake up the commerce space. It is called Keepio, and it allows users to buy, sell, and trade while utilizing the social graph.

Is social a critical factor to your commerce experience? Let us know your thoughts.

Keepio is an “inventory platform” in which users can list as many items as they want. These items can be made public, but they can also be kept private. Unlike Craigslist, there is no time limit for how long items can be listed. Also, unlike eBay, items can be shared through Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s very different than eBay because it really targets peer-to-peer commerce,” said Dave Durand, CEO of Keepio.

Instead of collecting a transaction fee, Keepio is promoting the idea of “collaborative consumption.” It will make money by learning what people have listed and then targeting them with relevant items. For example, if a user has 4 GE products, advertisers could offer him or her a discount on another GE product.

Durand said he wants the ad process to very “non-obtrusive.” He further explained that the ads would be complimentary offers for users.

Keepio also has plans to take its product mobile by the end of the year.

Could a new startup, like Keepio, take on industry standards like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon?

Keepio to Threaten eBay and Craigslist?
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  • RichS

    Sometimes you don’t want to sell something to friends because if it goes wrong a month after they bought it they’ll be contacting you for a refund.

  • http://claz.org craigslist

    The behind keepio (social classifieds) is very similar to what Oodle offers for almost 4 years now. What bothers me is that I don’t see a fresh idea that would make keepio more appealing to users than Craigslist / Oodle…

  • http://www.baconsdozen.com Not him again

    I wonder how many times a ‘Rival to Ebay@ has come along,started up in a blaze of glory and then slowly vanished up its own publicity?.
    I’ve a horrible feeling we’ve heard it all before.

  • Mike K.

    Yet another wannabee. Another nobody metioning themselves and Ebay in the same sentence. I predict total failure.

    • John P

      Maybe you should read or listen before making an inane comment, Mike?

      “It’s very different than eBay because it really targets peer-to-peer commerce,” said Dave Durand, CEO of Keepio.

  • Mike K.

    Wow. Left the n out of mentioning.

  • Mike K.

    Maybe they could change the name to failio.
    (that was too easy). I should apologize…. nah.

  • http://www.tabletpcunion.com tabletpcunion

    I think keepio will have a place.

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