Joplin Missouri Tornado Videos Hit YouTube

Mile wide tornado causes massive damage

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Joplin Missouri Tornado Videos Hit YouTube
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Yesterday, a massive tornado swept through the town of Joplin in southwest Missouri. This comes on the heels of the recent tornadoes that touched down in Alabama and other parts of the south, leaving a trail of devastation unlike most people have ever seen in that part of the U.S.

The latest death toll from Sunday’s tornado in Joplin is 89. The Weather Channel’s tornado expert Greg Forbes is saying that the twister could have been at least an F4, which would make it the strongest to hit that area of the country, going back to 1880. He also says that according to the debris signature, the tornado encompassed an area of over a mile wide.

The Red Cross has tweeted a link to their Safe and Well site, where you can report yourself as safe for loved ones across the country.

You can report yourself Safe and Well or search for loved ones at http://www.redcross.org/safeandwell #joplin #mowx #tornado 13 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Videos from the disaster are just beginning to hit YouTube, including this one of people inside a convenience store when the tornado hit. Most of it is dark, but the audio in enough to paint a picture of what it was like to be in the middle of the storm:

These two videos show the devastation left behind by the tornado, one from the air and one from the ground:

Image Courtesy of Weather.com

Joplin Missouri Tornado Videos Hit YouTube
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  • Roger E

    I read where there was a 20 minute warning for this tornado. There is a saying- ‘If you don’t learn from history your bound to do the same thing again.’ When these people rebuild they should not just think about it but they should rebuild their homes UNDERGROUND! It will be out of reach of tornadoes and have lower utility costs.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/joplin-missouri-tornado-videos-hit-youtube-2011-05 doreen

    One must appreciate what The Devine Creator has given to this planet: the rich forests filled with beautiful, wonderful wildlife (animals), rich enzyme earth growing trees, bushes and shrubs filled with rich edibles, chrystal clean rivers an oceans filled in abundance with edibles, and clean, healthy air and sunshine. Humans believed the planet was for them to do what they like – over-populate the human species, kill and eat God’s animals’ flesh,abuse animals, use for entertainment, keep as pets, trophies, used for sports, etc.,….well
    animal cruelty is the worst sin of all, simply because animals are
    innocent, living with common sense, compassion, empathy, reasoning,
    wisdom, and morals, and give everlasting love – believe it or not. The
    two most powerful forces on this planet is The Devine Creator and Mother Nature, and every so often when they’ve had enough abuse from humans they will slowly, little by little, destroy the wrongs humans
    have done and if humans can’t learn then disasters will become worse,
    do there you are. Look around..countries with the worst animal abuse
    have had, and are having their countries destroyed with disaster.
    New Orleans marti-gras parades, filled with partial nudity,drugs, sex,
    killings, and animal abuse galore; Haiti..sacraficing animals to God,
    men raping girls of the worst kind, and over populating their species,
    and look what they got; Greece where dog fighting first started and
    other animal abuse; Japan – a country that never had animal welfare –
    owners could do what they like with their pets, look what they got;
    China – animal abuse of the worst; and look what they got; Italy,Spain,
    and many Asian countries, look what they got; South America, United
    States, parts of Europe, and now Canada. If we don’t pray and cry for
    forgiveness and change our ways to live simply, without greed and
    selfishness, appreciate, love and respect all what was given on this
    planet for all to survive in peace, then I see major disasters coming.
    When I was young there was so much wild food growing from the earth
    that could feed a minimal human population, but now we eat GMO tainted
    food…horrible.I, too, have no mercy for animal abusers or environment

    • jan tra

      Why are you preaching to these people, send help, food or money.

    • cory

      Doren is a hippocrate and should have a lil faith in humans pray for joplin people

  • jeremy white

    man these videos blow my mind .Who would think this could hppen in their town>It realy makes you wonder how safe we really are.

  • jmoney

    Are you kidding? I hope one of mother natures great animals mauls you and then I can preach about what happens to hippie idiots.

  • marie

    Let me define the aim of prayers. When i was 20, I didn’t get it.

    It is when Believers Request to God to have mercy on those who are lost or blind or suffering. Real believers don’t preach insane preachings. Prayers are gifts of sincerity, love, compassion offered to the Lord. If no one prays the Lord, it will mean no one needs HIM. By praying, it is like a child asking his parents a difficult request. Parents cannot satisfy some of them. God can.

    Very often celebrities give peanuts money of huge fortunes.
    Anonymous believers who suffer from the planet devastation, from animal suffering, from human suffering, (hopefully) can achieve, by making the Lord’s anger to be offended on and on, become less.

    When you see the Beauty of Cosmos, you cannot expect the Creator be delighted to see manking worshipping the material, adulating fake idols.

    I prayed once with such intensity that my ache was removed from the heart in minutes.

    The more and more prayers ascending to the Lord are powerful energy.

    It is like offering flowers to God. When you offer flowers to someone you hurt deeply, the person is touched and can forgive You.
    that is the meaning of Prayers. It is not Oprah’s show; It is invisible; It is free. No picture. No fame. Just God listenig. What matters is INTENTIONS hidden in the heart. They do miracles.

  • ron

    can anyone tell if good size gun safe can survive a tornado and remane in the house.

    • Hopeful

      Yes it can if it’s properly attached to a concrete floor with at least 6″ gripper lag bolts. It has to be heavy steel and fastened on all 4 corners with bolts and large washers that can withstand at least 2k lbs of pressure each, otherwise it’s just a piece of furniture. On the other hand, I saw a concrete building completely leveled and there was a Pepsi Machine (not bolted down)still plugged in by where the front door used to be?? With a Tornado you just never know. Good Luck with your safe and everything else.

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