John McAfee: You Won’t Hear From Me For A Few Days

    November 21, 2012
    Chris Crum
    Comments are off for this post.

There have been a handful more posts made to John McAfee’s blog since we last checked in. One of them indicates that comments have been turned back on, after a previous post announced that they were being disabled.

Also in a previous post, McAfee said he would be posting audio recordings from hidden recorders he had set up. He tried to include on via a SoundCoud embed initially, but it didn’t work properly. He has now updated the post to link to the recording.

In the latest post, we learn that “something has happened,” and we won’t be hearing from McAfee for a few days.

Blog admin Chad Essley writes, “I received a phone call this evening from John that said ‘something had happened’ and that ‘everything will be alright’. He needed to move to another location, I would not hear from him, and he would not be posting for the next few days.”

More coverage of the McAfee saga here.

  • http://NA Lynn Cee

    Let’s guess: McAfee is breaking for Thanksgiving?
    Some levity needed on this nutty story:

    There was a millionaire geek from Belize
    Who O.D.ed on a diet of sleaze
    He murdered his neighbor
    Then fled to Jamaica
    Now he’s lost on the Caribbean Sea

    And it’s not the worst limerick on McAfee …

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    Wahahaha Lyn that is brilliant.

  • S OConnery

    Too much money and dope. Not enough common sense. Waste of air and space. Does he really think we give a shit after he murdered someone? Do the right thing man and turn yourself in to the US authorities.