John McAfee Wants You To Email The President Of Guatemala

    December 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Earlier, we reported that John McAfee was in jail in Guatemala, and that the government wants to expel him back to Belize. His lawyer brought a judge to the jail who issued a stay order until a higher judge could review the case.

Now, a new post has gone up on his blog, from admin Chad Essley, who said he got a phone call from McAfee, who urged him to put up the following:

“Please email the President of Guatemala.

I have not once before asked for help for any support for me, it has always been for Eddie and the others that are in jail. Also, Eddie and Cassian are getting out tomorrow, because of your very successful e-mail campaign, and I thank you all.

Now for the first time, I am asking for support for me. Please email the President of Guatemala and beg him to allow the court system to proceed, to determine my status in Guatemala, and please support the political asylum that I am asking for. Please PLEASE be very POLITE in your communications, and I thank you.”

Essley also provided the President’s Twitter account. He says he’s working to get the phone number and other relevant information.

  • Maureen Middlecamp Mason

    I knew and dated John McAfee in High School back in Salem- Roanoke, Va., USA. I always knew him as a gentle person. He was never a violent person and I cannot believe that he would ever hurt anyone. He was always kind and very smart. We grew up during the Vietnam War and he was always against violence. He must be being framed for this murder. Please do not send him back to Belize.

    • Tom Lupul

      Thats fascinating. Ive been thinking hes likely innocent. He seems very nice.

  • Brian

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