John McAfee Responds To Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Last week, news came out that eccentric McAfee Antivirus founder John McAfee is being sued by the daughter of his neighbor in Belize, Gregory Faull, whose death began a multi-national manhunt for McAfee last year.

McAfee has remained wanted for questioning in Belize, but was able to make his way back to the United States after a fascinating and somewhat bizarre series of events.

BBC News reported on November 14th:

Gary Roberts, a Florida-based lawyer acting on behalf of Mr Faull's daughter, is seeking a jury trial and more than $75,000 (£46,800) in damages from the "wrongful death lawsuit".

Two days later, McAfee responded on his blog ,"Now that a civil suit has been initiated against me for the death of my neighbour Mr. Faull in Belize, I feel that it is important to explain the single factor that makes me look suspicious — that is: why did I refuse to submit to questioning by the Belizean authorities."

He then shared this video, explaining, "The following video shows the GSU (Gang Suppression Unit) of Belize which was dispatched to my jungle compound on the 1st of May 2012 – 6 months prior to the death of my neighbour Mr. Faull. They were dispatched to my residence because I refused to pay a bribe. They killed my dog (view picture), destroyed my property and kept me kneeling for 14 hours with my hands handcuffed behind my back – a common torture technique used throughout Central America."

"After the assault on my compound on the 1st of May I went public with information about corruption in Belize to the International Press, including allegations that the Belizean government was selling passports to the Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations," McAfee wrote. "No one at that time believed me. However, as the following news report from Belize will show, this was really happening been happening and is still happening today."

He listed several links (find them in the post), urging those interested to read their contents.

"In light of my personal experience with the GSU and with the knowledge of political corruption that I possessed, I was not about to turn myself over to the Belizean authorities," he added.

Since being back in the States, McAfee has been busy putting out quirky videos and starting a new company aimed at providing a "new type of Internet" with NSA-proof privacy in mind.

Image: John McAfee's Blog

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