John Boehner Comes Out Against Online Sales Tax Bill

By: Zach Walton - May 8, 2013

The Marketplace Fairness Act – a bill that would require online businesses to collect sales tax for every state – made it through the Senate this week. Now it has to make its way through the House where many expect it to face some heavy resistance. House Speaker John Boehner may just be part of that resistance.

The Hill reports that Boehner, in an interview with Bloomberg Television, came out against the Marketplace Fairness Act saying it would put “a big burden on some very small businesses.” That burden, he says, is requiring small businesses to comply with 50 different sales tax codes.

Of course, the big question here is whether or not he would vote yes if the bill were to come up for a vote. He said “probably not,” but that’s by no means an outright rejection of the bill. It’s more like a rejection of the bill in its current state. That will undoubtedly change, however, as the Marketplace Fairness Act will have to make its way through the House Judiciary Committee where Chairman Bob Goodlatte has indicated he will address his concerns with the bill.

Boehner and Goodlatte are hardly the only opposition the bill faces in the House going forward. Many in and outside the House have voiced displeasure with the bill in its current state. Groups like Americans for Tax Reform have come out strongly against the bill saying that it would not only burden small businesses, but it would also tax financial transactions. They fear that it will ultimately become more expensive for people to invest thus nulling any advantages the bill has for retail stores.

With all this in mind, it’s important to remember that the Marketplace Fairness Act may never even be brought up for debate. The House is pretty busy at the moment so it’s hard to say when, or if, the bill will be brought up.

We’ll be sure to bring you all the updates if it does reach the House floor for debate. There’s bound to be some interesting arguments from both sides.

Zach Walton

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  • Michael Hartman

    This bill needs to die hard.

  • Tricki

    Wow finally a Republicrat that is saying something correct! These guys in DC need to quit Fing with America!

  • Randy

    I think Boehner is a bit of a tool and I feel like you can’t trust him. He is a politician after all. They are doing a number on the environment and everything good/right in the world. Checkout this piece on how Congress is cutting funding to key programs that protect National Treasures like Monterey Bay and the harbor sweal nurseries there:

  • Business Loans

    The Marketplace Fairness Act a terrible bill. Perhaps the republicans will have a spine and stop this.
    More taxes more regulation usually not good for business and the end consumer

  • Sten Wilson

    My wife and I own and operate a small online business benefitting greatly from technological innovation and scalability made possible by Cloud Computing. Until recently we were struggling with legacy tax procedures in our home state. The administrative burdens and expenses complying with States’ tax laws became onerous forcing me to search the Internet for a solution. What I found seems, to many, unbelievable.

    My company now employs free technology hosted on Amazon’s Ec2 cloud infrastructure enabling it to easily calculate, collect and remit sales tax for any jurisdiction in any state. TaxCloud seamlessly integrates with multiple payment platforms and shopping carts eliminating unnecessary administrative burdens. Now my tax processes are automated and efficient.

    3dcart CEO Gonzalo Gil states:

    “As another building block in our effort to ease the management process for online store owners, TaxCloud is the kind of efficiency application that is practical now and helps you plan for the future… this represents another way that automation is saving time and money for online retailers.”

    Technology now freely available to all businesses no matter big or small easily handles sales tax processing for any jurisdiction in any state. As Mr. Shay from the NRF points out it is now easier for businesses to process over 10,000 different tax jurisdictions than deal with the multiple complexities involved with shipping. Furthermore, the ICSC has discovered an average of 90% of Internet consumers desire to have sales tax collected by merchants at points of purchase instead of having to track and remit use tax individually. Governments also realize sales tax automation ensures more of every tax dollar funds intended programs.

    I strongly support and urge Congress to immediately the Marketplace Fairness Act granting states the choice to efficiently enforce their existing sales and use tax laws. Individuals, businesses and government will all benefit tremendously utilizing the efficiencies made possible by new technologies coupled with the power and scalability of Cloud Computing.

  • Ron

    Doesn’t anyone realize that this is another attack on the free market system? The brick and mortar retailers want Congress’s help because they are getting beat. That’s why they want to cloak this bill under the title “Marketplace Fairness”.

    Fairness? This is certainly not fair to the online businesses who have attracted customers because they found a better way to do business.

    Let the brick and mortar retailers stop crying to Congress and spend their time figuring out a way to compete. That’s the Free Market. It’s the American way.