JFK Assassination: Yep, There’s an App for That, Too

By: Lacy Langley - November 10, 2013

Are you a tech savvy history buff? Can you not get enough information on the JFK assassination in the midst of all the anniversary frenzy? Well, Apple has you covered. Check out the new Grassy Knoll Report App.

The app is an interactive tool that uses historical research and analysis with modern photography and GPS-enabled maps, in order to fully explore the conspiracy of all conspiracies that ended in the death of John F. Kennedy in 1963. It was written by Joe Williams, who is an award-winning reporter and film critic for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

For 99 cents, you can explore the various conspiracy theories that have been floated over the years involving everyone from the CIA to the Mafia, and virtually stand behind the fence where the kill shot was allegedly fired. You can also visit Parkland Hospital where the famous “magic bullet” was discovered, or follow Lee Harvey Oswald on his journey from Mexico City to Dallas, where his life supposedly ended in murder.

You can also take a virtual ride out to Oak Cliff where Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit was shot to death by a mystery gunman and shadow Jack Ruby on his infamous crazy weekend that ended in murder, and view the basement where Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. What a ride.

This thing includes articles on the assassination conspiracy theory, timelines, and coverage of key locations and people. You can also see how these locations look in the present day, as well as historical photos.

This app is awesome for those of us that just happen to be obsessed with JFK, Oswald, or conspiracies in general. Even Jimmy Fallon knows a great thing when he sees it, saying, “The Grassy Knoll Report is amazing. Everyone needs to see this.”

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  • Wow

    Anyone who believes Oswald killed Kennedy is a fool. The evidence is overwhelming that he didn’t. The list of overlooked evidence is a mile long.

    Personally, what strikes me the most is something pretty simple. They “caught” Oswald in 88 minutes. The President, the Governor, and a police officer was jut shot, but the police decided to send 8 squad cars and 17 officers to arrest a man who didn’t pay a movie ticket (keep in mind – no one knew what or even who Oswald was at that point in time). That simply does not make sense. By the way, Oswald had $13.87 in hi pockets when he was arrested, but he did not pay the 75 cent ticket. The reality is that his handlers sent him to the theater and then told the cops to go arrest him. He was set up. In today’s age, with all our advanced surveillance equipment, we can’t catch a murderer in 88 minutes.

    Also, 51 people stated that they saw a gunman on the grassy knoll and immediately after the shots were fired, many people pointed to the knoll, yet the police deliberately went the other way. You can easily pull up a list of the many people who died mysteriously after Kennedy was killed. The list is very very long.

    But finally, the final clincher of a conspiracy is that Kennedy’s brother was murdered and his son died of extremely suspicious circumstances. Both his brother and his son would have searched for answers and they were eliminated.

    Here is a video of a Green Beret assassin talking about how he overheard CIA assassins talking about Kennedy. It is very good and factual. Search YouTube for item # VI07govlUqI

    Anyone who believes the official story is a fool and those in charge are counting on those fools so they can keep doing whatever they want.

    • http://yahoo.com Mr. B.L. Schaaf

      Helloooooo; We; The “American People” were told in November 1963; That we would get the rest of the story; they would open the “Vault???” in 50ty years or November 2013; Haven’t heard anything about “opening the Vault” thus far??? Any Insite:)

      • Dave Wagner

        Might as well wish in 1 hand and shit in the other if you ever think there going to let that cat out of the bag! Our people have little faith in there elected leaders now, let alone if they find out LBJ was really behind it with the CIA.

  • Lots of Strange Deaths

    In three years after the murders of Kennedy and Oswald, 18 material witnesses died. 6 by gun fire, 3 by auto accidents, 2 by suicide, 1 by a cut throat, 1 by a karate chop to the neck, 3 from heart attacks, and 2 from natural causes. An actuary from the London Times concluded the odds of this happening was one hundred thousand trillion to one.

    There are so many details that people forget about the assassination. Many things were covered up and many people died because of it.

  • Denial

    Here is why people still cling to the Warren Commission. If people admitted to themselves that a President could be killed by his own government, then they would have to admit that quite possibly the government did 9/11. Heck, some of the same people involved in the Kennedy Assassination were in power during 9/11.

    History is full of coups and people being sacrificed to start wars. Learn your history America.

  • mark lane

    The most important clue to the JFK assassination can be found in this Youtube video:


  • Yep

    Oswald killing Kennedy is about as phony as a plane crashing in Shanksville. Doubt what I say?

    Compare the Shanksville crash with the crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia. A passenger jetliner going 500 leaves no traces and basically disintegrates. A blind man can see that a plane didn’t crash there. But the Space Shuttle going 17,500 mph was able to be pieced together after 83,000 piece were found. They even found body parts with the Columbia debris. Yet, with Shanksville. They found nothing. Literally nothing. It is all a hoax.

    Compare the two crash sites if you doubt. Look at the evidenced right before your eyes.

  • Roger Dier

    Anyone who thinks that anyone other than Oswald shot President Kennedy must believe in trolls and goblins. Two men watching the motorcade one floor directly beneath Oswald heard him work the bolt action of his rifle, heard the shells drop to the floor, and one had dust in his hair fall from the ceiling above when those shells hit the floor. An employee spotted Oswald alone on the sixth floor one half hour before the shooting. Howard Brennan, a pipe fitter, saw Oswald in the southeast corner window before the shooting, staring off into space. When the first shot rang out, he looked up at saw Oswald take aim and fire the last two shots. A young African American boy (he was 14) also saw Oswald fire the gun; both identified him in police line ups. The physical evidence, Oswald’s paranoia and psychosis, his breaking off his relationship with his wife, his inability to get along with others, his inability to hold a job…this man was the assassin, and there was no one else but him. Anyone who looks at Oswald’s life at the time of the assassination will conclude, without a reasonable doubt, that it was him and him alone.

    • @Roger

      Well then 90% of America must believe in Trolls and Goblins. What you wrote is ludicrous. Where to begin.

      1)The two men on the floor below didn’t see anything. I highly doubt empty bullet casings cause floosr to crack either. My God. Look what you wrote. A bullet casing fell to the floor and caused dust to fall on a persons head — that is insane.

      2)The employee who saw Oswald a half hour before the shooting. Well, he worked there and that was a half hour before. That was not at the time of the shooting.

      3)Seeing a person stare off into space does not make him an assassin.

      4)The book depository physical evidence is extremely suspect. It could have easily been planted. Heck, they even found a second rifle at the scene.

      5)His wife has gone on record and said Oswald didn’t do it.

      6)The inability to hold a job does not make one an assassin and frankly, he got along with plenty of people.

      You are delusional Roger and obviously have never studied the case. Ever point you said is vague and general. There is evidence to refute everything you just wrote about.

      Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • T.P.

    What kills me is that all the evidence that shows Oswald could not have been the killer never makes it into the mainstream media. There is a lot of evidence. Yet, I just turned on the TV and CBS is still pushing the magic bullet theory. They won’t even maturely sit down and discuss any possible alternatives. Then again, the CIA does employ over 3,000 reporters and authors.

    You would think that after the Pat Tillman false story, the Jessica Lynch false story, the false WMD story, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Watergate and all the other cases of deception — the media would question things more.

  • T.P.

    Oh yeah, I also agree with the person above. If America realizes the we were lied to about Kennedy, then they would have to admit that 9/11 could easily have been an inside job.

    If you looked at 9/11 as an outsider and did not know the countries involved, people would think the official story is nonsense. None of it makes logical sense and it is not believable. I still shake my head when they found a paper passport at the crash site but not the titanium encased flight recorders. Planes disintegrated, but paper survived and titanium didn’t.

    Of course, an award winning journalist (Dave Lindorff) reported that the boxes were recovered and turned over to the FBI, but that is not the official story and one has to wonder why they would withhold the boxes if they did find them. I tend to believe the journalist. The NTSB has never lost a black box – ever.