Jackass’ Ryan Dunn Dies, Roger Ebert Slams Him On Twitter

Is Twitter really the best place to make statements about death?

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Jackass’ Ryan Dunn Dies, Roger Ebert Slams Him On Twitter
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Too soon, or a harsh dose of truth?

Just hours after the news broke about the untimely death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn, legendary film critic Roger Ebert called him and his friends out for drunk driving.

Dunn, who was 34, was driving his Porsche early this morning in West Goshen, PA when he lost control and flew over a guardrail. His car reportedly slammed into a tree and caught fire. There was a passenger in the car who was also killed, although police have been unable to identify the body. According to the police report the car went through about 40 yards of trees before hitting the last one and bursting into flames.

His last tweet from last night linked to a photo of him drinking with a couple of buddies. That tweet has since been removed from his Twitter feed. Here’s a screen cap of the photo in question –

This twitpic obviously led to speculation that the horrible crash was due to Dunn being drunk. TMZ reports that one person has said Dunn had three Miller lights and three “girly shots” in a 4 hour period. This is hardly enough to inebriate a grown man. But according to another person, Dunn was “wasted” after drinking heavily. Police have said that speed was most likely a factor in the crash, but there is naturally no way to tell if he was intoxicated yet.

So news of the drunk driving death of Dunn hit Twitter and he has stayed a trending topic all day. The most high profile person to tweet something controversial about the death was Roger Ebert. He tweeted this a little over an hour ago –

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive. 1 hour ago via SocialOomph · powered by @socialditto

Ouch. Is Ebert’s comment made in poor taste? Or does he have a point? Even if he does have a point, is it simply too soon?

Many of Ebert’s Twitter followers aren’t happy with the comment. One user says “that was in disgustingly poor taste.” Another tweets “why is this a joke; he is still a person, have some respect.” One simply tweets “You’re an asshole.”

I happen to love Roger Ebert, who I believe is a national treasure. A statement like the one he made is loaded with intricacies. Sure, drunk driving is dumb and it puts other people’s lives at risk. And another person did die in this accident besides Dunn. But the death is quite tragic and no matter what, he is still a human being with family and friends. Maybe 140 characters isn’t the best place to make a statement on a complicated issue.

Some of Dunn’s fellow Jackass stars have spoken out about the death. Here’s what they have to say –

Today I lost my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan , I love you buddy. http://say.ly/hUnqQQ 2 hours ago via WhoSay · powered by @socialditto

RYAN DUNN– a super awesome memory was at the J RODY walston & the business show!!! I MISS YOU BUD!! You were alway… http://say.ly/zISqQ7 3 hours ago via WhoSay · powered by @socialditto

I’ve been thinking about all the good times I’ve had with Ryan and it’s hard to hold back the tears. I already miss him. RIP Ryan Dunn 54 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

I don’t know what to say, except I love Ryan Dunn and I’m really going to miss him. 1 hour ago via WhoSay · powered by @socialditto

What do you think about Ebert’s remark? Let us know in the comments.

Add your condolences to the Ryan Dunn page on FamousDead.com.

[Image Courtesy TMZ]

Jackass’ Ryan Dunn Dies, Roger Ebert Slams Him On Twitter
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  • Jeremy Fischer

    Totally too soon. And not because Ryan just passed,though that is part of it. It’s too soon because there are conflicting reports on whether he was intoxicated or not. You can’t condemn Dunn in that manner until the facts are known–and Ebert, being a journalist of some importance–should know this.

    Now if he had condemned Dunn on the fact that he was driving recklessly fast, that’s a different story; because it’s pretty well been proven that was a leading factor.

    Lost a little respect for Ebert on this one.

    • martha

      Totally inappropriate, premature and frankly not any of Roger Ebert’s business.

  • RYan wagner

    WHat a heartless fuck

  • Brittney Brans

    Would we be questioning his tweet if Ryan had injured an innocent driver?

    There is no question that he was drinking a few hours prior to the incident…..

    • dale

      It reminds me of when i tweeted that Ebert lost his jaw by performing oral on multiple men. I tweeted right away when i heard only to here the facts that he had cancer later. He should have waited for toxicology results to come in before passing judgement.

    • kathy davis

      Ebert needs to pull his head out of his ass,and think of Ryan Dunn’s family and friends. He dosen’t even know for sure the cause of the accident ,totally inappropriate.Even if Dunn may be in the wrong this is not the place lives have been lost here you heartless asshole.

    • Alicia

      What can I say? You died to young, Bud! I wish you were still alive? But, its just life! At least your in a better place, Ryan. :) And, my prayers go out to you guys: Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Rick Kosick, and Steve-O. I wish you guys the best and if need that special shoulder to cry on, I’m here for you all! ;) <3 R.I.P – Ryan Dunn

  • Sunny

    Doesn’t matter who was in the accident! Famous or not! It is not only extremely inappropriate for Ebert to post something like that, it is also very disrespectful!!
    Food for thought: He is someone’s son, boyfriend/husband, friend, relative…Would you want someone to say something like that to your loved one.
    Have some respect Ebert, and keep your big mouth shut!!
    No one knows that this young man could have had some pain/sadness in his life. Regardless if he was drinking or not, this is a life lost, that will be greatly missed!

  • Ted

    Not inappropriate, not too soon. Sorry, folks, but not everything in this world is supposed to be touchy-feely. Ebert is right. The guy drank and drove and got behind the wheel of a car. He was a jackass in the true sense of the word. Too bad he took out himself and his passenger. Thankfully he didn’t kill anyone else.

    • matt

      your a fucking idiot…I didn’t know you were there to take his B.A. level you ignorant bitch. He did more people in this world then you’ll ever even dream about. you and ebert can go suck a dick and choke and die and see how many people mourn your sorry ass

    • jon

      wow TED your an idiot.. this is a life that was lost.. have respect…ebert is killing people with his second hand smoke..jump his ass for that…

    • FeedHerToTheSharks

      No one condones his actions and you have to take it for what it’s worth. He killed himself and his passenger and no one else. So if your family member gets behind the wheel after having a few and exceeds the speed limit, wrecks and dies. I guess we’ll be saying the same thing you said. Karmas a bitch a guy, it can happen! Have respect for the deceased.

  • M-Rod

    Okay people who say he deserved it are spineless d***s!! Yes he drove under the influence he’s still someones son,nephew,friend etc…Show some respect and QUIT acting like you haven’t done anything wrong in your lives. Ryan was a very wonderful person I enjoyed watching him for all these years. Think if it as your sibling and people posting disrespectful crap. My condolences to Dunn’s family and Friends.

  • Jimmy Fletcher

    Not to soon, not soon enough. Be real. He didn’t need to die as pointed out by Mr. Ebert. Grow the F#k up.

  • Jimbob

    He killed himself and someone else. If he was alive he would be a murderer. He was my favorite jackazz but he didnt care about his life so why should anyone else like Ebert avoid Twitter for his sake?

  • Maeby

    Eberts Tweet is flat out in poor taste. It doesn’t matter in the slightest whether or not he had been drinking, because the only people who are going to be hurt by this Tweet are Ryan’s loved ones.

    There is no excuse for kicking innocent people while they are grieving.

  • Yirmin

    I’m willing to bet the only people that think it is too soon to say something or in bad taste are people that have driven drunk themselves.

    The only good thing about it is he didn’t kill anyone that was innocent just himself and someone stupid enough to ride with a drunk…. sad about the trees though.

    And if that seems harsh, well I had the misfortune of seeing my old man buried because a drunk driver hit him… the drunk didn’t have a scratch. People that drive drunk usually survive and kill others thank God this time the dumb SOB took himself out.

  • Kellie

    :( Many people will miss Dunn. And many peole are griving for this man because he had many friends and family and fans. 140 characters isnt enough! And not only is what Ebert said inappropriate, but for Ebert to post something like that, it is also extreamly disrespectful to ryans loved ones and the passenger who was also in the crash. Ebert needs to learn to have so respect and not be an asshole. We dont know if they suffered in the fire or not. Whether speed or drinking was the factor here… lives were lost. People are trying to cope with this. Ebert really needs to think of this as if it were someone he knew personally and cared for. And for the people that think the Ebert is right same goes for you, what if it were your brother, sister, friend father, mother, aunt, uncle, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyother person you love and he said that about them? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL????? Your loved and missed Ryan<3

  • Kim

    Very sad…no one “deserves” to die, even when he or she makes poor choices. He will be missed by many. My heart aches for his friends and family.

  • Samsonite

    Who cares what ebert says. He has a plastic face he’s not even human.

    • darcie

      Ebert may have spoken too soon but his words were right on. Both speed and excessive alochol drinking then driving is increadibly assanine. HE IS JUST LUCKY HE DIDNT KILL OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE THAT WERE ON THE ROAD. after recently watching 4 teens die needlessly because of both alochol and a speed of nearly 120 MPH. with the drivor surviving, you would think people would think about others before putting themselves and othrs at risk. He will be missed im sure but hopefull lesson learned.

  • ned

    my brother drinks and drives all the time. it pisses me off, makes me nervous as hell cause i love him….stuff like this is bound to happen.

    don’t shoot the messenger.

    i hope people learn from this.

    rip ryan

  • brian dorrans

    In a sad time like this where too many people have a outlet to state their opinions, I choose to take the high road and simply say…My deepest condolences to the Dunn Family and Jackass crew, viva crew, and CKY crew. Very sad day, I will spend the rest of it watching his past works.

  • Jason

    Seems to me you don’t have to have a mouth to put your foot in it. Always thought he was a pompus ass.

  • Haley

    Ebert was very disrespectful towards Dunn and his loved ones. I agree that he shouldn’t have been drinking and driving, but he is still a human being and will be greatly missed by tons of people. The “joke” was much too soon. Show some respect for people before sticking your foot in your mouth. People are grieving. Thoughts go to the Dunn family and the Jackass crew. I hope he found God.

  • http://www.google.com Derek

    Let’s say one of Roger’s kids drinks and drives, will he show the same disrespect? I think not, he’ll try to cover up his kids mess.

    I’ve racked up a few DWI’s and even totaled car by smacking a tree and i lived. I did not hear my parents and friends disrespecting me. In fact, they helped me get some help instead of putting me down.

    R.I.P Ryan.

    Some of the stuff they did on the show Jackass should of killed all of the show’s character’s. He was a good actor and will be missed. I’m sure the jealous poor folks will keep up talking crap since they have nothing else to do. lol

  • Shaun

    to all who have agree with roger ebert’s post on twitter or just look at it as a pathetic move on ryan dunn’s part, take what you just posted and imagine saying that to ryan’s family and friends. the only reason you post something as such is either a) this is the internet and nobody will care anyway or b)you are just insensitive f**ks who dont give a damn about life.

    ebert’s post was way too soon. this JUST HAPPENED. we dont know how he died, whether it be drinking and driving or just plain speeding. yes he was irresponsible either way but that doesnt mean we need to beat on him for doing it. HE IS DEAD. cant we just mourn the loss as it is and not speculate????

    this almost seems to be the problem with most americans today. we are so f**king political we search for the details without even glancing at the whole picture. “oh he died this way,” “no no no it had to be this way” “he is a horrible person because he drank and drove,” how about this people…

    “he died”

    it is as simple as that. a death is a death. let’s just mourn. it’s a sad time for many so let us keep with our sadness without mixing anger because of the idiocy or insensitivity of those who dont care.

    RIP Ryan Dunn

    • SMH

      I completetly agree!!!!! I couldn’t have said it any better!!! RIP R.D

      • Thorne

        Ebert’s comment was uncalled for he is speculating the cause of the accident. How can a film critic turn into a specialist of car accidents? Just because he saw a few pic’s that doesn’t give hard facts that it was alcohol that caused the accident. Even if it was why is a guy that looks like HOWDY DOODY lashing out at someone who is deceased with out any respect to his family and friends. I think Howdy Dood(Ebert)needs to be put in a suitcase for better preservation.
        RIP Ryan Dunn You will be missed no matter what the cause of your untimely departure from us.

      • jeremy

        I agree with him 100%. I have no compassion for drunk drivers, it was proven he had drunk hours before. I almost lost someone close to me cause of a drunk driver that’s why I say I have no compassion for them. And a lot of people feel the same way as me.

    • colleen

      Sometimes Humans truly baffle me. Regardless if alcohol or speed or carelessness or recklessness played a role in this accident we need to remember 2 things. First is that its called an accident. Stuff happens. And second….people have died. Stop judging unless ur name happens to be God or whatnot. Have some decency for the dead and their friends and family. Write ur nasty judgemental comments in a notebook or something so the people who loved these two deceased don’t hafta suffer any more pain.

      • basia

        Colleen, You’re right, accidents happen- however, when You consume alcohol and make a decision to get behind the wheel (in this case with another human being) you are knowingly putting yourself and others at risk. If you read the story, the guy was speeding at 130mph in a 55 speed limit zone, drunk .. now with all due respect, I feel very sorry for the 2 young men but we have to recognize the fact that alcohol is not lemonade. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world that’s why most people after drinking are convinced they can drive when in reality that’s not the case. I wish he didn’t get behind the wheel, and even when he did, I wish he was more careful and drove within the speed limit.

        It’s a tragedy for a family to loose a loved one due to drinking and driving, but it’s even more tragic to loose an innocent loved one being killed by a drunk driver.

        RiP, we should all take lessons from life and YES we should not let our friends drive drunk!!!!!

  • SMH

    Watching these men throughout the years I really felt as if I’d known them personally. My heart aches for family & friends! Way too soon Ebert if it was your family member it would be a different story!! He will truly be missed.

  • Clint

    Ok, get this right. If he was drinking, he basically murdered someone. Who cares what anyone says about this, he is dead. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. And his family? Well, what about the family of the passenger? They don’t even know yet. Ryan Dunn is an asshole.

    • Heidi

      murder would be PLANNED , nobody knows what happened and prolly never will with the car being that burned… as for the passenger , IF Dunn was drunk , the passenger got into the car willingly unless of course ya know he forced em into the car since he MURDERED..

  • http://world-hotnews.co.tv Ross

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    thank’s info

  • Julie Mortenson

    I no longer have respect for Roger Ebert. Whether it is true or not someone died. Someone could say he did something wrong to cause that cancer growth on his face and neck. Boycott Roger Ebert. He is a miserable person.

  • Adrian

    I can’t believe he’s gone. Is Jack Ass going to go on without Ryan. I’m going to miss him.I mean who wouldn’t miss him.People who don’t watch or like Jack Ass won’t miss him which is like nobody I know. Everyone I know likes Jack Ass and I know about 200 and something people and they all watch Jack Ass and I’m not over exaggerating trust me. Damn is Jack Ass going to be the same. Bye Bye Ryan i’ll miss you.

  • Taylor

    Hey, when you drink and drive you’re a fuckin’ dumbass. Frankly, just because he’s dead doesn’t mean we can’t say anything about it. Could of killed children or a family at 130 mph. All you people talking about respect? Respect would of been him to obey the speed limit and safety- he lost the luxury of respect when he decided to put other’s lives in danger.

  • Betsey

    Totally a premature comment d/t lack of evidence yet as far as alcohol playing a role but no one needs to point the finger in anger at anyone other the Dunn, he hopped behind the wheel and chose to drive a f’n car that goes from 0-60 in 4 secs, at night topped out at 130+ miles per hour and that was proven today at the scene reconstruction on PA roads no doubt and I’m a PA native and trust me these f’n suck going the regular speed limit, and this was the end result. No one is to blame drunk or not but Dunn, the misplaced anger needs to be redirected back to the source of the accident. If that makes sound rude, I apologize, it is however the facts, nothing else but. The family and friends of both involved and fans should blame Ryan Dunn, no one else. Be angry with him.

  • Betsey

    Btw…we are f’n lucky it was only his car involved and some unsuspected motorist traveling like say….to/from work that night, I’m a nurse who works nightshift all sorts of hours and I’m not alone, be glad he didn’t take an innocent motorist traveling to work or home to my two innocent daughters. This f’n shit happens more so then not and it’s gotta stop. Stop finger pointing and placing your misplaced anger on anyone but Ryan Dunn 30 something year old MAN!

  • Betsey

    P.s.s common sense would dictate knowing that he drove these PA roads many of times you don’t take a car I do not care what kind, a Porche a Jeep on rural f’n roads especially here in PA, potholes and shitty roads galore and drive 130mph and expect a f’n leisurely joyride he got exactly what one would expect, a deathride! WTF was he thinking or wasn’t he?? Like i say, he’s the one to blame, no one else, just him.

  • Betsey

    Nobody in my family has ever willingly chose to live out their lives in the public eyes so if say it did to happen to one of my family members I really do not think any one but my and close friends would give a shit let alone comment on it in open forums. I’m pretty sure his family was proud of him and also reaped the rewards of all his successes living his life in the reality world kingdom, they have take the good, and god forbid the bad and the ugly as well, it sucks but like I said three times before this, he’s the only one to blame, it was his fault, he willingly drove out of control, disobeyed the speed limit, by over double and unfortunate to his family and friends caused his own demise.

  • A

    To all those saying “Think of his family” and “Have some respect,” Dunn didn’t think of anyone else or have any respect when his dumb ass climbed behind the wheel of his car and KILLED people. People are pissed, and they have every right to be. It could have been any one of us driving down that road that night. He was, truly, a jackass.

  • http://Yahoo Tyler Sievers

    I just couldn’t believe that…Ryan Dunn is dead. He was one of the best dare devil from “Jackass” and I couldn’t believe that he died. When I heard that Ryan Dunn died, I thought it was a joke at first, because usually the Jackass guys would usually do a prank that is extreme like this situation. But my family kept telling me that Ryan Dunn died, and they were really serious about telling me this sad news. And I suddenly realize this is true, for the Jackass guys…I really feel you’re loss. Ryan is like our best friend and it is very sad that he is gone. I hope Ryan Dunn is in a better place now.

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