It Looks Like Google+ Growth Is Doing Pretty Well Globally Too

    July 26, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Earlier this week, we reported on Compete’s numbers for Google+’s unique audience growth in the U.S., as pointed out by Kontxt communication consultant Morten Myrstad in a post on Google+ itself. For a ghost town, as many seem to consider it, Google+ seems to have grown pretty significantly from month to month.

Today, Myrstad posted on Google+ growth again, this time citing global data from comScore.

“According to comScore, Google+ had 110,7 million unique visitors worldwide in June,” he says. “Compared to last November, this is a growth of 66%. In the U.S., the growth is even higher, with an 82% growth from November to 27,7 million unique visitors in June.”

“In pure numbers, Google+ according to comScore grew from 66,7 million visitors worldwide last November to 110,7 million visitors in June,” he adds. “This is a growth of 66%. With 110,7 million unique visitors during a month, from desktops only, the comScore data also seem to confirm Google’s own published data: 250 million accounts, 150 million monthly users and 75 million daily users worldwide. According to the comScore data, 25% of the Google+ worldwide visitors in June came from the U.S., up from 22,8% in November last year.”

Myrstad notes that comScore’s data (as well as the Compete data) only represents desktop use, and does not mobile use, which Google’s Vic Gundotra has indicated is higher.

Google+ certainly doesn’t have the users of rival Facebook, but considering how young it is, and how much Google will continue to push it into its various products (including search), it’s very likely that the growth will continue.

  • Jack N Fran Farrell

    You’ll never see most of my g+ Circles or any of my Hangouts, because you don’t have a need to know my private business.m

  • CS

    Google + is clearly a copy of Facebook and forces you to use the plus or you will be penalized in Google search engine. Google is a copycat I can go on; just remember it’s all about the money with Google. My question to you. Are these forced Google +’s? If so, then the numbers above are false.

    • tsh

      I don’t understand the comment about money. All the FREE social networks have to make money to continue to provide the service.

      I love the benefits that these technologies provide to communicate with friends and families. Speaking for myself, social networks will not be one or the other because I’m not going to try to convince my families and friends to use the same as mine.

      So I wish all of these services expand to more facilities. My only request is to let me control my privacy and my data.

  • Nic_za

    Growth is irrelevant if nobody’s actually using their accounts. How engaged are they actually?

  • https://plus.google.com/114124708527697564422/about Shiverme Timbers

    Great article. The individual commenting “google copied facebook” clearly was not around Google Plus when Facebook suddenly changed their entire look and feel.