Is Jon Bon Jovi Dead? Nope, According To His Facebook Page

"Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey"

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Is Jon Bon Jovi Dead? Nope, According To His Facebook Page
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In a tragic turn of events, legendary 80’s frontman Jon Bon Jovi was found dead last night after law enforcement officials found him unresponsive in a New Jersey hotel. This terrible news comes only months after actor Adam Sandler died in a terrible snowboarding accident and Will Smith fell off of a cliff while mountain climbing in New Zealand.

Of course, all of these things were only true for a few hours on Twitter.

The Bon Jovi lead singer is the latest victim of a Twitter death rumor, the type of inaccurate viral news that has fake-claimed-the-lives of people like Justin Bieber, Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan and many more.

This particular rumor was spread on the site with the help of a link to a pretty horrible looking press release on a wordpress blog called dailynewbloginternational. The release claimed that Bon Jovi had died at the age of 49 after “paramedics found him in a coma at his Empress hotel.”

Just above the headline is a link to “Megan Fox is the 14th Hottest Woman of All Time: HIV POSITIVE,” so, yeah.

This is not the only fake celeb news source for those looking to start a Twitter rumor. For years, folks have been able to turn to the “Global Associated News” and their “Fake a Wish” service, a celebrity fake news hoax generator. The fake news stories always look like this, and come with a (very small) disclaimer at the bottom of the page describing the site as FAKE.

But most people fail to look closely before spreading juicy celeb death gossip, so plenty of stars have met their untimely end (numerous times each) on Twitter.

In a pretty funny response to the rumors, Jon Bon Jovi this to his Facebook page: “Heaven is a lot like New Jersey – rest assured that Jon is alive and well. This photo was just taken.” That photo referred to is the lead image above, where a very much alive and well JBJ stands in front of a Christmas tree.

I don’t want to end with any JBJ cliches about being “wanted dead or alive,” but I will say that Twitter death rumors are a real loaded gun. Once they get started, no one can save you and oftentimes the damage is already done.

Is Jon Bon Jovi Dead? Nope, According To His Facebook Page
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  • Patti Klinge

    So glad this was just a stupid, malicious rumor… who does such a thing? 😐

    • Andy

      Umm… immature people that either A. Think its funny or B. Don’t like the celeberties =/… One of my friends posted it on facebook… I actually believed it until I googled it -.-;.

  • Beth

    Why don’t people grow up and stop spreading rumors? They sure have a lot of time on their hands.

    • deaurrion davis

      Like really tho people theese day huney u should get paid on that. 1 people just like dat attention they get when they say things like that tho but 1day the lord above us will really call. him home 2 be with him

      • Mark

        Thank God he is alive & well.. On the other hand if he read your spelling & grammar, he would surely die of a heart attack…

  • http://www.jualsewarumah.com jual rumah

    yes good news, this true not the rumor.
    I hope still he rock on me

  • Catherine

    I’m so happy that’s only rumours! How could people do that…?

    • Mark

      Honey those are people that have no lives! Misery loves company. Good lord I know how horrible & cruel people can be.



  • CrackinCheedar

    That’s right folks, JBJ is NOT dead…. just his career is! LOL

    • danielle rogers

      Bon Jovi, who have now sold 130 million albums worldwide, were declared the second richest band for 2011, behind U2. The group earned approximately $125 million following a sell-out world tour.

      • Rob

        Hardley think his career is dead with those kind of numbers, fool!

  • Jon Bon Jovi Didn’t Die

    Hey! Look at the comments on the page: http://dailynewbloginternational.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/international-rockstar-legend-jon-bon-jovi-dead-at-49/

    Just a horrible lie.

  • http://Facebook Sonya

    I’m so angry people r so cruel my heart was broken until I calm down to pull bonjovi page up happy my favorite singer is good n merry Christmas

  • john teller

    The guy in the photo with the paper is JBJ’s double…they did the same thing with bin laden. The real JBJ died years ago with his career.

    • nancy

      I am so glad to here he is still living and looking as GOOD as ever and that he nor his career has died. if so, at least he has a career to loose, how about you????

      • john teller

        When did he ever have one in the first place?

        • tippie

          Are you on f’ing crack? JBJ has a strong career with his music and acting. You’re an idiot! How can you say that his career is dead or that he didn’t have one in the first place? Grow up and educate yourself before you make idiotic comments like that.

          • tom

            Id like career where im in one of the biggest rock bands in the world. A band who tours constantly and sells outs 1000’s upon 1000’s of statdiums. O they’ve also sold over 130 million albums now. But I guess you have to sell 200 million now to become successful and have a good career right?

            You do anything for a career like his. He is one of the most successful musician’s and businessman in music today.

          • john teller

            He was set to do a concert in my hometown and it got cancelled because no one wanted to go…BECAUSE HE SUX ASS. Go eat a dick if you don’t like my opinion, Kunt.

  • http://google christaiehle

    Grow the EFF up. Only got on to this site to see who was doing this. Hmmm, figures. Not entertainment.

  • Adam


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