Is it OK to Say No to Twitter?

Only You Can Determine if You Should Be Using Twitter

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Over the past year or more, you have probably heard your fair share of people telling you that you need to use Twitter if you hope to have business success. It’s true that there are a great many opportunities and potential benefits to using the service, but do you have to use it? Well, that depends.

Is Twitter Necessary? Tell us what you think.

In a recent interview with WebPronews, SiteLogic‘s Matt Bailey said what a lot of people are probably thinking. You don’t have to use Twitter.

Frankly, it’s pretty astonishing how loyal Twitter users are considering the service’s frequent downtime and over-capacity errors. There are plenty of other ways that you could go. In this day and age there are so many marketing opportunities online, it’s ridiculous. However, they require time, and if you’re going to focus a significant amount of your time on one, you better make sure it’s a legitimate way of getting results.

This of course depends on the goals penis enlargement you have and the strategies you implement. As Matt says in the interview, "you need to have a consistent marketing strategy," and you should slow down and look at your marketing plan.

I’ve written before about 8 reasons you need to stop ignoring Twitter, but perhaps that title could’ve been toned down a bit. Think of these things as reasons that Twitter could be a good tool to consider using, because Matt’s right. You don’t HAVE to use Twitter. People are still running successful businesses without it. That said, it does have some advantages. The 8 reasons I discussed in that article were:

1. Twitter Lists
2. The Openness of Twitter
3. Building Valuable Relationships
4. Traffic That Cares
5. Staying Current
6. Connecting with Local Customers
7. Going International and Multi-lingual
8. It’s Still Young

Matt makes a valid point. Twitter may not be the "it" thing this time next year. It may still be as relevant as ever, but times change. I’m sure you remember when MySpace was the king of the social networks. MySpace is still around and heavily used, but it is often overshadowed in discussion by Facebook and Twitter.

Consider your goals (here are some possible ones). If Twitter fits into them, use it. If not, maybe it’s not worth the time. If you want to use MySpace to meet your goals, you might be able to do that.

Twitter is showing a lot of potential though. The company kicked off the new year with a bunch of new hires (including some former Googlers), and is really looking toward monetization and becoming more useful for businesses. With the opening of the firehose, a lot of new and existing apps are going to make it possible to do a lot of new and cool things with Twitter. Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone expects Twitter to reach a level of billions of tweets per second.

Do you think Twitter is mandatory for businesses? Share your thoughts.

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Is it OK to Say No to Twitter?
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  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    It’s a complete and total waste of time… I’m sorry. I invested some time into it believing that it was actually a little bit more than a chat room. But it’s not.

    There is just so many other opportunities which take substantially less time investment. I won’t even get into the technical factors.

    • http://www.touchoftapestry.com connie

      Totally agree. Still don’t get why it’s popular. What can you possibly keep twittering about? What you did all day long? Unless you are in the gossip business or media, what the heck do you keep saying about your business or your life? I couldn’t even dream up what to say everyday. Texting also amazes me. How many forms of written communication that’s impersonal do we need? If you want to say something to someone, pick up the phone an call. Wow what a neat concept….actually talking to someone one on one.

      • http://cannes-or-bust.com Michael

        I don’t wonder why it is popular, I try and see how I can use that popularity. I tried on iCQ and failed, Twitter offers more possibilities.

  • http://www.touchoftapestry.com Connie

    Not saying that Facebook is stupid, it’s actually a nice idea and people do connect with people that they haven’t heard from in years. I had my business on it and it did nothing for me. If you have a website and blog that gets more traffic than a facebook page, at least for mine. But the whole big deal about it amazes me too like its a new concept or something. Myspace has been around longer and started the whole social networking thing. Facebook is just the more adult version of myspace who has a lot of teens on it.

  • http://v5llcgroup.com Julio Ricardo Varela

    As with any social media strategy, one of the biggest things that companies have in accepting is that social media connecting and relationship-building takes time, commitment, consistency and objectives. Companies easily fall into the trap of rushing to the next big thing and then not know what to do with it, hence, they get frustrated. In the end, Twitter is a powerful tool to communicate and connect, if it is done right, that is, authentically, honestly and with a stated goal. The mistakes happen when companies start on Twitter without a strategy. Also, yes, it is just one strategy and yes, you have to make sure all your anchor pages are working, but the real essence of Twitter is the ability to reach out and communicate with anyone. If companies realize that this medium can serve how they promote their true company personality, then it actually has strong potential. We should know, without Twitter, our business would not be where it is at today. It isn’t, of course, the only tool out there, but it is a good one.

    Nice post.

  • http://dotcomreport.com ppc tips

    There’s always gonna be something new. It can be another piece of the puzzle, although it won’t make or break you.

  • http://www.siteclick.co.uk Emi Carmichael

    In my experience, one of the crucial things is to NOT tweet about yourself and what you did all day long. Tweet about things that your followers will find interesting – something they could benefit from. Whether it be interesting news, something that’ll make them laugh, important updates they should be aware of, etc.

    I try not to tweet about myself too much, especially from my business twitter account. I can’t handle the twitterers that are constantly telling me they’re going to have another cup of tea…

    • http://cannes-or-bust.com/ Michael

      I have no illusions about my “followers” actually being more than passingly interested in me as a person. They follow me because I provide information, and that’s what creates traffic. Will it be profitable at the end of the day? Not sure, but it’s a cheaper way of attracting traffic than most PPCs I know. Fast, too.

  • Guest

    NEXT BIG THING! ….yawn.

  • Cursor_

    Twitter, like Facebook, MySpace and SEO companies are always THE HOT thing to do.

    Look at the big boys in industry. Does Warren Buffet tweet? Is there a Facebook page for General Dynamics? Does Bausch + Lomb have a MySpace page? Does Apple employ a SEO company?

    Answer? No.


    Well some could argue they just don’t get it. And others will say they already are well know and don’t need it.

    Myself I look at it this way.

    The big boys don’t do it because all Facebook and MySpace does is make a cheap website and domain for people that are either too poor or too lazy to build and maintain a site. These two sites are the Geocities and Tripod of the so-called Web 2.0 generation.

    Twitter is just a cheap and easily spammable version of IM or Live Chat. So you just put Live chat on your site and voila! Instant contact with your customers. And it doesn’t get a fail whale because it is being bogged down by NON-customers posting I ate a subway nom nom nom.

    The old adage is there is NOTHING new under the sun. And it is true. Everything “web 2.0″ is a reinvention of “web 1.0″ and “web 0.0″.

    IM, internet video and radio, free personal sites with ads, peer to peer file sharing, social networking… old old old. From newsgroups to message boards and BBS’, Geocities, Tripod, AOL IM, etc. etc.

    Hey if you have a shoestring budget and can’t afford a site and live chat; go for it. But after time when you DO make it, you will have to leave it behind as it will not suit your needs.

    Besides, why would you want your customers to have to wade through “Just took my dog to the vet, he got a sad” tweet to make contact with you? Akin to sending messages with semaphore at a Flag Day parade.


  • Sam

    I have a web site wildernesscalls.com and I have tried all kinds of networking. When I got into the twitter area, it seemed to me that the only people that got your twits were people you know. The people I know all ready visit the site, so where is the benefit of twitting. I have found that networking in the form of a blog. has been more profitable for my business.

  • Guest

    Total waste of time.

  • http://antivirus.reviewcity.net Reviewcity

    Twitter if you analyse deeply, it only make benefit for branded and bigshot company like Dell, Microsoft, Sony etc… Also it is helpful to make fans for celebrities…But apart from that, it is very less useful to generate traffic and sales for a small company… One of the big problem with twitter is that the tweets are not well organized …to me it feels like if i have to find some interesting tweets, then there a sea of tweet which has to be searched…

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/jimisan.ppr jimisan

    I think it’s a great tool for creating backlinks to your website. Other than that, I still don’t get the giss of it yet…

  • http://www.sangbergkonstsmide.se Sangbergkonstsmide

    Interesting to talk about Twitter and the technique, but you must never forget it

  • Liz

    Frequent downtimes? There have been some Fail Whales that last a few seconds but there haven’t been downtimes like existed in May-June 2008. Maybe it’s the Twitter client that you use because the website has been working fine 99.99% of the time.

  • http://tidwellcreative.com tidwell

    OK – so I started on Twitter hoping that I could grow a following and possibly build some customer loyalty. Started out strong, but the last six months have only been about logging on to block spammers… and I have yet to read a post from anyone that I am following that matters one bit in my life. Seems like the only thing Twitter is good for are some celebrities to post that they’re giving their dog a bath and the fans can go “Ooh! She’s washing her dog!!”

    Very dumb.

  • http://www.copon-land.com/ Coupons

    Not yet, but in the future probably. It’s so popular because of it’s functionallity ( hi5 stuff, facebook, getting new friends, girlfriends maybe ), but don’t know if you can get traffic ( targeted ), today… in the future, don’t know. Well see.

  • http://www.merlinsltd.com Guest

    Have tried twitter from the start and although it seems like a glorified chatroom site it does do it in a better way than most.

  • http://technochase.com/ Bogcess

    I totally agree with what abby said, “Interesting Perspective”. I use twitter for my website and it works fine. I have a personal twitter account, and its not so good. This is really informative though. I wonder what social media will emerge on the coming years..

  • http://chadpollitt.com @CPollittIU

    Everything depends on the target demographic. Marketing on the web is no different than way back in the middle ages when the town crier went to the town square and rang his bell to promote the blacksmith. He went to the town square because that’s where the people were. If they’re on Twitter today than that’s a viable tool for promotion. The key is to have a tracking convention. Without tracking and benchmarking of results how do you know if you’re successful?


  • Slick

    It’s worse then a waste of time. It’s time taken away from something that might contribute to actually producing something worthwhile. It’s for the 20’s ad 30’s somethings who don’t have a clue as to how to actually contribute to the community and have an inflated idea that anyone is actually interested in what they’re doing. Give Twitter a few years and suddenly everyone will realize it is unnecessary and it will die. Been there, done that, bye, bye!

  • http://www.seoblogwriter.com Michelle

    I think Twitter is cool, but I think it is overrated and oversaturated. I really believe that….. it is just TOO MUCH. Too many people.. and a lot of spam.

  • http://www.tracksurveys.co.uk Steve

    By the time you’ve waded through the ovecapacity errors and blocked all the spam followers you’d be forgiven for wondering how anyone can use it all

  • http://www.ecastactors.com Ecastactors

    I try and join every site possible and was an early member of Youtube,Facebook, MY Space, Twitter and many others.
    I produce web and TV commercials and can credit Twitter with 2 jobs.
    although thats not a lot… the advertising was free.
    Almost all of my business is procured thru the internet and if a site is free I will at least join.
    I hired my daughter to build up my members because its really not worth my time to do that much “tweeting”

  • Gabrielle

    In my line of work, I’ve found Twitter to be useless. I like to call it Facebook without the fun- just status updates, nothing more. I’ve seen people use it well- like with mobile restaurants- but the same could be accomplished with Facebook. What’s worse is most Twitter users don’t use their accounts and all and the few who do update WAY too frequently. There isn’t enough control of managing all those tweets, either. Even though I have an account, I am not a fan!

  • http://www.bondara.co.uk/ Bondara

    Apart from the ‘Fun’ factor, there doesnt appear to be much value in using Twitter. This is precicely why they are struggling to monetize it. There doesn’t appear to be an ‘intrinsic value’ in the service.

    • http://www.sensuous-sextoys.co.uk sensuous-sextoys

      I agree, The only thing twitter is good for is creating brand awareness. But even then your linking to other business who, lets be honest dont really care who you are they just want as many followers as possible to look good.

  • http://Twitter.com/SusanGrisanti Susan Grisanti Guitarist

    Twitter’s great for example for musician’s like me who want to post their new press releases & events across the web, it’s another form of free publicity, so I guess it depends on what you do for a living. I have new Videos up all the time on YouTube & Twitter helps me cross market those.

  • http://www.ThatRestlessMouse.com John Everett

    If Twitter lives long enough to wise up, they will put context-sensitive ads in and around the tweets, like gmail does but maybe a bit more intrusive, so twitter addicts might want to pay a small yearly fee for a no-ad version. What are they waiting for?

    We might advertise on such a vehicle. Tweeting to entertain and inform the tiny sliver of our customer base who actively use twitter AND happen to be watching AND catch my particular post in the fast-flowing river of nonsense, that’s not productive.

  • http://www.marketonhold.com on hold message

    I’m glad I watched this. We’re still exploring whether or not Twitter is worth the effort.

  • http://mandadjinn.free.fr Manda Djinn

    I totally agree with James about getting back to one on one conversations but am still trying to figure out the Twitter value just in case. . .

  • http://www.marketinglourly.com MikeG

    One of my resolutions for 2009 was to leverage Twitter in my marketing mix. The result? Approx 2000 followers and a very negligible sales increase. Not worth the time IMO.

    I will still keep my accounts open, and occasionally retweet when I find something interesting, but I won’t waste a second more or my valuable time trying to ‘build my brand’ or ‘grow relationships with potential and current customers’ because that is just a fallacy…

  • Guest

    I was an early adopter of Twitter. It did not take too long for it to grow into just another venue for inane noise. I think it won’t be too long before use of Twitter will plateau and that upward graph will begin its decline.

    And then there will be the next hot thing to subscribe to and use and help grow. And then boredom will set in and the cycle will perpetuate itself.

    As far as I am concerned, Twitter is not the magic tool to bank your business’s growth on. Traditional media will always prevail as will blogging. I have minimised my Twitter usage to the point that yesterday I came close to deleting the account. Why didn’t I click that button and finalise my disenchantment with Twitter? Dunno. But I might click that button tomorrow or the day after. Maybe next week. Heck I’ll delay it until after 31st March yearend. Or perhaps give it a chance to redeem itself. Maybe.

  • http://www.mybestassociates.com Teo M Muntean

    I was (and still am…) there, on over 30 social sites, but never got a client. However, I didn’t push people with my offers, but what I see there, most business people who join these sites have something to sell, also many unemployed people hope to start a biz online… but never do this, of course, and many youg people come there for fun, and they have it, but for me this kind of fun is just a waste of time.

    However, I am still keeping my profile on most of these sites and links to my websites, some are very good for SE some ar bad at all.

    I have found one that brings me on the first page of Google in minutes, for certain keywords, of course. This site is similar to twitter but it is much powerful when it comes to sending you to SE. Here is the link of my Cirip profile, if you want to check it:

    Heppy tweets!
    Teo M

  • http://www.alzheimers-disease.net Alzheimer’s Disease Information

    It’s an “in your face” type service, delivered directly to cell phones and mobile devices.

    It’s got legs and will eventually be monetized.

    Marketers dreams … people sign up to get instant updates directly to their phones.

    Why wouldn’t it be successful and how can you not use it?

    • Guest

      Your cell phone cost something ( If you pay as you go or have to limit ) then this can be costly to some one. But in real you get what you pay for and “For now” it’s “free”. What will happen when they , FaceBook, Twitter, Myspace ect. “WONT YOU TO PAY?”

      • Guest

        if your a small company or just getting started, That’s a BIG PRICE or “No Guarantee’s.”

        • http://www.JGDouglas.com Jeffery

          People’s cell phone cost for those services and if you pay as you go or have limits on your service that can be costly to that person, so, your not going to “get out there.” Can you put a News Paper throught your Cell Phone? I can’t. But in real, you get what you pay for and for now, it’s “free”. What happens when places like FaceBook ( who’s already made that comment last 6 months of the year ), Twitter, Myspace ( who’s already made that comment twice in the past three years 2007 and 2008) ect. “WONT YOU TO PAY” for it? If your a small company or just getting started, That’s a BIG PRICE for “No Guarantee’s” by those places. The big shot companies like Radio Shack, Dell, and other’s already advertise with them. Do you get that ad by Phone? How often? What Times? and How much do you receive?

  • http://www.JGDouglas.com Jeffery

    Twitter was not what I exspected it to be. However lack of understanding is one reason. I think
    everything depends on the target demographic. The Marketing on the web is no different than marketing in the local paper or the radio if you “don’t pay.” Being Twitter today is different . The key is to have convention listeners for benchmarking results success. Not saying that Facebook is stupid, it’s actually a nice idea for people to connect with people that they haven’t heard from in years. I had my business on it and it did nothing for me. I’m register with FaceBook and Myspace, and both are almost alike in the, I’m going to take a bath, I’m going to bed or I’m going to make breakfast, dinner or supper. But posting something Important ( worth reading ) with in two minutes it’s 20 to 30 post away or on the next page because the hold world need to know I’m going to bed, what’s going on in a FaceBook Appt. I’ll use FarmVille for one, I don’t log in to as often as I did for two reasons, 1. All the popups, and 2. All the Post to profile. Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace and any others like them, if you analyze deeply, it only benefit’s for branded, bigshot companies like Dell, Microsoft, Sony etc. that pay “Big Money.” It’s more helpful to make fan pages for celebrities, so, apart from that, it is very useless to generate traffic and sales for any one or a small company. The only real way to get out there to any one, is to Pay Money. But those big companies back FaceBook, Myspace, and others like them, will automatically tell you up front, “We can’t guarantee you any thing,” but tell take your money.

  • http://poltergeistisland.blogspot.com Hank Hokamp

    I use Twitter to proclaim the legitimacy of our restored community’s religious, political, economic and social life — to benefit our NEW America, thanks to our fine President. Thus, foreshadowing the full restoration of our Nation through that which was NOT accomplished by those who sat in the most powerful seat in the World.

  • http://www.specialist-gifts.com Michael

    Well I have been twitting now for about a year I must say I think twitter is ok to help build awareness of your profile but do not rely on twitter you should have many other avenues to explore for example face book blogs are a must. So Twitter is here to stay just do not put all your eggs in one basket.

    I have wrote an article on twitter at my blog please have a read www.specialist-gifts.biz


    Decorative living

    World of Unique Gift Ideas

  • http://www.englishfinancialassociates.com R Lynne

    Twitter a superb marketing success. I don’t knock those folks who swear by Twitter as a means of generating business contacts, I just haven’t experienced this magic. However, I’ve done Twitter for a year and felt it was a waste of my time because the setup wasn’t conducive to serious networking. It seemed as if people weren’t actually dialoguing but were basically posting tidbits of nothings or using it as their blogs’ RSS feed. I still haven’t figured out the “be a follower or be followed” as it pertains to Twitter. I am a venture broker and often other business folks would sign up to follow me but when I attempted to establish a dialogue with those followers to see how we can help each other “nada” no responses so my question is what is the point of following, where’s the networking?? Twitter creators did some fantastic marketing to building this illusion Twitter was a serious tool for professionals because it’s not.

  • http://www.kaplang.com Michelle

    I understand what you are saying here but maybe some of those who have had no luck with using twitter just weren’t using it correctly, or maybe they didn’t invest enough time and expected an over night success.

    It works for me but so do lots of other social websites :)

  • http://mynconnect.com rober7

    on twitter you cant do … no followers … no nothing …your followers is following a lot of people your message won`t be seen

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Twitter allowed many to have 10.000’s of following / followers and that’s really the basis of the timeout issues and sadly enough many of those tweets are just unproductive and ignored by many of the followers as it was just out of control. Now that they’ve seen this they’ve placed the breaks at 2,000 and that’s fine as if your tweet is of any real value some will retweet anyway and it will indeed spread around.

    As for our Tweets. We don’t actually tweet too much it’s mostly once a week or lately once a month. Our current tweet is like an electronic billboard. When they come to visit users see our special and we get more “related followers” and that’s the real key!

    We’re able to measure where each of our sales are from and how they found us. There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t get new followers, sales from our flock :)

    Is it for you, your company? Think of it like this. An auto tech has a tool for everything he’s trained to do. Your business should tool itself to work in it’s niche catering to how your clients communicate. Since this is the #2 site linking to us in SEO I can’t see any harm in everyone having a Twitter account. It’s how you use it that matters the most.

    Happy Tweeting!

    Follow us on Twitter!

    I’m not paid to comment about Twitter. This is my own personal review :)

    • Guest

      If Twitter is “just unproductive and ignored by many of the followers” why does your Name go to your “Buy Now Site”

  • http://www.cardiddy.com HotSpot

    Twitter is just another chatroom, filled with no-follow and people thinking its SEO to follow other peoples useless comments….

  • http://www.carbon-footprint-defined.com Jane

    As relatively new to learning the ways of the web, I wrestle with this subject alot.
    With a full-time job, demands at home, and keeping up a site, it’s all I can do to to find the
    time required with those things as it is. Still just not sure about it; I think I would feel pressured to continuously be using it. Maybe I need a better understanding of the purpose.

  • Guest

    My experience with Twitter is that it has developed recognition of my company’s brand over time. However, I found myself caught up in posting on Twitter ALL THE TIME, retweeting every chance I got, and searching for people constantly.

    If, like anything else in business, you have a system, it’s much better. The way we do it is that we have a service that will post our blog across many different social media venues. Those venues are typically linked to our Twitter account. We registered our Twitter account with Twello and Twellohood. I also downloaded TweekDeck which I monitor once daily. Finally, I visit Refellow.com each week to see who is following us and who we should follow. What once took hours per day to manage has become a process that is under and hour per week.

    I know many Twitter fanatics, and the American Marketing Association has given presentations on using Twitter and other social networks to build your business. While it won’t break your company to not have it, if you can affordably and easily transmit your name and message of value out to a participating audience, why wouldn’t you?

  • http://www.mlmonlineearners.com Janine

    I’m not sure if it’s helpful or not. I just got started using it and so far it hasn’t done any good. But I’ll keep posting on there and see what happens. I guess it’s just the “in” thing for now…

  • http://www.site-o-rific.com Site O Rific

    I have one online business that Twitter seems to integrate pretty well and it keeps people engaged. I have another (much more successful internet business) where Twitter is just plain dead. It’s embarrassing how dead it is and I’m thinking of not promoting it on my website.

    Overall, Twitter is pretty much a gimmick. Everyone is broadcasting with it and no one is listening.

    I think Bloggers love it because it is a steroidal rss style feed and they love “feeding” themselves. They are the ones saying things like “you cannot ignore Twitter” & ‘If you’re not on Twitter you are going to die” etc…

  • http://www.websiteconsultants.org Rick Glaser

    Twitter along with many other social media outlets can be extremely rewarding if you put the time and effort in. Do I think it is worth it? Yes.

    I believe that companies should strongly consider bringing using the service by hiring an employee to help build exposure through Twitter and others.

    On a personal level I understand the value, and rarely use the service. This is more of a personal decision based on how I can use the amount of hours in a day.


  • http://www.davidleeventers.blogspot.com David Lee Venters

    I used to be a twitter preacher and still am for niches like games and technology

    but actually the IM niche I think no

    In fact I have just closed my 2nd general account

    and am no longer in the IM niche as a result of twitter

    there seems to be in the IM niche no social skills although its a social site

    you get people who will spam you left right and centre on their free product

    and you get idiotic direct messages that could have come from the brain of a squid there so childish

  • Laura

    My average customer is a 45 year old female, so my business Facebook page is doing great for me. I get twice as much traffic from there as I do from Yahoo. I spend a pittance on paid ads, the rest is free traffic. My blog posts to it automatically so once I got it set up it’s not really any extra work.

    My gut feeling is that my customers are not big on Tweeting, and those who are probably are already on Facebook, so I haven’t gone there yet.

    For small business owners our most precious resource is time, so you have to do what is best for you.

    • http://www.goodsamdental.org Mexican Dentist

      Hi, I’m a newbie, and trying to start getting into this social media thing to promote my webpage. Can you give me an idea as to how this all works? I have learned a little about SEO and getting ranked on google, but am looking for ways to get into the social media scene.

  • http://www.homemarketviews.com Gina Novelle

    Hmm to Twitter or not to Twitter, that is the question! Twitter has drawn people to our web site, and I

  • http://www.site-booster.com/blog/ Website Promotion Blog

    I think Twitter is a great platform to connect to the people who are just waiting to search and find what they are looking for. Yet, I have the feeling that I need to send instant messages to my followers and directly to their mailboxes without others reading them. If they are my followers, they should have the possibility to receive my DMs.

    As it’s not available, I feel like fishing in the air! Twitter needs to further develop to provide some basic possibilities many other social sites already have for many years.

  • http://www.Tweetalize.com David Lanning

    Lots of marketers are falsely under the impression that Twitter (or social media marketing in general) is an easy, sure-fire way to boost sales and generate traffic.

    It isn’t.

    Like any marketing strategy, it requires hard work, planning and commitment.

    It also requires knowing your customer and knowing what channels of communication will be the most effective.

    For example, I own a coffee bar and an upscale retail womens’ fashion boutique. Twitter and Facebook work great for my coffee bar (young, tech savvy, demographic), but not as well for my boutique (older, less connected demographic). I understand this and put my efforts to use accordingly.

    So, knowing how, when and with whom to use social media marketing is much more important than simply being on the social media bandwagon.

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