Is Google’s Search Quality The Best It’s Ever Been?

Google Gets "Crystal Clear" About Web Spam

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In a post on the official Google Blog, Matt Cutts, head of the company’s webspam team said that Google’s search quality is the best it has ever been in terms of relevance, freshness, and comprehensiveness. 

Do you agree that Google’s search quality is the best it’s ever been? Share your thoughts.

"Today, English-language spam in Google’s results is less than half what it was five years ago, and spam in most other languages is even lower than in English," said Cutts. "However, we have seen a slight uptick of spam in recent months, and while we’ve already made progress, we have new efforts underway to continue to improve our search quality."

Matt Cutts Talks Web Spam"As we’ve increased both our size and freshness in recent months, we’ve naturally indexed a lot of good content and some spam as well," explains Cutts. "To respond to that challenge, we recently launched a redesigned document-level classifier that makes it harder for spammy on-page content to rank highly. The new classifier is better at detecting spam on individual web pages, e.g., repeated spammy words—the sort of phrases you tend to see in junky, automated, self-promoting blog comments. We’ve also radically improved our ability to detect hacked sites, which were a major source of spam in 2010. And we’re evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content. We’ll continue to explore ways to reduce spam, including new ways for users to give more explicit feedback about spammy and low-quality sites."

The post was in response to a lot of talk throughout the Blogosphere lately that Google is losing its edge in search – when it comes to relevancy and spam. Some of this was no doubt fueled by the recent launch of the spam clock from Blekko, which may not be on the minds of much of the general public, but that many influential bloggers in the search space are certainly aware of. 

Watch an interview we did the other day with Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta about web spam here:

Cutts says it is a misconception that Google doesn’t take as strong an action on spam in its index if the spammy sites are Google ads. 

"To be crystal clear," he says, "Google absolutely takes action on sites that violate our quality guidelines regardless of whether they have ads powered by Google; Displaying Google ads does not help a site’s rankings in Google; and Buying Google ads does not increase a site’s rankings in Google’s search results. These principles have always applied, but it’s important to affirm they still hold true."

Something tells me Cutts and Google will never convince everybody, but at least they’re being "crystal clear" in their explanation.

Is the explanation clear enough for you? Tell us what you think

Is Google’s Search Quality The Best It’s Ever Been?
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  • Guest

    Let’s see I searched for almond paste vegas and the first result was Toronto.. so sure .. best ever yeah.. Google results have been poor for a while now. Some of it by design – the multi single domain listings and then some not – the continual showing of number one spammy pages filled with adsense. But Google results have definitely deteriorated – just hope with the removal – oh sorry – the voluntary stepping down – of Schmidt as CEO – it can get some of its mojo back!

  • Guest

    This is a tough one. The spam isn’t keeping me from using the internet, but having watched others use the internet, its sort of clear that others are at a disadvantage because of it.

    Blekkos results are different, and after hearing this argument, it is clearer as to why.

    So I did a random test, I searched Acai Berry, on Bing, Google and Blekko.

    Blekko returned a BBB accredited business website, Bing and Google return results which are obviously loaded with what I would consider information which is not the best intent.

    I am not into weigh loss, nor do I know anything about Acai Berry except that people call it scam-my, perhaps popular commercial interest search is hurting commercial interests themselves?

    • Guest

      That being said, I think Google in general, having to go up against what they are up against is doing a good job. I certainly think there is room for Blekko however and what I have seen so far looks promising.

    • Chris Crum

      Interesting point.

  • http://www.feelfree.co Guest

    Sincerely speaking I think Google is too big for those folks to manage, Bing is doing a great job whenever it comes to relevancy.

    For a website like mine that has been well optimized. searching for the word “Feelfree” should first of all list all the domain names related to that word and place them on the top 10 or 20.

    To me Bing is just doing a great job and I hope Google will get a real competitor real soon.

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    “Let’s see I searched for almond paste vegas and the first result was Toronto”

    That’s strange, because I get a lot of Vegas-related sites that mention almond paste, e.g.

    Search Results
    Flavors, Fillings & Icings – Marie’s Gourmet Bakery Las Vegas Nevada
    Marie’s Gourmet Bakery is a Las Vegas bakery and specialty bakery for all … Almond Pound Cake – Italian almond paste, orange zest and vanilla sugar. …
    www.mariesgourmetbakery.com/ffi.html – Cached

    Italian Pignoli Cookies

  • http://zygella.com Joe

    I would suggest to get rid of spam websites once and forever.

  • http://signature.eu.com Kent web designer

    Just like the war on terror, Google’s tough stance on spammers is to be betterment of their product and visitor experience

    Recent additions to improve search have been nothing short of pioneering. Visitors love it, stock value & advertising revenue is up and if the only losers are blackhat SEO types, then I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

    It’s appaling unethical seo practices is still common place (loads of cheap search engine optimisation companies and search marketing companies still earn a crust offering bad advice) Clean up or get out, this town isn’t big enough for the both of you!

  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com/ Karras

    I encounter few spam sites when using Google search and since I use Google Chrome and Gmail I am happy to say I receive, at the most, one spam email (automatically delegated to the spam file) a week. With eleven years on the net this is the best it has ever been.

  • Wendy Birk

    The vast majority of sites are spam sites. I can point to any legitimate business that does not deal strictly as an affiliate site or an adsense site and they will not rank in the top three where they should be because they cannot spend all their time playing the Google game.

    Who has time to get all the links (99% of all links are manufactured or solicited and hence, it is all spam). I mean Google has created a verb speak all its own…. no one talks like they talk to get ranking on Google. And heaven forbid if you put adsense on a page it immediately improves in rank dramatically.

    Google has created its own industrys and it all relates around pure bs so for you to patronize this JackAss without publicly shunning them….

    It would be very easy to register sites and companies and for those companies to fill in a proper form and actually have someone from Google call them to verify or have a third party hired to verify the business as a real business. Or even check local records to verify they are real. But that would violate Google’s new dynamic; never talk to anyone real nor never pick up the phone and deal with someone. I mean we’ll write a formula for that.

    New dynamics in the industry such as Amazon’s Kindle, iStore and Groupon are rapidly changing the internet dynamic to deal with real people and real businesses as it should have always been. Google is trying to copy them in all areas but it will fail because the people they screw today (just about every small business in the country) will screw them tomorrow. The same thing happened to AOL. They screwed just about every small business in the country in their arrogant days and they paid dearly. Google is doing the same thing and has not yet figured out that its days are numbered in everything that it does.

    Thank God. An internet with real people dealing with real people and not some little math nerds.

  • http://www.myersgaragedoors.co.uk ian

    i have to agree that getting rid of spam is a good thing but how do you police it? particularly “adsense” sites that just regurgitate useful information from genuine sites and then spam out millions of links to their page so they get a better rank than the original useful site, if this could be stopped then perhaps these adsense people would find a more useful way to make money – or it will at least prompt them to build original, useful content into their sites instead.

  • http://www.roomswithgreatviews.com/ Bill

    the phrase “including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others

  • Guest

    Here is a big question. If there quality search is the best it has ever been WHY would a single amazon product page be nubber one ? It seems when holidays come the major big money sites suddenly appear on the top of google. ??????

  • Guest

    So now Google is going to automate culling sites. They have been doing this for years, but now they are going to search for certain words and phrases and start dropping sites based upon content. Unfortuantely content also involves context and these things are NEVER accurate.

    My thoughts are not with Google and their quest to rule the world, it is with the small guys who will get dropped from the listings because some incompletely programmed bot decided their site violated some vague parameter. The work of years, entire companies, the support of families goes away overnight, sacrificed to Google’s cult of self-worship. Google is a goliath that destroys lives, and here it goes yet again. The giant rolls over in its sleep and entire communities get crushed. Oh well.

    Google will not move to redress as a correction to do the right thing would be an admission of error. Can’t have that.

    Google owns the commercial internet. It has too much of a say in what is and is not accepted, and what it shows you is what the corporate heads want you to see. Sound familiar? Google is as much a part of the problem as any other major company or government. For my own searches, I use anything but Google and NEVER CLICK ON AN ADWORD.

    • Guest

      Entire industries that have sprung up around getting websites ranked in google. Quality of content is not enough, and it has not been for years. For google to say they and relevancy have anything to do with one another is a joke.

      All you need to do is peform the basic rituals and incantations (or hire it out), and your site too will rank highly on Google. But that is not spam, that is someone working towards relevant results. Right?

      Think that’s air you’re breathing?

      Google is spam. It is corporate sites that have individual pages that crowd out entire specialty stores, banks of specialists who do nothing all day but work on manipulating their company’s position upwards on google. That, friends and neighbors, is the very definition of a spam site.

      Google needs to have some serious competition make inroads into search, and the sooner the better for all our sakes.

  • http://www.carloanfinancial.com James

    We have a series of car loan financing websites (all legit), made for a client here in Canada, that will not show up in Google searches at all. Well, I shouldn’t say “at all” because if you enter the full URL they do show up (except one that won’t, even with the URL). The competitors are heavy AdWords users, and we haven’t used AdWords yet – after all, Google says it makes no difference to your natural rankings.

    I have succeeded with real estate websites on 1st page and financial services training websites to do well in first page listings, but not this niche. Very frustrating.

  • Guest

    The relevance of Google search results has become very poor in the last year and more specifically, since the end of October 2010. Customers searching for specific products are now being sent to general category pages (that list the specific product with many other products) rather than the specific product page. Also we are getting more traffic from Google searches with vague search terms and irrelevant search terms. Overall, we’ve seen a substantial decrease in search traffic from Google and what traffic Google search does send us now is unlikely to help the customer find what he or she was looking for. As a result, we saw about a 30% decrease in sales in the the 4th quarter of 2010 compared to 2009.

    We have actually seen much more relevant search traffic from Yahoo (and Bing) lately. I’m using competing search engines more just to get more relevant results and I suspect other people will drift away from using Google search as a result of their decline in search relevance and their competitors improvements.

  • Guest

    So according to Matt G! has detected listings which may/may not be spam based on the content in addition to the network of links.

    Paid links still abound the net and TLA and other such sites are still making a killing. Paid tweets is the new rage with both BING and G! displaying live results.

    There is new level of SPAM and G! is only knocking at the door.

    IMHO, all G! is doing is trying to discourage SEOs and nothing more.

  • http://www.esc-creation.com eric34esc

    I hope in the next google cut off website spam that use search term result in their content , that now has higt ranking in google result.

  • http://www.mcssafety.com Mike Streadwick

    Wonder how this will affect the results of those using article spinners to generate multiple articles from their own or someone else’s content.

  • Bob

    Some facts:

    1. Google will never get rid of spam which mainly are content farms. Killing them, means killing the long tail, the majority of Google’s income as those sites are mainly supported by Adsense.

    2. Web spammers is Google’s creation.

    3. Our little boy Matt is a sack full of F..t.

    4. Content is is in part irrelevant thanks to Google prioritizing its own properties, placing ads all over, Google local, and other crap that wasn’t there in 2000.

    5. Google will never do a good job at getting rid of spam or duplicate content. There WILL NEVER be a way to identify who owns what content, who wrote it first, who copied it, etc. NEVER. So they will always cannibalize legitimate site owners if they keep playing God.

    Google is messing up with people’s lives. They are destroying lives left and right every single day with their stupid algo. change by a coder whose best friend is a cat. When the next big thing comes, they are going to be sorry because even the previous Google whores will leave them on the spot. Too much abuse.

    I’d say the Justice Department needs to call for the splitting of Google or regulate search engines (it’s Google’s fault). Google is invading every turf out there killing many businesses. All this Google local, Merchant (Base), Maps, etc. at the top of the search results screams anti-competition. Expect to see Google Offers at the top too in an attempt to kill Groupon. I seriously don’t know what has taken the J.D. so long to get on their case!

    • Alex

      I totally agree. As the might GOD (google) controls about 80% of the search market i think they feel invisible.

      Is there any other global company which would control 80% of global market yet no one seems to be asking any questions if google has monopoly and if it is good for customers? google is swallowing more and more other companies just to create global giant noone can touch.

      What would happen if 50% of unhappy proper webmasters block googlebot? Google would go from being worth 220 billion to be worth more or less nothing as all what would be left in their search result is the spammy sites which make the other 50% of results!


  • Guest

    If you haven’t been online all that long, you might think there’s a lot of spam in Google. If you have, you will be amazed at how little there is nowadays

  • http://richinwriters.com Steve

    What I hear from Blekko is a Corporate take over, Blekko sounds like they hope to wipe out all the smaller markets. If corporate entities want to get on top of the search engines thy should use Pay Per Click marketing to get there.

    If larger companies want a top spot the search engine they should have to work for it like everybody else. I Think Google has an excellent system in place. Blekko has clearly sold out.

  • Guest

    They can /should already expect a FBI Investigation if any discrimination of our search results are initialized as SPAM and after years of / due to discrimination on the part of any Google Legal TEAM Leader known for this type of action @FriendFeed. IT almost got them sued there as well.

    In a post on the official Google Blog, Matt Cutts, head of the company’s webspam team said that Google’s search quality is the best it has ever been in terms of relevance, freshness, and comprehensiveness.

    Share your thoughts and watch an interview we did the other day with Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta about web spam here:-)

    Thank you for the legal heads up.

  • Guest

    I like Matt I think he is such a nice guy and helped web community a lot but spam at Google is at worst it has ever been.

    My opinion is that Google stopped fighting spam all together and I tell you their strategy is to bring local, images their shopping engine when it comes to any shopping search terms so searchers will not likely click on spam websites instead Google discounting spam paid links.

    I haven’t seen in my life paid blog links to take over the rankings. Google thinks these are natural links. HA HA HA

    Problem is that Google allows right now only spam paid links to rank and I am not talking about directory links or link exchange which are very easy to discount.

  • Dolphie

    Google’s search process is horrid. I used to love it and recommended it to everyone.
    Currently – it posts spam sites, does not accurately look for terminology entered, most of the sites returned are not relevant.

    I hate to say this as I am not a Microsoft search engine fan – however, Bing has produced better results in many arenas.

    I would love to see a new search engine – one that could sift through the garbage and bring good results.

    I research tech articles – related to current and older systems. A couple years ago – google was incredible at locating the data. Currently, it is a mess, rarely finds what I need and it leaves me with a bunch of spam sites that do not relate OR that are merely multiple repostings of the original sites.

  • Guest

    Thank you, once again, for your foresight on past @Facebook @Google Privacy issues in which email apology[ies] / fines for these legal violations were seen in past 2 years. I like Matt too but he should not discriminate based on Legal Bar Complaints rec’d.

  • Len Norris

    They used to be great. Now they’re just good. First off, there’s no sense signing in cuz they’ll only sign you out when you exit. Same thing goes for the Background image. They Bloated their Image Search and they hardly ever “remember” your search preferences

  • Dolphie

    We have found in addition to not serving up relevant sites, Google parses the results in a manner that favors political leanings.
    We have seen google ignore relevant data and serve up data that is inaccurate – just to fit a political bent.
    Google also calls some sites ‘dangerous’ due to a different political viewpoint. [the site is blocked and a popup comes up implying accessing the site may harm one’s computer. what is goofy is one can access hacker sites (loaded with bad scripts) and not receive a message.]

    Tell me – how is that doing business competently?

    That should not EVER be part of a search engine. Politics do not belong in search engines – unless there is a search requirement put in place by the enduser.

    I ditto the comments on the part of others here as well – relative to spam results, paid advertisers, google creating the problem, etc.

    This is no longer a good search engine and it is not the best.
    In fact – google is a dicatorial, rights limiting copy of Microsoft. Bloating, telling us what we should/should not do/see, getting involved in politics, suing other companies, buying other companies. They used to be the competitor to Microsoft – now they are worse than Microsoft.

    • Guest

      When politics = NEW laws for equal rights in Denmark, in India, and now the BBC are being passed for equality so there is less dom violence, less child obesity, higher grad rates, and lower prison pops that’s content to be placed in the Top 10.

      That’s what some @Google @Yahoo @BillGates @LibrarYCongress call making history as a blogger @Whitehouse and @FBIPressOffice for reduced kidnappings as well.

      Thank you again for the legal = heads UP.

  • http://www.bajubatik.org Luckman

    True google here is even worst..

    May be the best to say is Indonesian language is not very focused by google.

    If I type some words.. it will be..


    This is obviously stupid.

    They are automated pages generated sites.. all over here…

  • http://reliable-seoservices.com/ Reliable

    Yes, Google is working on webspam & have seen many sites. blogs are getting out of rankings. Even Google is deleting such blogger blogs. But there still need to do a lots of work to improve the search quality. The best part of Google is that it is faster than Yahoo or bing either in indexing sites or showing result and this is the main reason if it being top search engine, else B/Y may outrank it.

  • http://www.the-system.org The System

    If you search Google and find what you are looking for, then logically the search results are of good quality!
    You will not find any spam sites on the first few pages of Google for any major short tail keywords, in the majority of cases you will find long established websites that have been linkbuilding for years.

    At the top of the SERPS the big companies fight it out buying links – quite often from the spammy blog sites – because they need as many links from different ip addresses as possible – the older the better.

    Forget quality its all about buying or creating links , but if you are spending a fortune buying links for a product then you must have the product to supply. So where’s the spam?

    It’s called MARKETING!

    One mans spam ( a piece of content everywhere lke a billboard) is another mans income!

  • Kain

    Spam is at an all time high as far as I can see.

    They have done a reasonably good job of keeping spam out of the competitive keywords (The ones they make money on) but where there is no profit for them spam is worse than ever.

    Maybe Matt is doing his impersonation of Comical Ali from the Iraq war :-)

  • La

    I imagine Matt Cutts is very well paid. I mean, he doesn’t seem to be stupid at all (he’s an engineer, talks well etc.), so there must be some other reason for spouting such nonsense. Google’s current search results are a joke, at least when it comes to relevancy. Once upon a time they were very good, yes. Not anymore. I don’t care how well they’re supposedly doing in the fight against spam (like that’s true!) if they show me irrelevant results in Top 10.

  • http://www.Electric-Reviews.org Mark Demers

    Lately i`ve been noticing not to have to look too long to find what i`m looking for . I find so long as i`m a little accurate in my search terms i have no problem .
    I noticed this about a month ago and for me , the way i use it – it works just about perfect and i say just about because there`s always room for improvement.

    As for spammy pages i noticed they don`t index any pages on my site which have common or partially copied or repetitive materials on them .

    My sites changing because of this and i believe the change will get me higher rankings and more hits.

    As a marketer , they gave me the kick i needed .

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    I am using Google search as default to look for stuff that I want to get. As far as I am concerned, it still produces good result though you may encounter some unrelated links. Overall as compared with other search engines I had tried, it is still within my likings.

    It is always hard to keep up when there are so many people competing to get their sites listed and some are in the unrelated searches. But then looking at the Top 10 pages, I tend to find what I am looking for which is good for me as a visitor.

    I would rate Google as 8 for search result.

  • Mark

    Google’s search has lost it’s focus in providing search result continuity for the user. The end result is enterprise websites has the best SERPS and smaller websites can not be found. THIS IS NOT WHAT USERS WANT. Their business/local listings are the worst in the industry today providing YELP and other local search websites more of a share over time. Google’s days are coming maybe not immediately, but neither did Myspace…and what’s sad, they have too much ego and stupidity to see it.

  • http://www.bestebookreaderscompared.com/ Evelyn

    IMHO, I can’t wait for Google to FALL! They suspended my Adwords account when every ad I had on there had paused for over 8 months. They won’t re-inactivate my account unless I go back and update my links per their guidelines – which WOULD be fine, but they want me to update sites that I don’t even HAVE anymore! In order to get Adwords capabilities back, I have to update ALL current ads, paused ads AND Deleted Ads.

    There has to be a better way, Affiliate Marketers are getting abused by Google. I’m small fry, I’m guessing those who spend more with Adwords definitely wouldn’t have this happening to them. Oh, and BTW, NONE of my sites were doorway pages – all fully loaded sites. I guess Big G wants me to take the Opt In box off of them, that’s all I can think of. .

    Anyway, had to vent, and since this post was on Google, what the heck. . .

  • Mountain View

    Google is a negative search engine by having really old dead links and third party baloney and irrelevant links that have sleazy adult advertising. Google is currently under investigation for a possible lawsuit by the US Dept of Justice. Google wont continue to be the arrogant control freaks they think they are.

  • Sue

    Search “Google Being Sued” to see whats happening including US Dept of Justice maybe suing Google- Yeah!
    Google stinks because there are so many fraudulent sites returned in their search results.

    • Chris Crum

      Did you use Google for the “Google Being Sued” search?

  • Guest

    It’s not hard to see the ‘social engineering’ aspect of google’s personality. It’s in all of their actions.

    They appear interested in very large websites and organisations and consistently make one rule for ‘them’ and another rule for the rest of us. If you’re small and cannot invest tens of thousands of dollars in website engineering, your simply pond-scum floating on a fat bloated google pond without a hope of being acknowledged, represented fairly or cared about.

    I believe Google should be ‘regulated’ with legislation in a similar way that all major industries of concern to national economies, security and human rights.

    The reason I believe this can be described thus:

    Google is thought to directly respond and have control over in excess of 70 percent of internet world wide searches conducted on a daily basis. The advertising platform it owns and deploys is called Adwords. The essential merit of Adwords is that it serves business advertising across vastly more internet real estate than Google direct search-browser by virtue of the fact that Adwords also places advertisements on participating partner networks as well as an enormous number of individual , independent websites across the world.

    There are many fundamental principles in the western world which also include: Freedom of speech, freedom to do business, the right to use facilities publicly available, the rights of arbitration, the rights of independent expert representation, the data protection act.

    Simple principles that businesses, organisations, charities, individuals and all peoples may access and use the internet in order to conduct business are prevalent today and indeed much can be said about the essential economic and social influence of the internet which has grown to become a fundamental aspect incorporated into peoples lives and businesses alike. In fact many businesses could not and would not exist if it where not for their ability to adequately market themselves on the internet.

    Google’s published terms and conditions governing the use of its world dominating advertising platform Adwords has over the years evolved. As can be expected, advertisers seeking to abide by these rules, evolve with these terms in order to keep within the ‘current’ rules. By virtue of the power of their technology, Google defends its own terms and conditions by automatically not serving ads it deems unsuitable or that are breaking it ‘current’ rules. Google then takes ‘payment’ for and earns monies for advertisements it agrees and decides to serve to the public. A known ‘quirk’ of the Adwords advertising platform is that there are different ‘degrees’ of compliance and ‘quality’ which may have an impact on the amount of money Google charges and accepts for the serving of said advertisements.

    In recent times, Google has divorced itself from obvious principles expected in a democratic world. An example of this is: Year 1. Googles own terms and conditions allow its Adwords platform to serve an advertisement we shall for the purposes of this letter, call ‘Jones’. Google accepts payment for the advertisement ‘Jones’ and serves it. Now lets jump to a later date, months, or indeed years later. Google makes a decision that ‘Jones’ is not the kind of advertisement it wants to serve and also decides that serving it will incur a user punishment. Now one would expect several things to happen obviously by virtue of Googles magnificent technology. 1) Any ‘Jones’ advertisments would be cut by their own system and therefore not served. 2)Advertisers would be informed and communicated with that the decision to cease the advertisement is due to changes in Google rules.

    This expectation would make normal business sense, but lets look at what ‘actually’ happens. In fact, let’s take this a step further and say that ‘Advertiser A’ once upon a time when the google terms and conditions so allowed, submitted advertisements to the Google Adwords platform that were accepted, displayed and for which Google accepted money. ‘Advertiser A’ perhaps runs the campaign for a couple of weeks and then ‘Deletes’ the advertisement. Some time later, perhaps months or years later, Google changes its terms and conditions as previously described, but also decides that any person or business that advertises ‘Jones’ will incur an automatic lifetime system usage ban. Google then decides to include ‘Deleted’ old campaigns into its ‘current’ decision making process based on its current terms and conditions. An automatic life time ban is awarded to the individual or business advertiser.

    We can take this a stage further. Having imposed a punitive punishment for advertising and paying Google in the past for advertisements that were accepted and displayed at the time, but that under the present conditions are not acceptable, even though the advertisements in question have been long ago deleted, Google says it will suspend ‘any future account opened by that individual or business’. The methods Google uses to detect and notify itself that an individual or business may be involved with opening or operating a new account later somehow enables Google to detect and suspend accounts that are opened with a different name, different credit card, different address, different computer. Surely we are now straying into an area where even the most successful of ‘Dictators’ have never been able to access?

    Now Goodle want to make it even harder for the self employed. Disgusting megalomaniacs!

  • Diesel

    Anyone calling for government regulation over a single company is about as anti-American as you can get. Nobody is forcing you to use Google as your search engine, advertising network or whatever. Don’t like it, go elsewhere! Join up the same people that want to regulate McDonald’s because it makes you fat!

  • Tony

    The auto-complete in the latest Google search window is not right yet. It keeps interrupting writing in a search string longer than a few characters

  • Guest

    The initial results that Google provided were so breathtaking back then that comparing them to the current day, against its current competitors, is almost impossible.

    The thing that held back Google then was the lack of content on the world wide web. Now it is the amount of content on the world wide web optimised for Google but with very low actual content.

    • Chris Crum

      It ‘s certainly interesting to see how much things have changed.

  • Paul

    I think search results are getting vague and less relevent

  • hosa

    I personally dont have an issue with spam at all, i just dig deeper bcause what i want comes with it anyways. THE REAL PROBLEM though is prioritizing and filtering, a video by TED showed that google understand your interests and displays results relevent to you based on your habits, i find that scary because everyone will be in his own bubble. isoltaed from discovery.

  • hosa

    if u hate spam then ull definatly like duckduckgo.com

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