Is Google Giving Your Site RESPECT?

If not, maybe it’s your fault.

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Is Google Giving Your Site RESPECT?
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A lot of people feel that Google is treating them unfairly when it comes to search rankings. If you are one of these people, let me be perfectly blunt. There’s a good chance this is your fault. You have to play by Google’s rules if you want to have a good chance of being found in Google (and while there are certainly other ways to generate web traffic, Google is obviously a pretty big one). That said, Google will also be the first to tell you that “no algorithm is perfect”. Sometimes they don’t get it right. But are you doing everything in your own power to earn Google’s RESPECT?

Is Google giving you the RESPECT you deserve? Comment here.

Is your site showing up in search results for its targeted keywords? If not, maybe you’re not effectively using these keywords. Google is on to keyword stuffing, and content that is purely written for search. Do not over-saturate your content with keywords you wish to rank for. That said, you can use them as they make sense without compromising the flow of your content. Think titles, image labels (alt tags/title tags/captions), etc. It doesn’t hurt to keep this stuff in mind as you produce content. Just don’t do it in a way that compromises the quality of your page.


Is Google showing site links for your site when it appears in search results?


Right now, sitelinks are automated, but Google says it may incorproate webmaster input in the future. Frankly, I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. Still, there are best practices you can follow. “ For example, for your site’s internal links, make sure you use anchor text and alt text that’s informative, compact, and avoids repetition,” Google says.

If Google is showing sitelinks for your site, but you don’t like the ones they’ve chosen to display, you can demote URLs to let Google know which ones you don’t think are appropriate. To do this, go to Webmaster Tools, click the site, and go to “sitelinks” under “site configuration”. In the “For this search result” box, complete the URL you don’t want to appear as a sitelink. In the “demote this sitelink URL” box, complete the URL of the one you don’t want to appear. Note that it might take Google a while to reflect this in search results.

The Algorithm Updates

It’s not just about what Google has done in terms of algorithm updates. It’s about what you should be doing. But perhaps you have been hit by recent algorithm tweaks. If Panda, for example, hit your site, then drastic changes may be needed. Google considers your site to be of low quality. Perhaps a site redesign is in order. Google has a whole list of questions you should be asking yourself about your site in terms of quality.

Included on that list is “Does this article have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content.” Google said last week that it is testing algorithms that look more at this factor above the fold. Be prepared for that.

Google also just listed ten of its most recent algorithm changes.

Google Is Listening.

If you think you’ve done everything you need to do to make your site Panda-friendly, and Google is still not giving you the RESPECT you think you deserve, then let them know. The company insists that it is listening. Go to this thread and make your voice heard. Last week, they even said they have an Excel sheet of about 500 sites from this thread (at least, I assume this is the thread they were referring to). There is a person responsible for false positives, they said. You may have a legitimate beef, and Google, at least to some extent, recognizes this.

Are You Expecting Google To Be Perfect?

Google isn’t perfect. They know this. In fact, they make this point themselves all the time It’s why they constantly tweak their algorithm. They’re not launching all of these updates just to mess with webmasters. Google makes over 500 changes to its algorithm over a year’s time. They’re trying to improve the quality of their search results. It’s not in Google’s best interest to return results to users that aren’t helpful. They don’t want to send people to Bing, which is marketing its search engine much more heavily than Google. Whether you think the quality of Google’s results have gotten better or not, this is their goal. Google considers Panda a “positive change across all of its known measurements,” by the way. I’m sure some of you disagree.

What Are Your Competitors Doing Right?

Still, you might see lesser competitors ranking above you in search results, and that can be very frustrating. For some reason, Google is giving them more RESPECT. Do you think it’s going to do you any good to just sit back and complain though? It’s your responsibility to analyze your competition. Look at the page that is ranking above yours. Are there some things about that content or page that they are doing better than you? Richer content? A cleaner design? Google has over 200 signals. Keep this in mind. Look for anything positive about that page, and then look at yours and compare and contrast.

Ultimately, it’s about Google seeking to rank sites on every topic imaginable by a using a combination of at least three big factors to determine relevancy: quality, authority and recency. Sites can rank above you based on how Google is ranking the importance of these three factors at the moment a search is done. If something is in the news, and your site has an up-to-the-minute article on the topic, you might rank above sites with more authority for a while. Your goal as a webmaster should be to become an authority on a specific topic. Get people to link to you. Create author pages, if you are a publisher, and utilize authorship markup.

Is Google Getting It Right?

As mentioned, Google is not perfect, but is it getting it right in most cases? What do you think?

Let’s look at an example of a set of search results for the query “google panda”.

Google Panda search results

Note: This is a search performed while logged out, from Lexington KY (location can sometimes play a role. It’s hard for me to say how much of a role it played in this case, as it’s not a location-specific query).

WebProNews ranks number 5 in this case. Now, the Google Panda update is something that WebProNews has covered rigorously all year long. This is a topic I feel fairly comfortable saying that Google gives us some amount of authority on. But we’re OK with our ranking here. The first result is an informational Wikipedia entry. It makes sense for something like this to appear first for such a broad Panda-related query. It tells you what the term is. Second is an article from SEOmoz – certainly an authority in the search industry. Same with the third result, Search Engine Watch. While we may be competitors with these sites on a query like this, both of those sites are very focused on search. It make sense that they would rank well. While WebProNews certainly covers search a great deal, and we do consider ourselves an authoritative site on this topic, we also have a much broader spectrum of topics we cover.

Number 4 is unrelated, but it comes from code.google.com itself, and is about “pandas – Powerful Python data analysis toolkit”. This result is a little questionable, but on the other hand, it is from Google’s own domain, and it might be tricky for Google’s algorithm to know this isn’t what I was referring to. Keep in mind, this query was performed while logged out. When I perform the same query logged in, I get more actual panda search-related results before that one.

Number 5 is WebProNews (though honestly I’m not sure if this is the most relevant article of ours on the subject to come up for this search), and number 6 is Search Engine Land. While Search Engine Land is more in line with SEOMoz and Search Engine Watch in terms of its focus on search only, you can see that the WebProNews piece that ranks above it is more recent, and that may have played a role in this case.

Are the results for this query the absolute best they could be? I would say no, but they’re not terrible. Again, Google isn’t perfect.

Create a site that has rich content and is easily crawlable by Googlebot, and loads quickly for visitors. That’s a good start.


It’s also frustrating when sites scraping your content are ranking above your own site. The fact is that Google’s algorithm simply can’t always tell which one is the original piece. You might think that the recency factor even favors the scrapers. You can file DMCA complaints and whatnot, but this can be a huge pain, especially if you put out a lot of content, and it’s all getting scraped, and by multiple sites.

Well, you can let Google know as soon as you publish your content, so they know it is posted before the scraped version. This was one thing discussed at PubCon last week. Barry Schwartz’s liveblogged account of Google’s presentation says:

Another trend is sending information to Google, such as for scraper sites ranking above you, what if you can ping google with information so they have it first.

What if you could send a ping to Google to let Google know you’ve published content…

He then shows a picture of the Slide Google used in the presentation, which says:

Worth doing now:

1. Sign up for Webmaster Tools
2. Sign up for email alerts
3. Set up “fat pings” when you publish: pubsubhubbub.appspot.com
4 Subscribe to : Webmaster Blog, Inside Search Blog, Webmaster Video Channel

Google also has a form for reporting scraper pages. On the form page, it says, “Google is testing algorithmic changes for scraper sites (especially blog scrapers). We are asking for examples, and may use data you submit to test and improve our algorithms.”

Do You Deserve Google’s RESPECT?

In some cases Google isn’t giving you RESPECT because you don’t deserve it. Either your site is of poor quality, lacks a following (backlinks, social activity, etc.) or you simply aren’t following the basic Webmaster Guidelines that Google lays out. You can find these here. They’re broken up by Design/content, Technical and Quality.

You may feel like a seal jumping through hoops, but if you want Google’s RESPECT you gotta RESPECT those hoops.

Fulfill Searchers’ Needs.

Another piece of advice to get more Google RESPECT would be to place more focus on the long tail. There are some key words that you’re just not going to rank for. But a lot of search isn’t about that one coveted key phrase. It’s about people looking for help with things, and their queries often stretch far beyond that key phrase. People have gotten better at searching over the years. They are entering longer queries, and are often very specific. This is what has made sites like eHow so successful. The key is to make sure the content is up to par in the quality category. When it’s not, that’s when it becomes a problem.

There is still opportunity to rank in results for queries seeking very specific things. You should be providing relevant content to satisfy these needs. The great thing about content is that if you keep writing content that is relevant to your industry (including newsworthy topics related to your industry), that will help you send Google those recency signals. If you’re writing every day, for example, you’re always going to have something that’s recent. The quality has to be there obviously, but if you can consistently put out quality, relevant content that will also help establish you as an authority. Then suddenly, you’ve got fresh, relevant, authoritative content, and Google is probably looking at you in a much better light, and hopefully ranking you accordingly.


If you want Google’s RESPECT, the most important thing you can do is listen to what they say. Follow news about Google. Pay attention to Webmaster Tools. Listen to Matt Cutts and other Googlers when they talk about how Google search works, whether that means things said at conferences, Matt’s regular webmaster videos (which we often cover here), or things posted to Twitter, Google+, etc. Just pay attention to what Google is saying.

You may think Google has too much power of the Internet, and in some ways maybe they do, but in the end it’s really about the users. It’s the users using Google that give Google its power.

You may wish to decrease your dependence on Google for traffic, and by all means do so. That’s a good thing. However, if you want Google’s RESPECT, you simply have to utilize the information they give you, because Google is going to do what Google wants (within regulatory approval), and its share of the search market isn’t shrinking. Ultimately, you’re not pleasing Google to please Google the company. You’re pleasing Google to get regular people to your site, because a whole lot of regular people use Google, and they use it a lot. And generally speaking, they don’t care about Google/webmaster politics. They just want to find what they’re looking for.

Is RESPECTing Google’s ways enough to improve your search rankings? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Top Image Credit: odinartcollectables.com

Is Google Giving Your Site RESPECT?
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  • http://www.srbijapromet.com Agbaba

    The one important thing is: hard work, and all search engines will award you and respect you.

    • http://www.hub-uk.com David Jenkins

      Where did you get that one from? Hard work isn’t enough, the work has to be good and the Panda algorithm is judging whose work is good and whose isn’t.

      Unfortunately it has judged my work as poor so I will have to go out and get a job. My site started as a hobby so it will have to go back to being a hobby whilst I do some menial task to earn enough to pay the bills.

      What I want to know was why this had to happen when employment prospects are so bad. Talk about getting kicked when you are down!

      • http://www.sfxperformance.com ChrissB

        I think the most frustrating part for me regarding the Google changes this year is that our 14 year old ecommerce site, all white hat, no paid links etc…has been hit very hard.

        I utilize webmaster tools and there are no warnings, our site loads fast according to their tools and our testing, last year we began converting over to style sheets from basic html to clean it up, site architecture has not changed, we added some technical articles at the beginning of the year. Yet for some reason google thinks that amazon affiliates, amazon and made for adsense pages with scraped content should out rank us for automotive parts…. since when did amazon become an authority site for auto parts… seriously?? I can understand Summit and Jegs, but amazon and affiliate sites.

        I’ve consulted with some people and have been told that possibly some of our product pages are thin on content.. I can understand that, but just how much information can you give on a set of lug nuts and such.

        We’ve also been told that maybe we need to move some of the major “good” pages to a sub-domain as a way to separate the good from the “not-so-good” pages.

        Not really sure what to do at this point, but losing over 50% of traffic is pretty tragic. I added our site to their list in their forum, but we continued to lose traffic. I recently did a re-inclusion request in hopes that Google would respond and maybe give me a clue as to what their issue is with the site. That was over a month ago and I’ve gotten no response.

        • BLM

          I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting a response from Google! Before the changes, were your visitors from Google coming in on a wide range of search terms (i.e. product related or product category related) or more general auto part related terms? Looking at your site I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong but I would agree the content is a little thin – do take your point about lug nuts etc! It’s not easy I know. How much control do you have over the page layouts etc? Are you able to tweak the code or is it locked inside an admin system?

          • http://www.sneakyrich.com/ Sneaky Rich

            Google cares little about what happens to peoples personal websites. It will take much more than an automatic algorithm to determine if a site is “quality” or not

  • http://twitter.com/#!/JimWatson9 jimwatson9

    All good points – but loving the top image of ‘Rodney Dangerfield’ game – no respect. Nostalgic blast from the past – Where the hell did you dig that out from ?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Image credit at the bottom of the article.

  • http://www.hub-uk.com David Jenkins

    All good points if they are correct. There are a lot of people voicing opinions about Google and Panda but which are the right ones . . . if any? Google hasn’t given any specifics.

    Only recently so-called experts were saying that sites were getting downgraded because they were showing too many ads above the fold. This advice had to be wrong as evidenced by Google saying “it is testing algorithms that look more at this factor above the fold”. Testing but not using.

    So all the advice given out on the Google forums by the so-called experts who continually post there is obviously misguided.

    The best advice is to go out and get a proper job and forget about your website. If your site has been hit by Panda this is it.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I don’t know if giving up on your site is the best advice. In terms of good info, people would do well to pay attention to what Google actually says. We do our best to point to this stuff in our coverage. The webmaster guidelines and that list of questions referenced in the article would be a good start.

      • http://www.hub-uk.com David Jenkins

        I have spoken to Google employees who told me to my face my site was good and followed their acceptable practices.

        Did they lie to me?

        I will never give up my site (its part of my life after over 11 years) but it will have to become part-time. You have to earn to live.

        • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

          I don’t know who you talked to or what they told you, so who knows….

          but yes, you do have to earn to live.

  • http://www.bizcoachinfo.com Terry Corbell

    Very well put. In my experience, by respecting Google’s continuous attempts to improve the user experience and by working hard, a Web site will be respected.

  • http://www.melmenzies.co.uk/ Mel Menzies

    Have just slipped from a ranking of 4 to 3, and then – horror of horrors – to 2!!! My fault, I have to admit. As an author, with a new novel underway, I haven’t been giving the blog the attention it needs to survive, let alone thrive. A little TLC is required, me thinks.

    Help me out? Pretty please? Whether you are an aspiring author; published writer; reader or book club leader; or are bereaved, divorced, in a stepfamily or interested in personal growth, my aim is to provide you with:
    via An Author’s Look at Life

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      You raise another good point. This stuff takes time and resources.

  • http://www.stephanieswebdesign.net Stephanie

    Great Article! Very informative. I really love reading your articles. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.mcmproductions.com Ken Block

    What parameters would you use to determine “respect”. We are a small company and get about 15 Google organic clicks per day. The conversion rate is sporadic but there are weeks when we can’t handle all of the request.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I would say ranking where you should be ranking.

  • http://www.GiftBasketJewels.com Shirley Bass

    Very helpful, as always. Appreciated, too!

  • http://www.GiftBasketJewels.com Shirley Bass

    As I read the comments below, I’m hoping you will take a look at my website, because I slipped from a 3 to a 2, when I was expecting a 4 on my 4th year of being in business. Panda Update did take its toll on my website. Thank you in advance.

  • http://deanslawdictionary.com Paul Owen

    Google is incompetent at what it does. We know for a fact that if we put adsense on our site its rankings go up dramatically. We also know that they love fake shill sites. Case in point. There are only two real law dictionaries that are sold in the U.S. Neither one of them has ever placed anywhere near the top in any category related to law dictionaries and yet every obsolete fake shill ad sense dictionary site that gives 150 year old legal definitions or has a free web law dictionary of a few words place in the top all the time because they generate ad sense revenue and spend good amounts of money to acquire links to their site.

    Google reminds us of AOL. It is desperate to get out of its core business and into something different. AOL was the darling and #1 for a long time but now it is just about dead despite moving out of its core business to purchasing media assets. Google is on the same path. It is just a matter of time.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Rich Ord

      Very interesting Paul, but is there a better search engine than Google?

  • http://www.jjjinvesting.com Jeff Weber

    Since other companies “compete” against Google Search, why doesn’t somebody else compete with Google page ranking? Is there any other page ranking big boy out there we don’t know about? – heck even the credit stiffs who rate you have three agencies.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Blekko is trying to compete with the human edited search, though I don’t know how far that’s going to go. It’s interesting that Bing is even incorporating some human edited stuff now with its “Editors’ Reviews”

  • Robert

    I’ve spoken to dozens of web developers after Google shutdown our Adsense account only to find that Google is completely bankrupt where any form of customer service is concerned. Serious webmasters using their adsense do not intentionally do anything to jeopardize their adsense accounts or earnings. Yet Google’s gestopo tactics of shutting down accounts and taking whatever earnings you accumulated over what they deem as abuse of their systems rather than assisting us in knowing what was done incorrectly is for lack of a better term completely ignorant!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      I know they keep talking about how they’re trying to be more transparent and communicative with webmasters. Not sure how far this will extend.

  • http://www.episodeseason.com/ Top Searcher

    You make some good points Chris. Although I keep hearing about this Google Panda, I confess I have no idea what it is or what it does. My only concern is to provide quality, useful and relevant content for my readers.

    I think I got Google’s respect so far, but unfortunately, backlinks are as important for ranking well, and my time is limited. As for your site showing up on top for a recent event, here’s a tip for your readers: Press Releases (they will appear on Google News if done right). 😉

  • http://www.4rx-pharmacy.com My1Rx

    I think money talks and everything else walks. JP.

  • http://www.1socialnetworking.com/ SMO Consultant

    Amazing article it is very essential question. Is google giving your site respect? Means value because google is world number one search engine. It is important to make your site google and user friendly to get top rank on SEO targeted keyword, quality content, and powerful backlink helps you raise your site rank.

  • http://www.CaptainCyberzone.com CaptainCyberzone

    I do hope that Google tweaks their “recency” algorithm to take into consideration that there exists much content (as with my site) that contains information that is composed of factual knowledge which is never changing and therefore is never “newly” posted … like the Google algorithm low ranking The Bible because it’s content is not recent or recently updated.

    • moonlight

      Just goes to show you how much BS the ranking system is. The Bible doesn’t need updated. It’s as current now as it was during the days it was written. Funny how those ancient prophesies written thousands of years ago are coming to fruition right now today. Just boggles the mind.

  • http://www.tipsinablog.com Daniel

    Chris, you are ranked #1 for Google Panda Update, and Webpronews has more pages on page one and two.

    Okay, That term only pulls in 1/7th the amount of quality traffic as Google Panda(Exact—LMS).

    I have to admit I have complained about Goggle’s ranking of my site, then I kicked my self in the foot and said to myself ” Stop Blaming Google, your competition or anything else”! “Get off your butt and get back to cleaning up your site, and doing what is required to get a decent Ranking”!

    And Chris, it actually works!

    My site is average compared to most, though in recent times I allowed the ranking to slide(and also lost a number of links).

    Then after getting back to writing, editing, promoting, Some basic SEO Techniques, the ranking has jumped up quite a lot and is continuing to do so(It has a long way to go to catch up on the lost ground).

    Also, a few pages are up near the top in Google search(First and second page) for both average quality and high quality keywords.
    I still have other site issues(Widgets not working properly) that will also cause Ranking issues, and must be sorted out, also.

    Though, If I did not kick myself and snap into action, the site(And those high performing pages) would have soon vanished to the bottom of the rankings.

    Yes, we can sometimes get frustrated with Google’s 500 per year Algorithm changes, though the best way to adjust for them is to keep improving your site.

    Read Chris’s advice, people.

    There are some very simple truths that we can learn from this article of his.

  • http://www.bekinsams.com Jeff Gish

    Thanks for the article. I’m scratching my head constantly with how to improve rank. I have to believe that if I continue to provide content that is valuable to consumers of my services, Google’s algorithms will eventually recognize and give my site RESPECT. I have a little respect from Google in my tiny market, but I getting beat by those who are gaming the algorithms. I have to believe that the gamed content is not as valuable and will eventually be pushed down. All this effort is for nothing if I don’t believe that on a daily basis.

  • http://www.khotsana.com Khotsana

    As I asked before in a previous topic really similar to this one. How is it is possible to survive Panda when we have a classifieds site? Ok, I got all your points and start to applies them to my sites BUT, for my classifieds site it’s to me, Mission Impossible. Does there any trick or things to do? Because a classifieds site at one point can be viewed as a duplicate farm because people always post the same ad form one site to another even they aren’t spammers, they’re just lazy (we all are at some point).
    Any tips, I’m all ears.

  • http://www.rizwanzahid.com Rizwan

    Article is good and use full. I also totally belive on Google webmaster guidline and following the instruction as they have mentioned. but last few months I am also facing issue Search Engine ranking. My site was working good and fine but suddenly get off from Google. I have double checked with the Google guideline but still not back. Please help me if you have any suggestion regarding dress4less dot com to recover back in Google.

  • http://www.iphoneipadandroidapplicationdevelopment.com/ Appsindia

    Very good info.. i like all points

  • Grey

    Its really very important to know whether your links are crawled by google or not?whether your pages are indexed regularly or not?
    You have to consider all this area when you are deal with latest changes of Google.

  • http://eservicesdominator.com/ dave

    Good advice in this article, it really does pay to play by googles rules!

  • http://www.thewebhostadvisor.com Small Business webhost

    Google sometimes acts like Microsoft, but in the end they really want the best for all of their users. I think that as a website designer I need to listen to what they say. Unless I get to be the next Google!

  • http://www.gatfol.com Sally at Gatfol

    Just because Google makes about 500 changes to its algorithms every year, that doesn’t mean that the resulting page returns are getting better. If anything, the relevance of results returned on search input queries are worse than before, especially on long search queries, which means that one can get very frustrated and waste a lot of time not finding the information easily that one searches for, Panda or no Panda. Obviously, I also agree that quality sites with great content should get preference in the top search results and I think Google is very fair in giving the best sites the respect they deserve, but keyword search is still very limited and Google really needs to improve on its core search. I am sure many would agree with me!

    • moonlight

      You are quite 1000% correct, Sally. No matter the number of changes made to their algorithm, the search results suck the big wet one. There is absolutely no relevancy whatsoever and results show crap from 4 years or more ago. Rarely anything recent. I can see why though.

      Google and other so called “experts” tell users that keyword meta tags have no weight in rankings. Well, DUH! How else, besides description and title is a site supposed to be found in a search query? In my work, I make damn sure the title, keywords, description and content are 100% RELEVANT to each other. Works every freaking time. It’s amazing!

      I look at the source codes for top ranking sites and what do I find? Some have no meta tags at all, keyword stuffing, too many characters to be search engine friendly. Nothing but a bunch of code! No freaking WONDER search results are so FKED up.

      On every site I build, the meta tags are properly done, and oh yes, including the keyword meta tags, and are relevant for the search terms the client wants to be found under.

      Well, lo and behold whattayaknow! There are my clients’ sites on the FIRST PAGE for their keywords! Freaking imagine that! Wonder how that happened?

      This is done WITHOUT the link juice that Gargoyle says is soooo important.

      And here’s another shocker. I get brand new domains on the first page within 3-5 days. No link juice, no citations, no search engine submissions, no blah, blah, freaking blah.
      Freaking imagine that! I’ve done it MANY times. But according to Gargoyle and so called “experts” it can’t be done. WRONG! I do it all the time!

      BTW, I haven’t submitted sites to a search engine in I don’t know how long…YEARS! Gues what? My clients appear on Gargoy;e’s first page and WHOOPS! There they are on Bing and Yahoo ALL WITHOUT SEARCH ENGINE SUBMISSIONS!!!

      All of it is done using just plain old pure yet meticulous organic white hat techniques and to-the-bone common sense SEO without spam or the use of any software to accomplish it. Content is king? I say RELEVANCE is king! But you won’t find relevance at Google, however.

      Whatever they’re smoking over at “Google the Gargoyle”, they need to share it with people who can be more responsible with it! Obviously it’s frying their tiny brains. They are really good at making things more complicated than they need to be. Now it’s text/content above the fold BS! They just really don’t know what to do to justify their time. Must be very bored.

      They can show me all the text above the fold that they want. It doesn’t make the site relevant to my search query.

      Further, I think the many algorithm changes are nothing more than a game of checkers to The Great Gargoyle. Smoke a phat one and screw around with the algorithm. Lets see who we can piss off this time.

      • http://www.gatfol.com Sally at Gatfol

        Watch out for the “Gatfol g spot” coming soon….to solve the “search sucks” problem you mention…
        At Gatfol – we believe in finding solutions!

  • http://balkony.blogspot.com balkony

    nice article,,, thanks for inspired…

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/100326307084686532550/posts Christa joe

      You mean, thanks for inspiring?

  • http://www.samd-karticles.gnbo.com.ng Adeyinka Damilola

    hello sir, I don’t know what my site did to Google as they don’t give my site respect at all. cant search for my site and find it on Google. why? and how can i create a well and suitable keywords? thanks for your understand and I’ll patiently await your reply.

  • http://www.medes.net Martyn

    It would be great if google released a tool which showed you the areas of their Algorithms where a site fell short… That may have been a dream…

  • http://www.canadianopportunity.com Jimmy

    I’ve also found it frustrating that several YouTube scraper sites are ranking so well. They look like auto blogs that have about 150 categories covering every keyword within a niche. Each category then has between 20 and 60 entries but everyone of them is just the keyword title and a YouTube video. Pretty much no written content, only been around about six months and are out ranking high content sites that have been around 5 years plus. Would these video sites not be considered duplicate content ?

  • http://www.webprorank.com/ Darshan Modi

    Really good and much effective article and research on search Engine google.

  • yjedjed

    Chris Crum just another Google Suck-Up. How often do you kiss Matt Cutts ass?

  • http://www.bodhost.com Paul Lopez | BODHost Ltd

    Probably Google is trustworthy, but there are many other things on the Internet. So it would be simpler to do something useful for your website without worrying about what Google think … And Google is not the only place from where you get the sales lead.

  • http://bulletfame.wordpress.com samson

    thanks chris for the info very helpful to me

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