Don’t Like Anonymous? Their New Campaign Against Internet Pedophiles Might Change Your Mind

    July 16, 2012
    Zach Walton
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What do you think of when you hear the word Anonymous? Do you see an Internet vigilante group fighting against the largest governments and corporations of the world or just a couple of “script kiddies” taking down Web sites for the “lulz?” Either way, you probably have strong opinions on the matter. That may be why Anonymous launched #OpPedoChat.

For those unfamiliar, #OpPedoChat is Anonymous’ latest campaign against the child pornography rings that litter the Internet. There was a similar campaign last year called #OpDarknet that aimed to take down child pornography rings that were only accessible via TOR links. The main difference between the two is that #OpPedoChat is much larger in scope with Anonymous actively identifying the people involved in the trading and selling of child pornography.

Should Anonymous go after Internet pedophiles? Or should the matter be left to the authorities? Let us know in the comments.

#OpPedoChat was announced over the July 4 weekend and its aims are clear – clean up the Internet. The press release detailing the operation was unique to Anonymous in that it called upon everybody to help them in their quest. They usually just ask fellow anons for assistance in most operations.

Lately, there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat, picture sharing, etc. These sickos openly advocate concepts like “man-boy love” with statements such as “If the boy [in this case only 8 years old] is asking for it, we shouldn’t deny him”. This is not limited to boys, boards for little girls exist as well and operate with impunity. Child pornography is frequently traded and even innocent pictures of random children (at the beach, on a playground, etc) are publicly fantasized about. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

WE Anonymous aim to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the Internet. For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the Internet and systematically destroy any such boards that continue to operate.

YOU are Anonymous as well. YOU can get off your ass and help. Spread the word to fellow Anons, to the press, and encourage them to do the same. Those that can attack are asked to fire their lazors; those that cannot are encouraged to learn. These pedos are very butthurt about being hit too, so there is some LULZ factor in it. SAIL SAFE!

So far, Anonymous has been able to take down various Web sites that were listed in the press release as being involved in the trade of underage pornographic materials. They not only took down the sites, but they were also able to identify numerous people involved in the trade of said materials. The hope is that the police will take the information to make the necessary arrests.

The identification of potential pedophiles has already led to one casualty as Belgian official Hans-Peter Luyckx temporarily resigned from his position after his name appeared on the list published by Anonymous. He refutes the claim, but resigned to distance himself from his party.

Luyckx claims that his Web address was hacked which led to his name appearing on the list. If true, it could lead to some questioning of Anonymous’ methods. Would they intentionally tie politicians to the list of pedophiles to shame them into quitting? It’s not really their style, but some members of Anonymous have stooped to such lows in the past.

Does #OpPedoChat have any political motivations? Will we see more public officials show up on the list? Let us know in the comments.

I ran an informal poll on the general public’s feelings in regards to Anonymous on my Facebook page to get a feel for how people are responding to Anonymous’ actions. The answers provided in my poll were only yes and no, but some people decided to put their own answer – no opinion – that made this far more interesting. A little over half of respondents chose no opinion, while less than 10 percent went with yes or no.

One of the respondents answered no and gave this reason:

I like the specific thing they’re doing (waging war on pedophiles), but that doesn’t change my opinion of them as a whole. It’s sort of like a hypothetical scenario in which we discover that Hitler donated tons of money to help needy families in Egypt, for some inexplicable reason. That’s great, and I’m glad that person did that thing, but that doesn’t mean Hitler wasn’t a terrible person.

The analogy is interesting because it shows that many people still view Anonymous as a loosely-knit organization that performs illegal acts under the guise of vigilanteism. While one could argue that #OpPedoChat is a natural extension of Anonymous’ current operations, many people are probably not going to start instantly liking Anonymous.

#OpPedoChat is a good idea and one that Anonymous should fully embrace. They work best as a sort of vigilante Internet Batman that targets the worst parts of the Internet and society as a whole. They command the most respect when they’re aiding those fighting for independence in the Middle East or shedding light on the actions of dictators.

For every helpful operation, however, there’s a hack or DDoS attack because the group doesn’t agree with what that particular government or country is doing. Sure, Anonymous’ attacks on governments in India, Japan and China are greeted with cheers from some within the Internet community, but most just treat it as an annoyance. Some members realize this. That’s why Anonymous Japan picked up litter in protest of harsh new laws instead of launching DDoS attacks. It might just be a cultural difference, but it speaks volumes to how people respect a group more when they’re not interfering in the daily operation of everyday life.

That’s the beauty of Anonymous though – people can find some form of identity within the group without having to be involved in everything that flies under the Anonymous banner. I’ve seen more people joining in for #OpPedoChat than any other previous operation. If anything, those in Anonymous are doing this to improve the image of the group for themselves. If it changes your mind about them, that’s only a bonus.

Do you like Anonymous more after they launched #OpPedoChat? Or is this all just a ruse to improve their public image? Let us know in the comments.

  • Rick

    People judge based on past behavior or future POSSIBLE behavior. In the ‘here and now’, Anonymous is doing something good. In 10 days they have done more than law enforcement had done in the previous six months. Although at times their methods and operations range from questionable to the absurdly stupid, in THIS MOMENT they are taking a stand and exposing people who openly share one of the worst forms of criminal behavior, the sexual abuse of children. In the moment, I cheer them and wish them luck. I’ll leave ‘what they do next time’ until then.

  • http://covenworldwide.com fromnowhere

    Think? leave things to the authorities? ok.. yeah we tried that

  • http://biselliano.info Biselliano

    These individuals have good intentions in EVERY thing they do. I do not like them any more nor any less. I have always stood with Anonymous like any concerned American SHOULD.

  • http://www.r-evolution-tv.com/ Henri H

    I think it is o.k. what they do but i feel there are much bigger fish to fry! Like the Bilderberg group, new world order and United Nations working together to form a world government as we speak! Wake up people! big brother IS watching you and me!

  • Bad Citizen

    Is there anyone who rather have child pornographer on the lose than having Anonymous preventing it? Sure, every single child molester!

  • Maisie

    It does not change my mind in fact it reveals the evilness of anonymous.

    Pedophile teens are censored and forced to silence every day of their live and this does not help!

    Anonymous are not targeting child porn sites, are targeting perfectly legal sites. Some of those sites (ipce.info) are encyclopedias, others (newgon.com) are wikis, others (boychat) dont even have a PM system and illegal material is forbidden!

    Im baffled at the idea that this could improve anyones image! This is persecuting people based on their sexual orientation and its NOT ok. How would you feel if anonymous begins censoring gay sites, or transexual sites? Do you think that censoring people based on their sexual orientation is OK?


    Your ignorance towards anonymous actual actions is baffling:



  • Maisie

    It does not change my mind in fact it reveals the evilness of anonymous.

    Pedophile teens are censored and forced to silence every day of their live and this does not help!

    Anonymous are not targeting child porn sites, are targeting perfectly legal sites. Some of those sites (ipce.info) are encyclopedias, others (newgon.com) are wikis, others (boychat) dont even have a PM system and illegal material is forbidden!

    Im baffled at the idea that this could improve anyones image! This is persecuting people based on their sexual orientation and its NOT ok. How would you feel if anonymous begins censoring gay sites, or transexual sites? Do you think that censoring people based on their sexual orientation is OK?


    Your ignorance towards Anonymous actual actions is baffling. They are not targeting child porn sites, they are trying to censor legal websites!

    • lustwink

      Many children play’ doctor’ with eachother, doesnt mean they are paedophile..Kids and teens have not developed enough to know their sexuality so trying to get sympathy for them is wrong.If most paedophiles dont look at child porn then they have nothing to fear from Anonymous,have they? You are wrong though, many paedophiles harm children …you are typical of an emotionally blackmailing paedophile…

  • Maisie

    Teenagers who discover they are pedophiles have no voice, no support, nothing whatsoever, and promoting stigma against them is NOT ok! Promoting demonization of pedophiles HURTS people! Demonizing people based on their sexual orientation is EVIL!

    Most pedophiles would never harm a kid, most pedophiles do not look at chil porn, Anonymous is promoting demonization of people who are suffering! Innocent people who have never harmed anyone. No one chooses to be a pedophile and you can be a pedophile and still be a great person.

    This is NOT OK, pedophiles need a voice, not demonization. Censoring illegal sites is one thing, but censoring legal sites that serve as the ONLY voice for those who have no voice, is NOT ok.

    Do you understand how many teens and young people suffer discrimination for their sexual orientation every day? How many pedophile teens are shuned and ostracized by their families, friends? Not because they have harmed a child, but because society promotes the idea that pedophiles are “evil”. That is WRONG! Is despicable!

    A pedophile can be your daughter, your son, your best friend, that kind person who plays football with you. People do not choose their sexual orientation, people dont choose to be a pedophile, and most pedophiles are good people who deserve respect and love, not demonization and censorship. This people choose everyday to do good, to protect children.


    • mira

      Pedophilia is NOT a sexual orientation it is deviant. Every pedophile will ACT on their desires, fantasies and justify raping a child. You attitude promotes hatred for children and their right to be innocent and safe around adults. If a teenager thinks he is a pedophile I would ask if he has been sexually abused as a younger child. He needs support, understanding and help for the effects of the worst trauma a child can endure, that of sexual abuse not support to be a pedophile.

  • Maisie

    Teenagers who discover they are pedophiles have no voice, no support, nothing whatsoever, and promoting stigma against them is NOT ok! Promoting demonization of pedophiles HURTS people! Demonizing people based on their sexual orientation is EVIL!

    Most pedophiles would never harm a kid, most pedophiles do not look at chil porn, Anonymous is promoting demonization of people who are suffering! Innocent people who have never harmed anyone. No one chooses to be a pedophile and you can be a pedophile and still be a great person.

    This is NOT OK, pedophiles need a voice, not demonization. Censoring illegal sites is one thing, but censoring legal sites that serve as the ONLY voice for those who have no voice, is NOT ok.

    Do you understand how many teens and young people suffer discrimination for their sexual orientation every day? How many pedophile teens are shuned and ostracized by their families, friends? Not because they have harmed a child, but because society promotes the idea that pedophiles are “evil”. That is WRONG! Is despicable!

    A pedophile can be your daughter, your son, your best friend, that kind person who plays football with you. People do not choose their sexual orientation, people dont choose to be a pedophile, and most pedophiles are good people who deserve respect and love, not demonization and censorship. This people choose everyday to do good, to protect children.

    • Gordon

      You are so messed up and obviously a pedophile yourself. Go kill yourself and save a child.

    • http://pattykirsche.blogspot.com Patty Kirsche

      Maisie, of course anyone can be a pedophile. But there’s a difference between having a sexual fantasy and making it actually happen.

      Molesting a child is not okay for whatever reason simply because she or he still doesn’t know what it’s about. They probably feel pleasure like with tickle.

      Dressing like a grown up woman for a girl is just kidding. They don’t know what’s truly happening and when they understand, they’ll be hurt forever.

      So, if you’re a pedophile, go get yourself a mental therapy, because you need help.

    • lustwink

      You need help…You are very in denial about many things.

  • Christian

    I liked Anonymous and supported them but that stopped with #OpPedoChat. https://twitter.com/TheAnon0ne is a stupid attention whore who can’t differ between LEGAL pedophile self help boards (which save childrens souls), info pages, gay picture blogs on the one hand and CHILD PORNOGRAPHY on the other. But that’s the kind of mob 2.0 stupidity expected from people hiding behind Guy Fawkes masks. It’s too bad that journalists (you too, Mr. Walton) seem to be too lazy to look into the published files and check the links or they would come to the same conclusion. And sorry, pedophiles didn’t choose their sexual orientation. So what’s so bad about them dreaming about boys and/or girls and looking at legal pics of random children as long as they aren’t abusing real children? Don’t support the hate. It gets better.

  • Anon2

    I will say one last thing:

    Its always easier to mock and sneer. Its oh, so easy, to attack an easy target.

    Cynicism, irony, sarcasm, sneer, outrage, disgust, fear, are ways of protecting yourself so you don’t have to deal with something emotionally. Empathy, honesty, trust and truth are difficult and even undesirable. Instead of giving voice to those who do not have a voice, instead of trying to understand why society and the media confuse pedophiles with child molesters, instead of trying to understand how does a 16 yo who finds out he is a pedophile feel; instead of opening, hearing, thinking and feeling, Anonymous censors, silences and promotes stigmatization of people.

    It is always easier to be a scoffer, a debunker, a skeptic, than to open oneself to unfamiliar insights.

    • lustwink

      The safety of children is paramount….That 16 year old is still a child too, and needs help, not enabling to become a kiddy-fiddler. There is little real difference between a molester or pedophile in real terms…Getting abused in a ‘loving,gentle’way or a violent way both bring their own nightmare….Those who say they ‘love’ children but still are sexually stimulated by them are lying to themselves if they think they truly ‘love’ the child…

  • Anon100

    What many folks here and elsewhere fail to realize is computer hacking is ILLEGAL. It is impossible to promote the actions of Anonymous without promoting illegal activity at the same time. I will fight to protect free speech rights!

    • anon101

      nobody FAILS to recognize that… lots of things are illegeal, but child porn is a lot more serious than jwalking (or hacking)… trying to equate the level of hacking to child porn just because they are both illegal is ridiculous.

      • anon102

        You have the free speech right to voice your opinion Anon100 (however misguided it may be). Just keep in mind that while laws were originally created to protect people, many laws are protecting people while allowing them to break other laws (often against humanity)

        Remember… everything our founding fathers (of the USA) did was considered illegal at the time, while everything the government did in Nazi Germany was considered legal.

        So rather than being disgusted with anonymous for potentially breaking some law (which I agree, they did), perhaps you could better serve your morals by considering what’s right or what’s wrong, regardless of the law.

  • greg294

    Actually, I’d much rather live next door to a pedophile
    than a burglar….I think most of those attracted to kids
    hate kiddy porn producers and molesters as much as anonymous
    says he does. If anonymous wants to protect kids, they’d
    go after child slavers and kp producers. BUT THAT’S HARD,
    and a bit dangerous Anonymous could also promote charities
    like UNICEF and Doctors Without Borders. That would be a
    concrete step towards improving SOME kids’ lives, a bit…..

  • Steve G

    Listen, I’m all for somebody exposing the names of people seeking, trading, providing, and creating child porn, but the methods that Anonymous is using is what I have a problem with. If anonymous would work with law enforcement to expose such evidence, then I’d say, sure let them do it in a legally monitored way to insure the chain of evidence is kept and the conviction sticks. But when people go vigilante, there always will be a question if the evidence was not planted or even any evidence was even collected at all. I could simply create a list of whomever I chose and circulate it saying they all were pedophiles and I wouldn’t have to hack a single computer or network to do that.

    • Biff

      I’m sure your a good person. What you have to understand is that some of the people who work in our legal system are involved in not only the protection but the spread of these peados. Anons work outside the law sometimes….however when you can no longer tell the good guys from the bad you have to make a judgement based on your own moral code; this is how Anonymous works. It’s not perfect but neither is the world we live in.

  • http://www.childpornpictures.gov BUTTCHEEK

    Women,Niggers,Queers are ok these days. Pedo’s = the new witch hunt. What I disagree with strongly is that the witch hunt is focused on information. Images, Videos, Text and even Cartoons. As Jacob Applebaum (Tor) stated on RT. “It’s an attempt to destroy history.”
    Fact is that no matter how offended you are by images/txt/information it can not physically harm you, your family,the economy or the environment.

    • lustwink

      Oh my fuck!!!You are stupid Women,n*****s and ‘queers’ dont harm children…Paedophiles harm children….Who is being harmed in those pictures ???CHILDREN!!!Who grow up damaged and affect others,their families,society and the economy….It doesnt matter how paedos dress it up – sex with children is ALWAYS abuse…They need to be left to develop at their own pace – not fiddled with by adults ….gees you are dumb…

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  • Robin Green

    i think kids need own internet, let them that big daddies protect them. just tired to listen such things, not all peoples is pedo!

  • http://www.freelancewritersouthafrica.info/ peter – freelance writer south africa

    Crime prevention is not just the police’s job – it is a community thing.

    As such, people turning a blind eye to crime is simply helping criminals.

    Although I do not see myself engaging in Anonymous, I respect that they are trying to keep their platform from being abused.

    just my 0.02c


  • http://www.rahulgladwin.com Rahul

    It doesn’t matter; a 100 years from now, pedophiles will be gathering on the streets and fighting for their adult-child rights. Hacking a website while wearing a funky mask and a hooded robe doesn’t do anything.

    • Jessica

      Except expose the currently embroiled scum who prey on small children. In 100 years you think the entire world will turn it’s back on kids and decide it’s OK to fight for your right to molest? Don’t be an idiot, your illogical argument does you no justice.

    • Stephen

      And it’s thoughts like that which perpetuate the almost legalized like behavior of pedophiles on the net.

      You would rather do nothing as opposed to removing a vital link in the sharing chain for these monsters.

      It’s been hundreds of years and you don’t see the Catholics priesthood marching down the streets begging for the right to buttplow altar boys…..

      so your logic is flawed and if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.

    • lustwink

      Im guessing you are comparing paedophiles to homosexuals.OK v e r y s l o w l y…..Homosexuals are ADULTS and can CONSENT(What they do to eachother is their business)
      Paedophiles want sex with KIDS who CANNOT CONSENT and NEVER WILL be able to. Therefore they will never have rights.They need treatment or removing from society as however gently and lovingly they have sex with children, it will ALWAYS BE WRONG.Children have the rights here….Geddit?

  • Stephen

    Whilst I may not exactly agree with their tactics, the overall motivation is just. It’s really sad when you try to to surf the internet looking for stuff like Father and Son birthday and gift cards and all your searches are littered with pedo crap.

    So clean up the net, clean up society, and clean up the corruption in our government that allows people like politicians and other public figures to indulge in the trade and exploitation of minors.

    If you have to take down a whole datacenter to get it done, so be it, nuke a few servers in the process, or publicly post pictures and addresses of the pervs on the net. Have at it….. just remember though, there are the laws of God and the laws of man, be careful and don’t find yourself being judged by either.

  • http://www.meetme.ie Dating Ireland

    At least someone is doing something and telling the truth to the world, what is really happening – think? – It would be good if there would be more organisations like anonymous zeitgaist etc.. until governments block internet access and make world uneducated and perverse what is happening already – it’s all about control, and it’s easy to control uneducated violent and perverse society

  • http://evrn.net/ Howard Crane

    Former Anonymous here…
    If anyone around here remembers anything before 2006 in this age of amnesia, they’d know that Anonymous began by entrapping paedophiles in chat rooms by posing as impressionable young people. It was one of our past times.

    I fully support Anonymous in this move, it’s certainly a redeeming one. I think if they stick to their guns and principals they’ll find that beyond the scope of your average Pedo Joe there is an international ring of paedophilia involving industrialists, politicians, and other elites. If anyone wants any proof of the International paedophile conspiracy they need only look at The Roman Catholic Church.

    • speak truth

      I would hope Anon goes after all the sitting legislators who engage in pedophilia. Its called the “Down Low Club”.

    • Miss Revolution

      you never are not a former Anon, you are always Anonymous, people are Anons and dont even know it. Anonymous is not the boyscouts or girlscouts its not a group, its a way of life.

      Miss Rev~ founder and creator of #OpCashBack

  • http://www.sheboyganspirit.com Spirit

    Is that ‘Maisie’ for real? Yeesh… Has s/he ever seen a perfectly happy, innocent child’s life destroyed by a sick pedophile? Hello.

    Anyway… Go Anonymous! I haven’t much reach, but will share where I can. Thanks for the heads up.

  • kevin

    If you could trust anonymous to be honest and only release provable data then I guess it would be ok. however anon and the likes are not honest and it will not be long before they jsut start publishing lists of names of people they don’t like and calling the pedophiles. so no I don’t agree with their moves.

    Especially in the UK where it been shown that the general public don’t know the difference between pediatricians and pedophiles. I just hope the script kiddies have a dictionary on their desk before they start publishing names.

  • George

    I am against child pornography but this thing has gotten way out of hand. When a dupe head, high on ILLEGAL drugs, shoots his girlfriend in the head and then gets 10 years in jail; but a guy has child pornography on his computer (not making it, not selling it), he gets 50 years. Something is wrong.

    • mira

      That’s simply not true. In fact in following the news, there is barely any consequence for hardly those caught with extensive child porn.
      Real hildren are being sexually raped, sodomized and tortured on those images that you are referring to as benign. Why would anyone get off on looking at children being tortured this way?

  • Rick Waypoint

    Paedophilia is actually being used as a control mechanism. So when it’s found out about politicians…etc being paedophiles it’s actually proof of a control mechanism that uses shame.

    So anonymous is actually doing a very important thing, not just for kids and because it affects them, they’re also doing a very important thing for the world because most of the world’s avoidable problems are actually being caused by these people that have such shame factors on them and are doing things that they should not be doing and not what they should be doing.

    Read more about this here:


  • http://pattykirsche.blogspot.com Patty Kirsche

    I am never disappointed by Anonymous operations. They’re always fighting for justice and freedom of speech. They’re people doing what people should always do: fighting for their beliefs. Go Anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic. I don’t condone the release if government documents but I applaud this gesture and am proud to see citizens of the world taking action for the rest of humanity. One day I hope to serve as an agent of anonymous to help rid the Internet of its filth.

  • Gus

    I’m glad to see that you guys are putting your expertise in the fight against pedophiles. If you claim that you can block them from ever using the internet then that’s what they deserve. I’m with you on this one.

  • vincent belmont

    At the beginning of all of this, years later I never thought things would get this big over a small movement. I’m happy to see the positives are beginning to show… but the surface has just begun to get touched.

  • http://republicaninthearts.blogspot.com Incognito

    Do I condone their #opPedoChat? Yes, as long as they are catchin legit pedophiles and not trying to take down political opponents. and how do we know they aren’t doing that. Does it change my mind about the ‘organization’ as a whole? No.

    • Christian

      Legit pedophiles? Like legit homosexuals? Or legit jews?

      • Dave

        Just what I would expect from an moron Christian, if you cannot express yourself in a intelligent discussion, go and see if you can get yourself on a ‘I can read all by myself’ course at the local college. You never know their might just be some Jewish person you can sit next to and they may help you live with yourself and others on this multiracial world.

  • Dave

    I have worked many years in social work and I have met pedophiles face to face male as well as female and it sickens me that they say its an illness, the psychologists say it is just like any mental illness that includes a compulsion such as kleptomaniacs for example. I have also met people who have been wrongly accused of being a pedophile and it has ruined their lives having to move towns or even countries.
    Now this is my worry that innocent people will get caught up in the witch hunt, I also worry that the ignorant among us will decide to take the law into their own hand and deal out their justice to the wrong people like the group of idiots who attacked a woman in her own home as the fools didn’t know the diffidence between a pediatrician and a pedophile.

    Yes I agree do something about child porn and the people who peddle it, but once evidence has been gathered give it over to the police or cyber crimes unit in the country that the evidence has been gathered. Anonymous I agree in part what they are doing but they are not trained in law like a police officer, they are wanting people in China to be able to surf the net but surely they are like the Chinese government secretly targeting people without evidence of a crime. I don’t condone anyone who deals in any type of porn, especially child porn and they should be punished with the full force of the law, but report to the proper authorities and if there is evidence then let the law deal with it. Innocent until proven guilty, because once a name is posted online it will stick, if we all go around posting names without evidence its open to abuse and will lead to anarchy. So Anonymous are terrorists or freedom fighters?

    • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Cap’n Cyberzone

      For those who claim that pedophilia is a disease I would reply that like cancer you don’t let it fester you eradicate it.

  • http://canlookup.com Rex Mundi

    Should Anonymous go after Internet pedophiles? Or should the matter be left to the authorities? Hell Yeah!

  • Cyberz0

    Whether anyone likes, dislikes, approves or disapproves of Anonomous and their actions makes absolutely no difference to anyone or anything except themselves. It is impossible to ‘join’ Anonymous in the traditional sense, as there is no leadership, no ranking, and no single means of communication. Anonymous is spread over many mediums and languages, with membership being achieved simply by wishing to join. Those who desire to coordinate with Anonomous use Low Orbit Ion Cannon which is a network stress testing application that has been used by Anonymous to accomplish its DDOS attacks. Individual users download the LOIC and voluntarily contribute their computer to a bot net. This bot net is then directed against the target by AnonOps. Joining the bot net and volunteering one’s resources for the use of the group is thus one way of being a “member,” a concept that is otherwise hard to define.

    • Christian

      So people like https://twitter.com/theanon0ne should just be brought to court for harassing people who run perfectly legal boards. Oh wait, the coward doesn’t post his false accusations under his real name, he hides behind a Guy Fawkes mask.

  • KeepCalm

    I like the group Anonymous and the idea of anonymity in general as it allows people to voice their opinions even when faced with censorship or when their opinions aren’t generally agreed with.

    However, the small group of script kiddies involved in these illegal attacks are a disgrace to the Anonymous group itself. The sites that they target are not trading illegal material, they just allow a certain type of speech that isn’t popular with society. This is something that Anonymous should stand up for, not attempt to crush.

  • http://lol.nl 5Kv-NL

    guys, please read the pastebins about this op.
    when you see the links in this pastebin you shall see that there are photo’s of children being abused. So its not just political, do your homework guys, before you comment on something you know shit about.
    We are doing this because everyday these pedofiles post new pictures and video’s about how they abuse children. we have given our databases with info to the police, and they just said : we can;t do anything about this, what you guys are doing is illegal. we gave them home adresses and email where you can read that they are selling dvd’s with childporn and they just ignore it. Maybe because a lot of the pigs are pedo to? Sick world we live in.

    • Steve

      Do your homework too and realize you aren’t just targeting the nasty sites.

      As someone wrote here, many of the sites are 100% legal, including some which are supporting sites. The people that moderate these sites prohibit any discussion of illegal things and they can actually guide and help some folks (teens included) who otherwise could one day commit offences. So this campaign is harmful because the targeting is wrong. Foccus your attack on CP producers, traders, etc, and leave everyone else alone.

      Anyway, I can’t even call you an idiot because due to several reasons (social, religious, etc) you probably don’t even realize that pedophile isn’t the same as child molester. It’s just an orientation. Yes, some pedophiles hurt children but straight (and gay) people also hurt others, including *gasp* children.

      If society doesn’t want to understand this, well…Today we look back on medival witch hunts and recognize what was wrong with it, so maybe some centuries from now people will “get it”.

      • Mark

        Ahhh… it took me a few seconds to figure out what you are trying to say. Pedophilia is just an “orientation”. Ohhh… Well, you know what, everything’s just an orientation nowadays, serial killing will just be an orientation soon. The fact you are “just” thinking about it and not actually doing it doesn’t make me want to let you babysit my kids any more, you know what I mean? You are the ones who should “get it”, treatment, that is, not hang around on sites with others with the same problems, feeding your fantasies, that WILL be acted out sooner or later, don’t kid yourself.

        I think you just persuaded me of the validity of the anon campaign…

        • Steve

          1st, I did not say I was a pedophile. For all you know I can just be an open minded individual who doesn’t see anything wrong with any kind of sexual orientation (and yes, such people are out there, including mental health professionals). An orientation, as you should know if you have one, goes beyond sex, it involves love. And being loved is a kind of gratification bigger than sexual pleasure. So no, despite the fantasies and how much they get fed, most pedophiles will live their entire life without giving in to such urges.

          Now, you’ll probably dismiss this because on your mind a pedophile can’t be compared to a hetero/homosexual, but imagine a 30yo straight/gay person who never had sex. This person, like most of us, has his/her fantasies but that doesn’t mean that this person would rape anyone if gotten the chance. Yes, it can be frustrating to not satisfy your sexual urges, but that’s when one should foccus on the love aspect and that’s what is mostly discussed on those support sites.

          You’ll notice I completely dismissed your comparisson of a pedophile to a serial killer…That was for the sake of not calling a person I don’t know and who never dealt with these issues all kinds of insults. If you or someone close to you who you truly love had been born this way, maybe you would be more understanding. I can’t completely fault you since you’ve been “brainwahsed” by society to think all pedopjiles are evil. Sure, some are bad fellas, but so are hundreds, thousands, even millions of straight people. Peace.

      • Kat

        On the one hand, my experience has led me to believe that because government agencies are not capable of stopping this sort of disgusting and illegal behavior, someone needs to step up and take care of it. The fact that anonymous wears masks does not trouble me at all because law enforcement agencies send people “under cover” all the time. The USA is supposedly by the people and for the people, so what is the problem with any group making an effort where our law enforcement agencies fail miserably?

        On the other hand, I was once a victim of cyber attack. Someone who worked for me decided that I wasn’t giving him enough work, even though I gave him all I could. He came into my house, put child porn on my computer, then called the cops. This person had a record for drugs and domestic violence, and I was trying to help him get on his feet. I have no record, and have always worked hard to make my way. The police believed him enough that they raided my house and totally trashed it. When they couldn’t find anything else except on my computer, they called in the FBI, who was also unsuccessful. It took two years to get my stuff back, and in the meantime, I spent two years in hell trying to save my reputation. When they finally told me I could have my stuff back, I asked them if they were going to prosecute the guy for making a false police report. They said they didn’t have enough evidence, and that I should fee lucky I didn’t go to jail. So I would worry that any group would not be able to distinguish between people who are actively perpetrating child porn, and those who are victims, like me. On the other hand, if anonymous had dealt with my case, it might be that they would have done a better job of finding out the truth…

    • Christian

      The links I clicked were perfectly legal (all of the pedophile self help boards, the info pages, the gay blogs). So most of this operation is bullshit. You don’t seem to have any knowledge about pedophiles so why don’t you spare us of your lies?

    • mira

      You are absolutely right, the authorities are NOT helping children. Outside of a few here and there to justify their paid positions.

      There a countless mothers who believe and fear their
      children are in danger and being used for sexual exploitation to make child porn with. These children have told the authorities, the police and child protection workers do nothing and the child is a deliberately forced by a Judge (high power) into the custody of their indentified perpetrator, if he’s also their father.

      If the mothers had any way of getting the evidence, to a contact address of anonymous, the family members could provide anonymous with exact locations/addresses of the at risk child. The mothers would have enough evidence to charge the perpetrators and even Anonymous would be their heros, since the Police only enforce court orders and do not help protect vulnerable children. These children would be freed from a prison sentence. No mother wants to know the believe this but if it is happening it’s far better they can help their child. of this.

      These children forced into custody of their perpetrator are in more danger than any other child, because they are threatened into silence and have been so betrayed.

      Please google Leadership Council to confirm this current cover up for a network of pedophiles, Family Court. If there is a place mothers can send the info of where they fear their child is being used to produce child porn, then you would be flooded with emails, as there are thousands of children that need rescuing right now in North America, by someone who loves them but has not been allowed to protect them.

    • mira

      Legal doesn’t make it right, it just means we live in an anything goes society, including the recent info about an RCMP posting himself on a S and M website, with a woman bound up and a knife to her neck. The RCMP said he wasn’t doing anything illegal and therefore the attitude extends to he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

      Anyone saying what is being done to children is not considering the horror for the child of having a hard thing rammed in their anus, vagina or mouth… being sexually tortured is not for the child it’s for a selfish, sick, deviant adult. Nambla is an organization pushing to change legislation to be ‘free’ to seduce and rape a 10 year old child and say the child was consenting.

      • Christian

        @Sorry mira, but that’s you transfering your concept of grown up sexuality on pedophiles which doesn’t work for many of those people (including all the healthy ones). It’s about feeling close to a child, caress someone and please him/her and definitely not about raping a mortified child (and yes, there is a distuingishable difference between these actions).

        • lustwink

          Oh.My.god.You dont seem to realise that although children are sexual from a very early age,they should be left for that sexuality to develop by themselves and with children their own age NOT adults.The ‘love ‘ you describe is still sexual even if it isnt violent.Sexually pleasing a child is still abuse.You dont know the damage caused to a child who has sexual activity forced on them that their body responds to – this still is NOT RIGHT.Many paedophiles say’ Oh no ,i wouldnt hurt a child!I just want to love them!’- them dont seem to get that this is still abuse and if you cant understand tht then you are beyond help.

  • erik

    Go Anonymous, i think thats the only way to erase pedophiles from the net, there is noone ellse ho can do this so good as Anonymous.
    doesent mather what anyone says here, they do what they want anyway and noone can stop them, authorities sucks on the net anyway,,,
    Anonymous does what we not can do, and they are fuckin good on it.

    • Christian

      That comment made me laugh. 😀

  • matt

    Yes, because when anonymous, uncountable groups decide to launch campaigns against people, it always works out very well, doesn’t it?

    • RyanE

      Er… uhm… you mean like Stuxnet

      • Jamis

        Stuxnet is:

        #1) Created and proliferated by a joint US and Israeli project specifically aimed at destroying the progress of Iranian nuclear scientists in an effort to keep them from gaining nuclear power & weaponry.

        #2) Stuxnet is only introduced to a machine via a USB port and can not be transmitted electronically.

        You fail.

  • Tjb0607

    I think anonymous is best for the job, they respect our privacy most.

  • http://unpromisedone.blogspot.com Unpromised One

    The authorities had their chance to shut down all these pedophiles. They did bare minimum at most, and absolutely nothing in most cases. If the authorities want to step their game up, that’s great. The more people helping to put these pedophiles in their place, the better. But if they won’t do anything to stop these pedophiles from perving on little kids, someone should, and someone WILL.

  • anon

    as an EX-sex offender. anon has my full support. it is a sick world, i WAS sick. anon need to target sites first….take them down. ie bbs systems. get rid of the source. im ashamed of what i did, I looked thats all, nothing more. Now here’s the thing…..authorities already know who and where, but they do nothing about it! I wish I could do more to stamp out this vile and sick goings on. I’m doing really well now and I never look back, I wouldn’t say that Im cured, but I do have a much healthier mind now and folowing the right path in my life.

  • Robert

    Anon should definitely proceed with it’s campaign against child pornography. Anon has done only good works as I see it. So I support Anon’s Internet advocacies.

  • http://absolutezerounites.blogspot.com/ TruthAboutAZU

    From what I have seen from their public postings, they wrongly targeted some sites that were not pro-pedophile because they listen to a handful of internet morons dictate to them what constitute a “pedo” site.

    • LancAnon

      Dont be fooled by message boards who disguise their disgustingness with false claims of offering counceling to future pedos. They offer a venue for child molesters to exchange photos and info.

      They will be stopped. And they goddam well should have expected this.

  • http://absolutezerounites.blogspot.com/ TruthAboutAZU

    I’d also like to add at the most, they merely caused a temporary annoyance via a DDoS attack, and virtually ALL of their victim sites are likely back up and running already.

  • david

    It’s like the outlaw biker gangs in Australia who fundraise for the local children’s hospital when the drug dealing business is slow. PR that wise people can see through.

    Obviously, child porn on the internet should be stopped – but let’s encourage proper authorities to do that.

    Just as our society would be better off funding the hospitals and scattering members of the biker gangs, we would also be better off cleaning up the internet with appropriate resources and stopping online criminals like anonymous.

    • Name

      You’re clearly not aware that a few months ago the FBI gave up trying to enforce anti-pedo laws online. They said patrolling the dark-net was impossibru. Anon is doing this as much to prove a point about their gross ineptitude as much as anything. They are incapable of monitoring the internet, yet they insist on censoring it. They don’t understand anything beyond the massive MAFIA (music and film industries of america) “campaign contributions”.

      You have a media that’s lying to Americans. A lot. Particularly telling is the fact that the government voted themselves the right to produce propaganda for american audiences. NDAA 2013. You’ll have to google it since literally no media organization in the country said a word about it.

      There ARE no appropriate sources to clean up the internet. The very idea is laughable. It’d be like trying to filter the ocean. And may I remind you, smear campaign non-withstanding, anon has been responsible for the death or injury of exactly no one. Ever. And the only thing they’re calling for is an end to the sale of your governments to multinational corporations.

      Outlaw biker gangs. Pish! While the FBI is busy creating terror suspects to arrest, they’re about the only ones left still giving a crap about the rights of citizens everywhere on earth.

  • ANON

    lulz anonymous ARE INTERNET PEDOS.. Youre all being trolled here.

  • Karen

    Educate yourselves. We have families just like everyone else and we do not condone hurting a child. We want fair laws and to stop the collateral damage that these laws cause. Are our children not allowed to get the same protection? Our loved ones pay thier debt to society so why can’t they move on just like everyone else.

  • Karen

    oh and one other thing you are afraid to show your faces, why is that ?

    • Name

      Eczema. Don’t bring it up. They’re self conscious.

      That or the fact that every government agency on earth is after them for being audacious enough to suggest that citizens should have a role in their governments.

      six of one..

  • Tom Jacoby

    I like Anonymous keeping children safe from pedophiles the same way I might like Anonymous to put out the blaze if there were a fire in my house. Why work with a criminal organization for any reason?
    Nice attempt to bounce back from the PR nightmare of Anonymous leaders being arrested. Anonymous can go to Hell. Either use the social structure that is in place to fix social problems or vote carefully and put a new social structure in place. Work with Anonymous? No thanks.

    • Name

      >implying anonymous is a criminal organization
      >implying anonymous has leaders
      >implying anyone gave a crap about the people you’re referring to.

      If anons are criminals, the FBI’s worse than S.P.E.C.T.E.R.

    • lustwink

      Im sure if the fire dept was corrupt and innefficient and people were being harmed because of it and if they had the equipment and a little training then Im sure they would try to put out your fire if you had one. That not what they do tho….They DO find out who the paedos are who post and use childporn and are proving very good at it. We need people to do this because,TBH, my 11yr old could do a better job at it than the various govt agancies who are supposed to. Are you worried for yourself for some reason?????

  • Kate Lennon

    Anonymous are a bunch of clowns. Launching “campaigns” against pedophiles is merely an attempt on their part to show themselves in a positive light. Who doesn’t want to make life hard for child abusers?
    But the rhetoric they use is sensationalistic and oversimplistic. One gets the distinct impression that the people behind Anonymous are angst-ridden adolescents who spend most of their time reading Batman comics, or watching Spiderman movies. They see everything in childish, black and white terms, with themselves as the good guys protecting society (the good citizens of Gotham) from evildoers. How? Why, by using their hacking superpowers, of course.
    In a nutshell, they’re a bunch of morons.

    • Anon

      And what? What do you think they’re doing then? Are you honestly so ungrateful that when someone puts themselves at risk for you as the people, you have nothing to do but laugh? Seriously. Sensationalist. Wow. Listen, just because you wouldn’t lift a finger to help a fellow human being doesn’t mean that those who do are self-important and ‘a bunch of clowns’.

    • lustwink

      Do you know these people????Well none of them know you so I’m assuming no….So why are you condemning them??Its time that normal people DID do something about the tsunami of child porn on the net(because lets face it, most people dont care really, they say they do but when it comes to doing something, they dont) To most of us it IS b&w…you are a user of child porn or not, and if you are you need outing so at least the world can know who you are and it might make other think about what they are doing….You opinion is highly flawed

  • http://freeandeasymeditation.com Elaine Weir

    They seem to me rational,supportive of sustainable ecology and earth friendly actions. They seem aimed to do good work at some risk to themselves. I would support all I have heard of them. Thanks, Guys.

    • Kate Lennon

      At what risk to themselves? They wear masks, and they are…. um… *anonymous*.
      What they do is target companies which *in their view* are not “environmentally friendly”. And that’s the crux of the matter: they penalize companies without having to justify or take responsibility for their actions. They deprive the people they target of their legal and constitutional rights. They disregard the principle that a person (or a company) is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. They – a group of anonymous vigilantes – take it upon themselves, solely on the basis of their own opinions and political views – to “convict” and punish individuals and companies that have not been charged with any crime, and have had no opportunity to defend themselves. This is just another form of terrorism.

      • Cj

        The very corner stone of a free society is the right to anonymous free speech. If Anonymous restrained themselves to only the use of words, then they would be a great benefit to today’s society.

  • WorldMaster

    Seems like none of you even know what they’re talking about.
    You don’t know what every government is doing to their people. There’s something called New World Order just google it!!! You blind morons. That’s like a law defining our governments as the Hyper Terrorists with exclusive above the law rights.

    Let me explain it in understandable language for you. Have you ever watched The Mask of Zorro? Well the reason for hiding their faces is the same, if they get cought you should start praying because then the NEW WORLD ORDER will have the legal right to kill every live species on this fucked by the govs earth. The people owe so much money to the banks that they’ll die from hunger, but still defend their ugly criminal governments. The new world order creates plans how to reduce our population, our families with bio-weapons and iron fist, making all of you believe there’re terrorists that you should be feared of.
    You guys are morons.

    Go Anonymous the intelligent people are with you. The cyber war has begun! And the quiet inter-government war has begun too!

    Let these corporations and corrupted governments know that this planet belongs to the free people, not to a terrorists in business suits. They can’t fight against the people with masks, because Anonymous are among them, among us and they know it. They know that their end has begun! :)

    • lustwink

      Oh yeah,cos everything you find on Google is true!!!Everything on the internet is true!!Everything in print /in a book is true!!! You fucking idiot – there is no NWO. The world is ruled by the rich , of different races and creeds like it always has been – nothing new about it!! This ‘fight’takes attention away from the real problems we have with the real people of power…Stop smoking too much weed and look at stuff which can be proven….like there are countries who are starving – for very obvious REAL reasons…

  • JoeBlows

    Anonymous doesn’t mean anything, in the same breathe they go after religious groups fascist, while attacking children games with racist attacks…..If you think there is a structure you are mistaken. I personally believe there are good and bad people in “anonymous” but overall they should just shut down 4chan.

  • Firedorn

    Pedophiles walk because a child that’s testifying doesn’t understand the concept of a “sworn testimony”, is too young to comprehend the ramifications of swearing on the bible…that’s justice?

    Wake up! The system doesn’t work.

    If Anonymous can nab some people and make their lives a living hell in the process, good on them. Just sucks that some innocents get hurt, but the “system” leaves a lot of innocents hurt too.

  • charlotte

    Anyone who thinks “the system” can or ever will deal with pedophiles effectively has been living under a bush all their adult lives!

  • http://www.NaturalDogTraining.INFO Paul Anderson

    I caught a pedophile red handed on a Sunday School picnic, and reported him to the bishop of the church; to the Child Welfare; to the police. All covered up for him.

  • http://www.GLoLady.com GLoLady

    What should have been stopped in the Churches long ago was covered up. Now we have an epidemic that needs brought under control. These people who abuse were once abused for the most part. How can we hate criminals who repeats the crime? Understanding and psychological treatment is needed to truly get a grip on this travesty. Get to the heart of the matter to save future pedophiles from repeating what they are taught. Anonymously or not, with what ever means possible!

    • Christian

      “These people who abuse were once abused for the most part.” Although there is a notable higher percentage of pedophiles who were abused as a child your statement is wrong nontheless. And problematic for the victims of real sexual abuse when they unneccessarily fear that they could somehow transform to offenders…

  • http://facebook Katherine

    Child protection is everybody’s business, especially parents, because the authorities can definitely not be trusted to deal with it, because the system is riddled with child abusers. Also judges by their soft sentences or no sentence whatsoever even when found guilty, prove they can not be trusted either. People have to take ownership of protecting all our children because the system stinks, simple as that, JUSTICE SYSTEM IS GRAVELY DISTORTED.

    • Christian

      Paranoid women, gotta love them…

      • lustwink

        Look mate, I am very suspicious of anyone who would be against this….I would rather that someone did something about this ,that leave it to the authorities.It is not difficult to find who is frequently looking at these sites – wheres the problem? If you have been looking at these sites then,yes ,you would be worried….I like looking at grown up females with breasts and pubes myself…

  • http://trainapuppy.co Dori

    Nail them good. Thank you. I wish I was capable and had the skills to help. It’s too bad that you could not figure out a way to hit them with 20,000 volts went they go to one of those sick sites. Thank you again. Keep the Internet free!

  • Johann Wilkerson

    The concept is naturally founded in decency, though having any secret organization, however loosely (dis)organized, be self-appointed police/prosecutors/judge/jury is very dangerous indeed.

    I think the real problem is that there is no chain of evidence, and no proof of integrity. Since everyone in the “good guy” group is anonymous, any of them could actually be “not-so-good guys”, and there is no way to know. Any of their data could be tainted or conjured, and again, no one would know.
    There is most likely very little way to prosecute the alleged offenders on the merits of so-called “evidence” from a group of anonymous unknowns, and there could easily be falsely destroyed lives and families.

  • Sana

    Go after them, Anonymous!

  • http://www.depressionhurtsuk.com HB

    Every child has a right to a childhood free from any form of abuse, verbal, physical, psychological and most definitely free from sexual abuse.

  • Adizzle

    Love it! Love you!

  • Jesse

    I agree wholeheartedly with what they are doing in this.

    • Christian

      So you don’t seem to understand what they are doing – endangering children and grown ups.

  • Esther S

    Thank you, Anonymous.

  • starr

    thank you anonymous, you are coming thru for us when no one else would :)

  • Sada

    Isn’t it funny, that they take down sites that prohibit CP (BC, Annabelleigh)?

    This isn’t an attack for children, it’s an attack against pedophiles, even if they are innocent.

  • Ex-Anon

    Anonymous and LulzSec were compromised months ago when the lead hacker of LulzSec sold out the rest of the hackers and sided with the FBI and CIA. I no longer trust anything done by anyone affiliated with Anonymous and LulzSec.This “OP” sounds like a thinly-veiled attack on internet privacy and freedom. Do NOT support this movement/operation. I was once a part of Anonymous and this not an operation we would engage in or condone.

    • lustwink

      That is exactly something the kind of paedophile hacker who frequents/frequented 4-chan would say….Anonymous has no rules,no doctrine, no leader and is an organic movement….they are going after paedophiles….not everyone else. So unless you are a paedophile or some kind of moron/sociopath who supports paedo-sites then you have nothing to worry about, do you??????……They are not closing everyone down , nor could they. Our governments are the ones who are responsible for the attacks on internet freedom – they dont want anonymous getting the thanks for the job that they are supposed to be doing,believe me!!!!

  • http://www.oldantiquepottery.info Megahertz37

    Tear ’em a new ass ANON so the kids don’t have too feel/live it!

  • Jim

    Take them down, all of them. Your efforts are necessary as our government does not do its job. We have to learn, step in, and take control again. Keep up the good work Anon.

  • liam stiles

    Very Clever This is Anons opportunity to show the lemurs that Anon is NOT a distructive idea that the operations are for the good of man kind against concealed corruption

    This is a great thing for worried parents it appears that law enforcement are too busy chasing the good guys to focus on the bad

    SHOW US WHERE THEY ARE Parents will take it from there Pedo’s should NOT be a part of society, in the physical world nor in the cyber world

    Thanks Anon I have trust and faith in you

    • dennisb

      The Authorities? hahaha you may be surprised to know that there are more lawyers and judges and police officials in the kiddieporn game than you can count on. Ask why most of these paedophiles seem to get light sentences and protection. Is the ‘register’ openly available so you know where they live ( some right next to schools!)They’re even in high government positions, so someone bettter start rooting them out, I say GO Annonymous

  • notanoymous

    Comparison with Anonymous to Hitler invokes Godwin’s law and therefore those arguing against anonymous have lost the whole debate.

  • Mama Char-Lee

    For all the naysayers, let me give you a little perspective. I have been trolling the numerous pedo pages on Facebook to shut them down, and sorry, but NO ONE should ever allow a 4-YEAR-OLD LITTLE GIRLS to be raped, fingered and sodomized for the sadistic pleasure of subhuman pigs. These are the pictures they’re trading, and they’re laughing about it, making abhorrent comments while they right-click-save so they can perpetuate the misery and show it off to the rest of their friends. These kids are permanently destroyed. Anonymous has my full support…they have helped remove some of the most disgusting, vile, inhuman garbage I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. So more power to ’em if they can help target the perps responsible, the ones behind the camera lens, the ones that are touching these kids. Some of them are babies. Babies, people…2 year-olds and younger. It’s fucking horrifying to have to lie awake at night and wonder if these children are even alive today. If the “authorities” aren’t willing to get off thier asses and immediately put an end to this garbage, then maybe it’s time someone else did.

  • RedRedMane

    Anybody STUPID enough to think that he can view child pornography or entice little girls on the internet and GET AWAY with it will find that he was sadly MISTAKEN!!! There are tens of THOUSANDS of people ( the police, the FBI, Homeland Security, etc, are only a very VERY small tip of that iceburg ) who routinely go into the internet to bust pedophiles and child pornography viewers!!! The NSA, InterPol, the FBI, the ICAC ( Internet Crimes Against Children taskforces), and the DHS have all gotten together and produced a new, stealth, cyber-SCANNING technology that has rendered the Dark ( or Deep ) Web completely “defunct!!!” And there are TENS of THOUSANDS of undercover agents, cops, watchdog groups, and cyber vigilantes going out into America’s chat rooms on a DAILY basis!!! The “media” isn’t reporting on the thosands of pedos being arrested every month because if the news DID cover it, 1. It would add an additional HOUR to the nightly news!!! And 2. It would “tip the pedophiles off!!!” Then, they would QUIT before the authorities could DESTROY them!!!!
    Right now, at this very moment, every chat room in America has approximately 200 people inside it. These people are dedicated to hunting down would be pedophiles!!! These people come from countless different groups and agencies!!! At least HALF of the people you’ll encounter in any given chat room are undercover cops and feds. Another QUARTER of them are working for other agencies and vigilante groups!!! Now, if you are a pedophile, and you enter a chat room, your chances of getting caught are nothing short of FANTASTIC!!! I mean, lets face it: Back in the days of old Salem, only a tried and true FOOL would actually PRACTICE witchcraft!!!!
    Me, I know how ” I ” am. And knowing that, I would never even VISIT an online chat room! Kind-of like a ouija board, you have no way AT ALL of knowing who or even “what” it is you’re interacting with!!! Give out your personal information, and God only knows what can happen!!! What’s more, the authorities have cracking encryption codes and passwords down to a SCIENCE!!! Which brings me to the next point: Any type of webcam pic, or live action webcam footage is a “broadcast!!!” You cannot encrypt ar password a “broadcast!” So even if you WERE effectively “ghostified”, as soon as you sent that video or picture of youself, you “stepped out from behind” any protective cloaking you may have had!!!!! Dumb, dumb, DUMB!!! Even if you were wearing a frkn Big Bad Wolf costume, your IP address will be sitting right there in PLAIN SIGHT of anyone that knowsknows how to look for it!!! Yet people don’t REALIZE this! So they keep right on getting BUSTED for sending little girls pictures of their filthy “rat-pieces!!!” I bet at least a thousand fools get busted every single DAY for being STUPID online!!!
    HELL NO internet chat rooms are not “safe places” for one to be a pedophile!!! At what point did you “delude yourself” into thinking that the internet and chat rooms had gone “unnoticed” by the witch-hunters???
    And, no, pedo-witch hunters don’t give a DAMN about the Constitution! As far as society “in general” is concerned, anyone that “has a thing for the little ones” has already “forfeited” his or her constitutional rights! Nancy Grace and Chris Hansen have clearly echoed that opinion many times.
    The two “Crimes Of The Century” are mostly done online. They are 1. Child porn/pedophilia ( pedia – $exuality ), and 2. Piracy/copyright enfringement!!! Child porn/pedophilia is definitely FIRST & FOREMOST. The 3rd on that list is ( yuck ) “beastiality.”
    So sexual deviants beware and be warned: You do or say anything STUPID online, you’re going to GET BUSTED! It may take awhile to get to your “name” on the long list of collected IP addresses, but probably sooner than later, they’ll BUST YOUR ASS! And the cyber-dragnet is “staggering” in it’s scope. You WON’T be abled to dodge the “radar screens” that have been carefully put in place! Don’t DO it, you WILL regret it.

    • RedRedMane