iPhone vs. Android: The Geographic Battle

iPhone in the north, Android in the south and west

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Which platform dominates your state? For me, it’s iOS. But for most of my relatives it would be Android.

Mobile advertising company Jumptap has released their Mobile STAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends) report for July. The report discusses mobile ads and click rates on various devices.

The map of the United States that they provide charts over-indexing in every state. Basically, when ads were clicked, what type of device were the clicks coming from? Most states tended to lean more heavily on either iOS, Android or Blackberry. Only 7 states had a neutral level of clicks per device.

So this graphic doesn’t chart direct sales of mobile devices, but it does chart which phones people are using the click ads. And that gives us a pretty good representation of what type of device is being used most often in each state.

What’s the takeaway? Well, the North, especially the Northeast is dominated by the iPhone. The only southern state that scored one for iOS was Louisiana.

There’s a clear pattern of Android over-indexing in the South and Southwest parts of the country with iOS doing well in the Northeast and Midwest states.

The south and southwest look to be Android country. I’m somewhat surprised that 6 states, on the whole, click more ads on Blackberry devices. All in all, 17 states fall into the Android camp and 17 fall in the iPhone camp (Hawaii, not pictured is #17).

As far as the specific CTR data goes, iOS dominates. The average set by Jumptap is .52%. Apple’s iPhone well exceeds that mark with a .78% CTR. Android and Blackberry fall below the mark at .47% and .36%, respectively.

The uniformity of the iPhone’s browsing and app experiences generates higher advertising interaction. Updates of the Android and Blackberry OS platforms should strive for the same seamless experience.

Although this data is more useful to mobile ad developers, this fun little graphic gives us a pretty good estimation of the popularity of operating systems across America. Are you surprised about which way your state leans? Let us know in the comments.

iPhone vs. Android: The Geographic Battle
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  • http://www.mobiltseo.se danmobile

    Yes I am suprised – do we have similar patterns in Europe?

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/OneFineArt William MATAR

    I use Android from Lebanon

  • http://www.barrywheeler.ca Barry Wheeler – Blogging for Success

    You know it’s iPhone here in my neck of the woods in Canada.

    Android is making inroads according to those who are selling the phones.

    Blackberry is definitely dying away!

  • http://www.celltherapyjobs.com Brad

    I’m a bit surprised by the geographical boundaries. However you can’t look at this data and determine end game hard usage #’s IMO. Some interfaces like blackberry get you to click ads more often. Not to mention the electronic savvy of different people who gravitate to certain phone styles are night and day different. I’m guessing most droid users will search 2-3x to find the right answer before clicking on an ad. That number is no where near the same level on the other OS’s.

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