iPhone 5S Trial Production to Begin in December [RUMOR]

    November 12, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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A new report states that Apple will begin a trial production run of the sucessor to the iPhone 5 in December. The report, published in China’s Commercial Times, says that 50,000 to 100,000 units of the “iPhone 5S” will be manufactured.

The report also claims that the new iPhone, a new iPad version, and the long-rumored Apple HDTV (iTV) will all be released in the first half of 2013. This claim seems extraordinary, especially since the shipping window for new orders of the current iPhone 5 slipped back again this week.

Going by the Commercial Times’ report, Apple is producing the trial run to prepare its manufacturing processes for the inevitably huge demand it expects for the device. Apple is shifting away from using some Samsung components in its devices, and is having to put together a team of disparate manufacturers to make up for it. Apple hasn’t been able to find an alternate supplier for Samsung’s processors, however, and Samsung this week announced a 20% price increase on the components.

If the rumors of an iPhone 5S in the first half on next year are true, it could mean that Apple really is shifting its traditional yearly product refreshes to a new six-month refresh schedule. The demand for the current iPhone shows that a six-month release schedule certainly is possible for Apple, but customers may have a hard time choking up hundreds of dollars twice a year. Especially if the newer devices are only marginal improvements over the old ones. The release of the newest version of the iPad came just six months after the release of the previous version, a fact which upset many Apple customers.

(via BGR)

  • cnicholson

    Nobody buys phones that often. The only people pushing that line are tech journalists. There is plenty of room out there for 1 phone a year, maybe 2. Personally I think this rumor would only have some truth if Apple is doing it for supply reasons. New phone with an easier manufacturing line, possibly spread among manufacturers would reduce the issues they are having with Foxcon.

    First of all, phone contracts in the US are usually 2 years. Sometimes people buy a new phone earlier than that if the carrier will let them start a new contract around the 18th month. Very few people pay the termination fee to buy a new phone before that time. Basically there are several sets of customers, some buying the current phone, some still on the last generation phone who are waiting till the next release.

  • Elvis

    My guess is apple is performing a trial production run at a new factory in South America