iPhone 5 Release Date Rumor: September to October?

    February 20, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Japanese Apple blog Macotakara is reporting that we might have to wait a little longer for the next-gen iPhone than previous rumors have led us to believe.

According to “reliable sources,” Apple will stay on the schedule set in 2011 and release the iPhone 5 sometime in the Fall, between September and October. The iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011 at a special media, so if this new rumor proves accurate, Apple will have put about a year between releases. Macotakara says that this is the preferred cycle that Apple plans to keep for some time.

This directly contradicts the last major iPhone 5 rumor, courtesy of DigiTimes. Their sources said that Apple would not wait a year before launching their new device, announcing it to the world at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference in mind-June. 2011’s WWDC focused primarily on software – iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion, and the iCloud. The report said that Apple would switch it up and make a big hardware announcement in 2012.

MacRumors cites additional sources to back up a fall release, saying they “similarly heard from a representative of a supplier known to provide parts for the iPhone that Apple’s ordering plans are pointing toward a launch of new hardware in the September.”

Even earlier rumors from the end of January had sources from the inside of Apple manufacturing arm Foxconn saying that they were about to begin production on the new phone.

Rumors contradicting rumors. Can’t say I’m surprised. If the iPhone rumor mill is anywhere near as topsy turvy as the months leading up to the iPhone 4S release, we’re in for a wild ride.

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  • Crystal Grayson

    i would love to purchase the iPhone5 but I have Sprint and now I am stuck in a @ year contract.

    • no name

      Sprint NOW has the iphone as well jus letting u know

  • http://msn georgelee

    i have a htc radar nice phone but as an when the iphone5 comes out then i will try it

  • dashaquitra

    this seems like a cool phone but it is REALLY unattractive, my upgrade is in november and if this comes out in time i think i still might get the 4s. it’s a much sleeker look. please keep your phones the same apple, that’s why people buy them.

    • LOLs

      There are no pictures of the iPhone 5 released. Some people believe anything they see on the internet.

      That is an artist rendering of what the phone “could/might” look like.

      I never comment here, but felt inclined based on your poorly thought out comment.

    • LOLs

      And oh yea go look up the definition of Sleek and do some research on why people by apple products….its certainly not because the “keep their phones the same”

      You are either an advanced troll or a stupid individual. No offense.

      • LOL@LOL

        Before you go calling anyone stupid; please know the difference between “by” and “buy” Apple products.
        You are either an advanced troll or a stupid individual. No offense.

  • pistone

    i love apple so much! All i have is apple products!!!!! Hate microsoft with a passion.