iPhone 5 Release Date Is September 21, According To Report

    August 21, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Previous rumors had the iPhone 5 release date pegged for the third or fourth week of September, and a new report appears to confirm, going a step further and marking the date of September 21.

TechCrunch reporter Jordan Crook cites a “trusted Verizon employee” as confirming that the company is having an all-staff vacation blackout from that date through the 30th, and that the 21st – a Friday – is indeed the launch date.

Apple is expected to unveil the device on September 12 (likely without the actual “iPhone 5″ name), as the company has been said to have an event planned for that day. As Crook points out, the timeline would fall in line with last year’s release of the iPhone 4S (though that was in October).

So what does Apple have in store for users? Well, we’ll have to wait and see to be sure, but you can read about the rumors here. Of course, we’ve already been schooled on iOS 6.

As far as the release date, we’ll leave it in the “rumor” file, as nothing official has been revealed yet, but I’d say this one has a pretty good shot at being legit.

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  • Adam

    Verizon Releases there Phones on Thursdays think about it :)

    • J

      It looks like u got sold a piece of sh&@ eh hhahHh I’ve had the 2g the 3g 3GS 4 and 4s and if think there is another phone better u need to get your brain checked

  • Tiffany

    I have an iPhone 4 it’s junk I’ve had it two months , I never get wifi where it’s free … I lose service everywhere just about ….. And sometimes I can’t even make calls out of town? Why is this phone so popular? No clue!

    • T-Man

      The problem there is not the phone, it’s the carrier for that phone in that area.

  • Scott

    Tiffany, the service issue is probably the company you are with and the wifi problem is most likely in your settings. You are the only person that I’ve ever seen have a problem with the iPhone. The iPhone is popular because is works, the others don’t. Everyone I know whom have iPhones love them and plan on getting the 5, those that I know that have the others are also planning on getting the iPhone. You should probably take your phone into the company you are with and ask them what is wrong. I’ve never had problems with my 4 and have not heard of anyone having trouble with them.

  • Paul

    The new iPhone 5 needed to be build the same shape like the iPhone 4 & 4s but a little biger screen,that’s it will be soled sexy build.

  • http://www.alohaaustin.com Austin Movers

    Don’t really like the longer screen. Will like the LTE. Hope there is some authentication solution.