iPhone 5 Rumors – Release Date Back to September?

By: Chris Crum - August 3, 2011

The truth is, this is getting ridiculous. Frankly, it’s getting exhausting to keep up. The iPhone 5 rumors have been flying around for months, which is fine, but the release date stuff is just getting out of hand during this final stretch.

It is September? Is it August? No, it’s September. Wait, maybe it’s October. How about October 1st? That’s close to September, but still in October. No, it’s probably in September. Or is it? …


While popular speculation earlier this week was October, it seems that September is is back as the front runner for iPhone 5 release date months. I hope this is right, because the sooner it comes out, the the sooner we can stop worrying about what month it comes out. Then we can focus on the iPad 3 rumors. Is it coming out in January? Next June? Tomorrow? Never? We’ll find out eventually, but I can’t wait to go through this rigamarole with the next Apple device. Or maybe we should focus on worrying about the iPhone 6.

Anyway, the latest on the iPhone 5 rumor front, as mentioned, is that it’s looking like September again. Digitimes is reporting that “Pegatron Technology has landed orders for 10 million units of iPhone 5 to become the second ODM of the smartphone. Shipments will start in September, according to industry sources.”

Charles Arthur at Guardian also makes the case that the October rumors “don’t fit the way Apple operates – nor the details emerging from carriers”.

“Apple’s iOS5, which will obviously power the next iPhone version, is rolling towards a September release,” he says, adding “my carrier sources tell me that the boxes in which the new iPhone hardware is encased have been transported to carriers for testing. This is an important step in the release cycle for any phone….. Either way, the new iPhones are in the system, which means they now just have to get approval – which will probably only take a few weeks at most – and can then be signed off for manufacturing.”

He also quotes Steve Jobs on a past release, as saying, “Every single week before the holidays counts, and we didn’t want to wait two weeks when every week counts with very high volumes.”

It’s a pretty good point. No dispute there.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster made some projections based on a survey of indicating that the iPhone 5’s release will mean huge market growth for Apple (compared to Android). More on that here.

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  • Guy

    You’re tired of rumors, yet are spewing another?

    Pot, meet kettle.

    • Jacob Weihrauch

      It’s what the readers (yourself included) keep reading. Everyone wants to be the first to find out the new information about the iPhone 5. I’ve always thought it would be September. It makes the most sense. Phasing out the iPod event and making it an exclusive iPhone debut spot makes perfect sense. iPods are old and not selling at the rapid pace they once were.

      • Kitty

        Agreed. Ipods are not popular anymore.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      Yeah, I thought I might get a comment or two along those lines. I have to agree with Jacob here though. It’s want people keep reading. People are clearly interested.

  • Kristian

    Why can’t the phone come out all ready? I have been waiting for the device for months now. I have almost slipped up and bought the current iPhone 4!

    • Kitty

      I know how you feel Kristian but you must patient…
      If the Tsunami never happened in Japan, the iphone 5 would have already been out. Apple has a manufacturing plant in Japan and it got damaged. Plus you wouldnt want Apple to come out with a crappy phone with a bunch of problems… The iphone 4 is a good phone but its best to weight you’re option. Just wait two more months you can do it :) I never had an iphone before.


    I want an iphone 5 badly

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