iPad Wi-Fi Issue? Apple says: “Adjust your screen brightness”

Apple gives possible workarounds for Wi-Fi connectivity problems

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Apple has updated a support document, which details some of the much-publicized Wi-Fi connectivity issues surrounding the iPad. In the document, Apple states “a very small number of iPad users have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity” they even give out a few possible workarounds for anyone having Wi-Fi issues.

iPad Wi-Fi connectivity problems

Have you noticed any Wi-Fi connectivity with your iPad? Let us know.

The workarounds include:

  • Update Wi-Fi router Firmware
  • Use WPA or WPA2 wireless security
  • Adjust your screen brightness
  • Renew your IP address

Yes, you read that correctly… a possible workaround is “adjust your screen brightness”. Why didn’t I think of that? In all seriousness, how does screen brightness affect anything remotely dealing with the iPad’s Wi-Fi? MacRumors forum user, NakedPaulToast, gives the following comical answer

”If you turn the screen to the absolute darkest you won’t be able to see the bars showing poor WiFi reception.”

Some of the issues that Apple is trying to fix with these workarounds include weak signal, general networking issues, SynBay, and forgotten passwords. Apple goes on to say in the document that they will “address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update”.

Have you tried any of Apple’s suggested Wi-Fi workarounds… if so, how did they work? Tell us.

iPad Wi-Fi Issue? Apple says: “Adjust your screen brightness”
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  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Mike

    Wi Fi connectivity can be a real pain with or without an iPad, and this includes products like iMacs and also PCs. It should be really simple to set up wireless networks but it often isn’t. I’ve also found that on Mac OSX the diagnostics tool is really unhelpful. Still when it does work Wi Fi does wonders, I’ll never use another modem cable!

  • Stupidscript

    … stand next to the wifi router to improve signal reception. At least it was honest.

    What’s truly amazing to me is that somewhere in the heart of Cupertino, some engineers were running various tests to try and come up with some workarounds … and one of them tried adjusting the screen brightness and whatever testing algorithm they were using qualified whatever result was given for that ridiculous effort as a valid workaround! What kind of testbed do they run up there, anyway? I’ll bet they could have gotten a bunch more workaround suggestions if they had tried stuff like standing on one leg, whistling ‘Dixie’, thinking beautiful thoughts and other similarly unusual techniques.

  • GuestDavid

    Believe it or not I read that there is a correlation between the loss of wifi signal and the screen brightness. I’ve had my iPad since 4/30 and for the first few days I would lose the wifi connection and would have to reenter the passcode. After a few days I stopped having the problem. Just today though, I had to turn my iPad off and reboot. Now I have started to have signal loss problems. So far today it has happened 4-5 times. When I lose the signal and a box comes up requesting my password, I go to settings and slide the brightness slider up and down a few times and voil

  • Guest

    First week everything worked fine, but then I took my IPAD to a friends house to show it off. Connect to their old internet just fine. Since I returned home I’ve been unable to connect to anything. Everything shows that I’m connected such as network name, signal etc.
    I have tried everything from “renewing”, “forgetting” shutting off (even overnight) etc. I CANNOT CONNECT BACK TO MY HOME WIFI.

  • Guest

    Same problems as the 5/18 poster. To the doubters, this is a frustrating bug, but not a deal breaker bc this bizarre workaround WORKS!

    3.2.1 will fix it and as long as everyone has saves their SHSH files (preserve your opportunity to jailbreak if you choose later, google “jailbreak umbrella” for info) it shouldn’t be a big deal. The longer time Apple takes to resolve the wifi before issuing this update the better. It will also likely disable the “spirit” jailbreak, the only way to jailbreak the iPad and many iPhone 3GSs, because Spirit exploits a security hole in all iPhone OSs.

  • Guest

    Turning the brightness all the way down causes the network to be dropped on auto-lock, and the network is not automatically picked back up when the iPad is unlocked. Turning the brightness back up a hair from it’s lowest setting resolves the issue. It’s so consistent it screams undocumented “feature.”. Leftover code from a power saving mode?

  • Guest

    No matter how stupid it sounds, the brightness thing works…

  • Sam P

    Well what you dumb asses don’t realize is it actually works.. So there… Plus who said they had to run tests to discover it… They did write the code you know… Obviously you know nada about how software is created

  • alohaCqb

    my iPad was logging on at wok without problems, then suddenly the login screen would freeze after entering my password. resetting the iPAD did not help, resetting the network settings did not help, but resetting the keyboard dictionary then the network did the trick! now that was today, let’s see what happens tommorow.

  • Alex

    I bought my wife an iPad for her b-day a couple months ago. Had no problem connecting to my network. However, she was driving me nuts because her iPad would lose connection and I’d have to reset my router in order for her to reconnect. That was the only thing that would work. UNTIL… I read the workaround to the screen brightness up. That fixed the issue. Happy wife makes for a happy life.

  • Guest

    The screen itself may have been causing interference, or sucking power from the transceiver. Yes it’s completely possible, and I doubt apple engineers would suggest something that is ineffective.

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