iPad Owners “Disgruntled” Over iPad 4 Release, Says Survey

    October 25, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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According to a new survey, 45% of current U.S. iPad owners are “disgruntled” with the timing of the new new iPad (iPad 4) Announcement. Coming just seven months after the release of the new iPad (iPad) in March of this year, the new new iPad (iPad 4) features an A6 processor that Apple has stated will far outperform previous iPad generations.

The survey, conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys, polled 2,000 U.S. online consumers about their feelings toward Apple’s recent announcements. From the results, it appears that Apple’s brand may have diminished slightly in the eyes of U.S. consumers over the past year.

More than a quarter of survey respondents (26%) said they “believe Apple’s reputation has been tarnished by the iMaps fiasco.” Apple recently removed Google Maps as the default map app for iOS and replaced it with its own, inaccurate and incomplete, software. 45% of survey respondents also “believe Apple is an inferior company since current CEO Tim Cook took over from Steve Jobs.”

U.S. consumers’ reactions to the iPad Mini weren’t stellar either. Only 14% of survey respondents stated that they will definitely buy an iPad Mini, and 32% said they would “probably” buy one. When consumers were asked which out of the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, and Nexus 7 they would prefer, 46% said the Kindle Fire to only 40% that preferred the iPad Mini. The Nexus 7 was far behind with only 14% of survey respondents stating they would prefer the Google-branded device.

  • Brian Anderson

    You get what you get and you don’t get upset!!!! My God!!! Technology is changing everyday…You bought it and live with it!!!

  • Patrick Gbur

    I think Apple needs to give the ipad 3 owners a free upgrade/trade in!!!

  • Derick

    ….luckily I returned my unopened 64gb Ipad 3 today and they refunded the money back to a apple gift card. I bought it 5months ago, but something inside me kept telling me the ipad 4 speculation will be released and walah it paid off.

  • Jonathan

    This Apple format is getting old. Might as well wait until IPad 8 coming June 2013. Technology doesn’t change that fast, they could have easily waited 3 more months to release it as IPad 3. Now it just seems they are getting greedy. Oh yeah, new iPad huh, so what….it’s staring to get old.

  • Marcus

    Maybe a sell-by-date is in order for all Apple INC products.

  • Patterson

    The iPad mini is overpriced for the market. They messed up there. Sell it for $199 then you compete with Kindle and others. Otherwise, consumers will still opt for the Kindle. (I have an iPhone 5 and a Kindle.) Yes, I want an iPad 4, but I don’t want to part with my money yet. Between my phone, Kindle and laptop I’m covered!

  • Linda Szymanski

    I have yet to buy an iPad… been saving up, but I LOVE my 4GS iphone! That said, everyone one I know has beaten me to the punch on the iPAD, but I think Apple has indeed grown greedy, or at least Clueless as to what sparks people’s desire. And desire, after all, is what lures us to the Apple Store for more, more, more! Absence makes the heart grow fonder….and flooding the market with model after updated model cannot achieve what anticipation can achieve. Relax Apple, take a deep breath and make your next release of the iPhone or iPad TRULY something NEW- not just warmed up, but NEW. That is what Steve Jobs would have done!

  • Falazio

    You have yet to master the art of the “generation skip”. For instance; I have an iphone 4s. “skip” the iphone 5 and await the “iphone 5s”. You are not purchasing the latest and greatest, you are purchasing an invitation to the future of apple. Once you buy one, you are hooked.

    • Patterson

      That’s funny, I thought the opposite, skip the 4GS and wait for the 5! I only wait until I’m eligible for an upgrade anyway, which fell in line with the 5. :) See, the magical $199 number works best!

  • http://Yahoo Neal

    Apple is indeed getting greedy. It should at a minimum offer to upgrade iPad3 owners for a 100 dollars. Making people go through selling the iPad3 to get the iPad4 is putting a bad taste in people’s mouth aside from releasing a new product 7 months after their last release of an item that costs a lot of money. You messed up again apple!!!

  • billo


  • http://www.igeeksblog.com Jignesh

    Irrespective of all the comments, it is interesting to note the real sales numbers of both the iPad Mini and the 4. I keep saying this time and again – and many others say this too – but profit wasn’t the only motive; competition is, too. Apple wants to change the release cycle for the iPads to sync with the holiday season when there are more sales. If it was March like before, the iPad gets very old by Nov-Dec and other gadget makers make a killing at that time. Also, people say iPad Mini is overpriced; true but every Apple product is overpriced.