iPad 3 Resales Jump After New iPad Announcement

    October 26, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Following Tuesday’s announcement of the iPad Mini and new new iPad (iPad 4), it appears that Apple fans are cashing in their current new iPads (iPad 3) in anticipation of purchasing the latest and greatest version.

A Wall Street Journal MarketWatch report shows that tech device resale websites Gazelle and NextWorth reported huge surges in listings in the run-up to Apple’s event. Gazelle stated that it saw a 700% spike in devices put up for sale on Tuesday, with half of those listings coming in the hours leading up to the event. It also stated that the 32GB Wi-Fi model of the iPad 3 is the most traded-in device on its site. NextWorth told MarketWatch that trade-ins for iPads increased 1,000% on Tuesday.

Though it appears many consumers will be upgrading to the new new iPad, that doesn’t mean they are happy about it. Tuesday’s announcement came only seven months after the release of the iPad 3, which upset customers who assumed they would have the best version of the iPad for at least one year. A survey released this week showed that nearly half (45%) of current U.S. iPad owners are “disgruntled” with the timing of the new new iPad announcement.

It’s fairly amazing that Apple now has a large number of people hooked on a yearly upgrade cycle for multiple, very expensive devices. It’s almost unfathomable that the company could make a twice-yearly upgrade cycle work and keep its fans happy.

  • william

    I have an I pad 1 an original if you will and to be honest I do not see why so many rush out and spend the money for the new toy on the block. There is not in my opinion an increase in worth from one to the next, not enough any way to justify spending 400.00 plus dollars for another one in a few months. This a testament to apples advertising and people amazing need to have that new toy with the extra button that does the same things tho other button on the other 2,3,4 models did,lol My two or three year old I pad one is just fine for me, thanks apple.

    • Robert

      @William, You are correct. I bought the gen 1 iPad 16g when it came out. I loved it. Some things happened and I found myself needing to sell it to pay some bills. Once I got healed up I wanted to replace it but by then the iPad 2 was out so I bought A 32g version. My wife got hooked on Sudoku on the iPad 2 so it became hers. Then I bought the gen 3 64g version. I really never saw a huge difference between the 3 of them with the exception of the cameras and ultimately the screen resolution on the gen 3. But, to be honest, if I hadn’t been in the position to have to sell my gen 1 iPad I would probably still have it. I don’t use my gen 3 and say “Wow! This is so much better than the other 2” there just isn’t that much difference between them. Perhaps if I used higher intensity apps I would see a difference but for my everyday uses of consumption, email, videos and such, it does no more than the gen 1.

  • dgs2211

    I don’t understand why everyone has to run out and buy the newest one. I also have a 1st generation, and am just now thinking of trading it in to buy a refurbished ipad 3 from Apple’s website ($379). However, I cannot justify $500 each time a new version comes out. I mean, realy, its amazing people think they need a slightly better ipad. Amazing. All you have to do is wait it out, because a newer version is right around the corner.

    • CALiIGeDDon

      People are just that stupid…

  • jp

    These ppl r idiots!! I love Apple but to buy those just to have the LATEST one? Thats the most childish idea ever!

  • Kimm

    My 3 last longer battwry wise than my husbands 2 and I always have more apps running in the background.
    A lot of ppl got the 2 when the price dropped and if they had a warranty w/the buyer were forced to pony up the difference for the 3 b/c apple wants shipping 2 out to big box stores. The mini is ridiculous tho, they should have made the price point closer to the KindleFire since they are not that much cheaper than a full sized IPad

  • Silas

    Apple sucks!

  • Charlie

    To those of you who purchased the new ipad 3 & can’t upgrade to ipad4. One good thing to look at is the camera and sd card reader connector sells for $29.00. Compare that to the ipad4 the two connectors are sold separately at $29.00 each! So much for the lightning connector! Apples way of throwing a curve ball!

  • http://hydrocephalus.allanach.dk Simon

    I’m not sure about other places in the world, but in Denmark there is usually a jump in amount on iGadgets being “stolen” after an announcement of a new device.

    All these “unlucky” people have some extra cash to buy the newer version.

  • Keith Brokaw

    I am an Android guy but want to see what the I Pad is about. Is the 3 a good place to jump in?