iPad 3 May Spark Huge Wave Of Upgrades

    March 6, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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Apple’s new iPad 3 (iPad HD?) is one of the most anticipated devices of the year. The new tablet, which Apple will be unveiling tomorrow, has generated huge amounts of interest from industry watchers and consumers alike. Now it looks like much of that interest may translate into sales.

According to a recent informal poll conducted by iMore, nearly three quarters – 73% – of iPad 2 owners plan to upgrade their tablets. While some plan to switch to other tablets – a surprising 18% expressed interest in Windows 8 tablets – the vast majority will likely be eyeing the new iPad 3.

The results from iMore’s study corroborate similar results we’ve been seeing from other sources. Two weeks ago we covered a study that showed significant majorities of tablet owners intending to upgrade. Two thirds of iPad 1 owners planned to get an iPad 3, while a further 35% weren’t sure. A smaller majority (56%) of iPad 2 owners in that study planned to switch, while 32% weren’t sure. Interestingly, 53% of respondents who owned a Kindle Fire planned to switch to the iPad 3.

Another study last week showed that nearly a third of all mobile users said they planned to buy an iPad 3. Over half – 54% – of those said the iPad 3 would be their first tablet.

Apple has enjoyed remarkably high demand for their devices for several years. Indeed, the last few have set records of one kind or another. If this survey data is correct, it seems that we can expect much the same for the iPad 3.

What do you think? Are you planning to get an iPad 3? Will it be your first tablet? If not, what are you switching from? Let us know in the comments.

(Image courtesy of GigaOm)

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  • Estelle

    I currently have a Kindle Fire and though I use it once in a while I really would like to purchase an Ipad 3. I’m really looking forwarding to seeing the press conference tomorrow.

  • The consumer

    Was currently interested in buying a iPad or ipad2 buy , But with the release of hopefully the iPad3/ iPad2s/ IPadHD/ IPad3D or whatever it is called. I will just wait and see what is released tomorrow. Would not want to spend 500 bucks on a iPad or 700 on a iPad 2 just to kick myself for not waiting . If the new ipad3 has better graphics and 3/D a HD camera 1.5 gig of RAM and a quadcore processor .then I would be mighty upset for not waiting one day to find out.

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