Intel TV Service Delayed by Cable Companies

    January 2, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Intel‘s new push into the cable TV arena could be delayed significantly, if cable companies have their way. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Intel’s plan to offer cable TV over the internet is on hold until content-licensing agreements can be ironed out with cable companies.

Citing unnamed “people familiar with [Intel’s] plans,” the journal reports that the new cable service might be available by mid or late 2013.

Content negotiations with cable companies are rumored to have been a stumbling block for Apple’s HDTV device as well. In September 2012 it became clear that a fall launch of the Apple TV set would not pan out. Cable companies were rumored to be insisting that Apple devices be rented to consumers through cable companies, and that they have a hand in the development of the software running on the device – a point on which Apple almost certainly won’t budge.

For Intel, the holdup could be the company’s plans to offer TV channel subscriptions a la carte, rather than exclusively in bundles. Cable companies have enjoyed content monopolies for years, shoring up less-viewed channels and niche programming with the package deals. By once again preventing cable TV from catching up to technology, the companies risk losing out to a burgeoning world of content networks and studios popping up online.

  • GoFaster58

    I have thought for many, many years that paying a la carte for what “I” want to watch instead of what the cable companies want me to watch would be the better deal. I don’t watch football (nor baseball & basketball), Oprah, any reality TV and many more. Why can’t I pay for just what I want to watch such as movies, news, auto racing, PBS, History, Discovery and any other shows and channels I want to watch? Instead I have to pay for a whole bunch of crap.

  • Amanda

    I would much prefer to pay a la carte for channels I want to watch. Our household is cutting the cable cord next week and will be watching TV available on antenna. However, if we could purchase the five or so cable channels we like, we would definitely do so (depending on cost, of course). And I love the idea of a virtual DVR: one less component to store, and no more programming shows to record!

  • kirk ellis

    I’d love to see an option to pay for “metered” TV. Channels could vary between 10 cents and 50 cents per hour. That way you wouldn’t have to pick what channels to subscribe to. Everything would be instantly available, and you simply get billed for what you watched during the month. No more paying $12 each month for HBO when there are only 10 hours all month long you actually watch.

    It is just ridiculous for TV to cost $100 a month !