Instagram Drug Sales – Can They Be Stopped?

    November 10, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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If you thought the worst thing you would see on Instagram was a teenage girl making a duck face, think again. Apparently, the site is a way for drug traffickers to market their products. The sellers will post pictures of their drugs to the Instagram website and prospective buyers can contact them through the site if they are interested in buying the the drugs or have questions about them.

Instagram has created special programs that will prevent drugs from being sold on the site. A programs will filter out which Instagram profiles or photos display drugs and will delete the accounts and/or the photos.

A representative for the site says that Instagram was never meant to be a market for anything. Not only are drug sales not permitted on Instagram, no sales are allowed.

“People can’t buy things on Instagram; we are simply a place where people share photos and videos,” she said.

The increase in drug sales on Instagram is likely a result of the closing of the website, Silk Road. Silk Road was shut down a couple months ago and was a website that was used to sell drugs, weapons and many other illegal items. People who sell these types of things online are always looking for a new way to increase their sales.

Instagram, like many social networks cannot prevent all illegal activity on their site. Investigations into the site show that many people use the site to sell various items and also for threats of acts of violence against other members. Instagram hopes that their current filters will help prevent such activities from taking place on the website and will work to develop better filters in the future.

Image from Creative Commons.

  • Oh Yes

    Oh yes. The war on drugs. In a free country, you are not free to put what you want in your own body. In fact, we will send people to the hell of prison and ruin lives because of it. (Well, I take that back. If you are poor, you will go to the hell of prison. Rich people go to country club substance abuse centers.)

    Then again, on the plus side, the CIA makes ton of money off of drugs and prison labor is big business for many states. Your local cop makes tons off them too. Just ask the drug dealers.

    What do the abortion advocates say? My body. My choice. Guess that applies to only selective issues. Yeah, that joint you smoke is a criminal offense because you are harming society. Pulling apart babies – well that is okay.

    America. The land of selective morality.

  • Will

    That is something I will never understand. We literally harm people by sending them to prison. People get killed, robbed, raped and beat up in prison. Mentally, it is hell. Then when you leave it is extremely hard to get a job. We cause so much suffering. Yet, when you look at who is in prison, the vast majority of people don’t have victims or their crimes were greatly exaggerated.

    I have two friends who are in prison. One stole $12,000 worth of copper and he got 15 years. The other went to meet someone from the internet. He literally did not even see a person and was invited five times to meet the fake person. He only went to find out what the truth was. He received 30 years. Both men are harmless. One needed to feed his family and the other just went to find out the truth about who he was talking to because when you talk with someone on the internet, you don’t know the truth until you meet.

    Now, I turn on my TV last week and a politician who embezzled millions won’t see a day of prison time and a cop in New Jersey who had sex with a 13 year old for years just got 2 years probation and a misdemeanor.

    Those that think the justice system works in America are fooling themselves.

  • Hypocrisy

    It is all hypocrisy. Drugs are bad, but alcohol kills more people than drugs and guns combined. The other commenter is right. America is selectively moral about everything.

  • T.P.

    America is so brainwashed that we will ignore all the marijuana based medical breakthroughs coming from countries around the world just because they are derived from pot. I have seen cancer patients and other people benefit from pot with my own eyes. Yet, the closed mindedness of the 50s still persists in America. Pot is evil but a person suffering from cancer is apparently acceptable.

    The funny thing is that I have been to parties and the rich are using more drugs than you can imagine — lawyers, judges, police are all whacked out on drugs. Start independently and randomly testing them and see. You wont like the results.

    You want to find out who is doing the most illegal things. Look squarely at the people who are charged with investigating illegal thing because I assure you they don’t investigate themselves or their buddies.

  • http://millionairemarketingmachine.info/ Carl Allan

    It turns out the onslaught of selfies aren’t the biggest crime on the hugely popular photo-sharing site Instagram. The site has also recently unwittingly become host to a black market for drug trade. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRVSr0FqqpM