Infographic Looks At Direct And Indirect Costs Of Testing Your Site

    April 3, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Monetate has put out an interesting infographic looking at the total cost of website testing. The top challenges, according to Monetate are: deciding what to test, prioritizing testing initiatives, conducting the actual tests, obtaining enough traffic for statistical significance and acting on the test results.

“To accomplish these and other challenges, marketers are turning to website testing tools that promise to deliver higher conversions and a positive return on investment,” the company says. “But how much do they really cost? The cost of paid website testing tools can be higher than just the ‘sticker price.’ And are ‘free’ tools really free?”

“The near century-old financial estimate known as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can help determine direct and indirect costs of a purchase,” the infographic says. “Adopted by Gartner to help measure the true cost of software or hardware investments over time, companies should consider TCO when deciding which website testing tool to use.”

Check out the image for a breakdown of direct and indirect costs.

Total Cost of Website Testing

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    This infographic was a great find and I’m going to pass it around. There is one thing that I felt was missing from this analysis and it had to do with the website platform itself. Some are more cumbersome than others to work with and this should be taken into consideration before getting too deep into testing and implementing a lot of tools or tests. Considering that website redesigns happen so often now, its a good thing to plan fro an implement a set of design musts for each website and a company grows. This will allow online marketers to be more effective in their testing. What are your thoughts?


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    Infographic is an interesting addon