iMessage Not Working For Many Users

    September 17, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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According to reports from multiple outlets, users are currently experiencing some problems with Apple’s iMessage service.

According to The Next Web, iMessages seems to be having problems on devices through multiple carriers. MacRumors reports that their forums are full of people complaining about an outage. The official Apple support forums current has a thread “iMessage not working.”

“Is anyone else having issues with their iMessage? It keeps saying waiting activation and it has been for the past half hour. SMS are sending fine and all my other internet app ect are working as normal. Its so annoying!!! Help please,” says one poster. “Having the same problem! At least I know it’s not just me. Frustrating,” says another.

A quick search of Twitter shows plenty of people upset about the service:

Apple’s iCloud Support page currently says that all services are online

I’ve contacted Apple for comment and will update this article accordingly.

  • Tr3505

    I was having the issue. If users turn off their phone and turn it back on it’ll be back to normal.

    • obg

      the reboot cleared up the problem for me. thanks

  • http://www.indonepaltrips.com Rupesh

    its working in mine.

  • Michelle

    Definitely not working for me atm. Will try resetting the network.

  • Michelle

    Turned SMS off in the messages settings and that fixed it

  • sarah

    I have had the same issue for the past day, but re-booting my phone fixed the problem.

  • ipod probz

    What about for ipod touch 4th gen users? i tried rebooting but it didnt work. is there a different method for the ipod?

  • SWhitaker

    Make sure that imessage is turned on. Mine got turned off when I did the update to 6.0

  • Robert

    Hey all

    Switch off iMessage on iphone 4s, went out of setting, switched iMessage back on and more settings appeared and iMessage is now working.

  • doina

    nothink work for me…i have this problem for 2 mounths…i try everything i find on internet..but stil no imessages or face time calls

  • Ale

    Same problem here! Very frustrating and apple is not doing anything to dix this! My iMessages work when they feel like it! Very mad with this issue! I have tried EVERYTHING !

    • bec

      SO frustrating! imessage on my Ipod gen 4! only works when it feels like it! i wish apple would fix it because it has only started since the IOS 6 update. Do something about it!

  • Bas

    After iOS 6 upgrade (iPad 3), iMessage and FaceTime worked great for a few days. Now I can’t get it to work any more :-(
    Tried many differand things, even removed all my accounts but still no luck. Frustrating ……

  • Rey
  • gcastro

    Rebooting, turning on and off, changing signon, using mobile or email = none of it works. One person can text me via imessage. I can’t imessage out or receive from anyone else. Comes through as regular text. iPhone 5 never worked out of box with imessage.

  • Lorrie

    I have the itouch 4th gen. My iMessage only works at night time. It’s very odd!!!

  • cat123

    very fustrating !!!!! very pissed wont send the message,, been like this for the past week !! why won’t apple is this ?!?!? );

    • Sylvie

      Found this on the following website:

      Several people have reported an issue in which iMessage service is not working properly on iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad. For instance, iMessage doesn’t send or receive messages.

      How to resolve this problem:

      Turn off and on (restart) your iOS device (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, then slide the slider.)

      If restarting doesn’t fix it:

      It has been reported that changing your DNS settings fixes this issue. To change DNS servers, follow these instructions for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad):

      Tap Settings
      Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
      Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network
      Tap the “DNS” field and enter the DNS servers; (Google’s Public DNS). For more information about Google’s public DNS, please see this: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/