iGoogle Is About To Shut Down. Will You Miss It?

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iGoogle Is About To Shut Down. Will You Miss It?
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Back in 2005, Google launched iGoogle, a personalized homepage for people who wanted an alternative to the simple Google homepage. It enabled users to add all kinds of “gadgets” to make their homepages more useful. You could add productivity widgets, play games, see news headlines, etc. right from the homepage. A lot of people loved it.

Are you an iGoogle user? What do you intend to use instead? Let us know in the comments.

As time went on, however, the need for a homepage at all dwindled, mainly as browsers got better. Of course some people still prefer to have a true homepage, and there are plenty of people out there who would like to see iGoogle stick around. Not enough people to convince Google, however.

Google announced in July of 2012 that it would shut down iGoogle as part of one of its “spring cleaning” product sweeps (granted, this particular “cleaning” came in the summer). Google revealed that it would shut down iGoogle on November 1, 2013, which is now just around the corner. The mobile version shut down last year.

“We originally launched iGoogle in 2005 before anyone could fully imagine the ways that today’s web and mobile apps would put personalized, real-time information at your fingertips,” Google’s Matt Eichne wrote at the time. “With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has eroded over time, so we’ll be winding it down. Users will have 16 months to adjust or export their data.”

iGoogle users are now being greeted with a message that it will be shutting down in 30 days.

When Google first announced that it would kill iGoogle, users created petitions to try and save it. As Google Readers know, these things typically don’t work.

Well aware of the pending demise of iGoogle, Yahoo announced a new version of its similar product My Yahoo last month, complete with an iGoogle import feature.

A few alternatives to iGoogle include:

Google thinks you should just use the Chrome Web Store and personalize your browser.

You can export your iGoogle settings (including country, language, theme, layout and gadgets installed) to an XML file by going to the gear icon, then clicking iGoogle settings. Click Export next to “Export iGoogle settings to your computer.”

“Some gadgets, such as the to-do list, allow you to download your data to a file. To download from your to-do list, click the Download all option under the My List drop-down menu next to the title of your list,” says Google on a help page. “Most iGoogle gadgets are created and maintained by third-party developers. If you’d like to export your data, you should contact the gadget creator directly.”

[via Search Engine Roundtable]

Are you sad to see iGoogle go away or do you think it’s time to move on? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Image: Google

iGoogle Is About To Shut Down. Will You Miss It?
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  • Randy

    I liked having I-Google as my homepage, now that it’s gone, my only thought is to turn myyahoo.com back into my homepage.

    • Ryan

      This is exactly what I’ve done. With about a week left before iGoogle expires, I’ve just set up MyYahoo with the same gadgets/widgets (whatever they called them). I was also able to display three columns like I had in iG, so MyYahoo is almost identical to it now (the column setting is under Themes).

      • Scott

        my.msn.com is very much the same as Yahoo’s offering or iGoogle. I suggest going to that if you have a Microsoft account – Yahoo’s design is more cluttered.

        Really dumb move for iGoogle to shut down. What did that cost Google? A couple salaries annually?

    • Robert

      I tried My Yahoo, but I just don’t like the format. They use this big font, and it’s just too “bubbly” for me. I liked the clean look of iGoogle. Also,with My Yahoo you can’t put a Google search bar on the page. I think I am going with Protopage (www.protopage.com). It’s simple, clean, and – oh yeah – doesn’t have a big honking ad in the upper right of the screen.

  • Saint Saintly

    Google’s search has become mediocre, it’s maps often inaccurate. The company is now a gadget, ad, and personal data reseller. So, no surprise that igoogle, being customer friendly and useful, had to go.

  • Sue

    Well iGoogle wiped all my stuff off WEEKS ago before I had time to save it – so I am NOT impressed.

  • leddevet

    iGoogle was a perfect and simple way to reach mail, calendar, docs and notes. Stupid decision and another wrong Google step getting more and more lost in collecting everything about everybody.

    Every move you make Google save! That means it’s time to go.

  • Laird D. Shively

    so now what are we supposed to do about our EMail accounts? Please explain!

    • A. C. Nanda

      If you close IGoogle, what will happen to my gmail account ? Whether Gmail will work or stop sending or receieving the E-mails? Please inform.

      • MIKE W.


        • MadsRH

          Nothing – Gmail is a totally separate service ;)

          • John

            Yeah, but with igoogle I could see if I had mail at my home page. google.com won’t tell you if gmail has unread stuff in it.

      • Danny B

        I don’t think GMail is going anywhere anytime soon. Google makes a lot of money with it and it’s more popular than iGoogle.

  • lou


  • eee

    this is OCT. 2 … NOT Nov. 1!!!! ….. Really, Google …. Just wipe everything out … that’s how you keep customers?? …..

  • garcia

    Okay have till November so why block me now? That sucks.

  • irene gill

    You have changed much but it is far from the great service we had previously—for instance your spell ck is awful.. your new compose is at best mediocore—you no longer side with the users —you have turned into something very different—It seems as if you now prefer Google to be used for business—you have lost that nice touch w/the average customer—I liked my IGOOGLE PAGE—perhaps I am about to jump ship for myyahoo.com

  • Lynne

    I wonder if ebay bought them out? That would account for bad customer service.

  • Melinda Craft

    Extremely disappointed that my iGoogle is being taken away. What is the point of taking away something that people use and like? Yahoo, here I come.

    • Peter

      One of the best alternatives (read as upgrade) is www.startific.com

      It has an amazing interface that you don’t see every day, it’s fun to work with, you can drag and drop almost every object on your page, customize almost every aspect of your page and even create your own widgets.

      Unlike the igoogle and other products, it’s fun and it looks like a real web 2.0 website, not like an old and boring ’99 website. I still don’t get how people can use ripoff imitations like igoogle, when igoogle was not that amazing in the first place. Yahoo is way too old, it remained the same for years and years

  • MJ

    Very disappointed that IGoogle is no more. Love a customized homepage on my laptop with all my favorites at a glance. Came to Gmail from Yahoo and really dont want to return…hmmmm.

  • John Sti

    I feel like most of the other people who posted comments.
    I had my MSN page for years before coming over to Google.
    I set up my IGOOGLE page to have easy access to all the things I like. I can’t understand why Google does not want to support this any longer. I guess I’ll go back to MSN and Bing. At least there I can set up a news page to my likeing

  • Jimbo

    It’s been my “ritual” for years to wake up in the morning, get a cup of coffee, and read the numerous news/entertainment/weather feeds I get from around the world. All nicely and neatly arranged for my convenience. Now it will be gone. I’m checking out Yahoo as a replacement, but it doesn’t look like anything will match what I came to enjoy so much every morning. As others have said, “why?”. Does it cost Google to allow an iGoogle page?? What is the real meaning of this deletion, and why does Google not listen to its users??

  • TL

    I use it every day on my work and home machines. It does nothing fancy for me, just on-screen bookmarks, some RSS feeds and some market feeds!

    I tried the myYahoo option yesterday but it is clunky and the two key things for me, bookmarks and market feeds, won’t migrate via the import tool – so that would be about 100 manual entries to fix. Oh, and for some reason they have a fixed Weather/Flickr advert top right even though I have the Weather option turned on so that is wasting a chunk of valueable screen space and makes it ugly too.

    I am intrigued to know how many unique users Google has on the iGoogle platform in the month the close it down and what it costs to maintain it – not develop, just maintain! It is one of the few things I would actually pay for if that had been an option.

  • https://www.searchen.com/ John Colascione

    I never liked it for some reason and have been avoiding using it for years. I did take some time and set it up, but never found myself wanting to use it for whatever reason so I sure will not be missing it.

  • Ruth

    I will miss igoogle very much. I guess it’s back to boring unless I choose another search engine…

  • http://pikeaero.com Mike

    Now that it has become undeniably crystal clear that Google works hand in hand with the NSA warrantless snooping apparatus, I really don’t care what Google does or what happens to Google. I don’t use it, I don’t recommend it, I don’t care about it. DDG works just fine for all my searching needs.

  • glover

    all news about google in one way, something bad again. They have made his search engine crappy, draconian for webmasters, constantly shutdown services. It easy to tell what google not going up, but to deep abyss.

  • http://4newideas.com Dave

    Really like iGoogle and will miss it a lot. Not sure where I will go from here. May end up building my own on one of my own websites.

  • Jennifer

    I have used Netvibes for my home page for the last 5 or 6 years. I love it. I tried iGoogle way back when, but didn’t like it nearly as well as Netvibes.

    • Paul

      Thanks for that. I looked at tahoo and msn but they are both far too loud and full of stuff I don’t want. I’ve been using one dashboard or another ever since the Atari ST to keep a few useful tools and news feeds in one place and Netvibes looks like the next one. It even has a ‘google refugee’ template which creates a nice start point very similar in layout to igoogle. Hopefully it will live up to early promise.

  • http://www.themotorcyclepages.co.uk Gary Burton

    Haven’t used google for years, DuckDuckGo is my search engine of choice.

  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

    Google’s been announcing for six months or more the shutdown of igoogle. It’s a bit irritating to me but nothing that bad. I just have to create or find a new home page. Since gmail, google+ and my own bookmarks show on the google home page I guess that’s what I’ll use.

  • http://ri-website-designers.com Mike A

    I liked it. But it hasn’t been available to me for a couple of weeks.
    Just as well I suppose. I don’t want them to be cataloging what news articles I click on, what sources I use for my news, etc., anyway.
    A friend of mine said that Google wants you to use your Google+ profile for everything now so that they can consolidate their information about users. No thanks.

  • frank burns

    I’ll just move on by using G+ as a homepage. Not loading in javascripts as with iGoogle, keeps Google central to its new social platform and that must be a good move for everyone.


    Why for money?? again, it is a shame as it was so easy to use.
    Another nail in the coffin.

  • http://earlmoorejr.com Earl

    I really enjoyed iGoogle, but when they sent out the notice they were doing away with it I moved to MyMSN. I have found that I actually like MyMSN better, and even use bing for searching now too.

  • frank burns

    Try Weebly.com or Squidoo using #PLAXO!

  • G. Vonderheide

    I will be switching to MY Yahoo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ntuhhint Hung-Bin Tsai

    For me, iGoogle is like a dashboard to collect useful personal information. Bill Gates created the term “digital dashboard” and google make it come true.
    After igoogle shutdown, I may try to use “http://tw.yahoo.com/” and still try hard to find the most intuitive tool as my favorite cloud dashboard.

  • hazmaq

    Yes I will miss it terribly!
    I’m not a computer potato. Had the top news headlines from around the world, including those from several Science and Nature publications. .
    It saved me hours of butt time. ;(

  • john

    Yes, I will miss iGoogle. I have already tried Netvibes and Protopage and they work well enough.I already have a browser home page that I designed and frankly don’t trust Google enough to try Chrome.

  • Cody8

    I’ll certainly miss IGoogle. I always enjoyed using it. Most of my stuff I simply saved to a favorites folder that I called …..IGoogle!
    Other stuff I had on IGoogle (Calendar, currency convertor)I mainly access from my Android phone anyway. Will be a shame to see it go though.

  • tom

    figures you people will do what you do anyhow I use to use your gadgets and other services but google stopped supporting them also so I will stop supporting google any way shape or form,, you people are done in my book.
    I will find somebody that works instead of your too big to give a crap about anyone just as the big corporations. you people will change too much some day and crash I will be laughing on some other service reading about your demise ………

  • Wes

    No, I won’t miss it at all. I never could make good use of it.

  • Antique Man

    What was the point of removing it? Google need to understand that changes just give users the opportunity to go elsewhere. Another annoyance is that I no longer have the black bar menu over my Gmail or Drive pages – this gave direct access to News, Images, Maps, Play etc etc…why deny me fast entrance to google services. Daft and arrogant.

  • Greg

    Nope – total waste of time with all the choices out there and the rate of change. Gadgets typically waste computing power and suck if you are on the road. I spend more time trying to get rid of things versus adding more options. Maybe it would be better if people looked out side once in a while versus having real time temp gauges on their desktop for 12mths a year and if you are in a place like LA do you really need to know the temp? If you are like me and have to run at least 3 browsers to use all the apps and web sites I need to then you will appreciate turning off as much as possible – especially annoying stuff that does not really work very well anyway and follows the BS QA advice from Google about software development – one more con that gets consumers to accept bad quality as the norm. ooops off topic I guess.

    • Anthony

      Every once in a while I come upon a post that I just can’t restrain myself to post about.

      Can you be more of an idiot? I’m completely baffled.

      Rate of change? You obviously have not used iGoogle. Most plugins have been stable over multiple years

      If you think gadgets take much computing power you need to take some basic web development classes. Real time temp gauges? You are talking windows gadgets not iGoogle.

      Almost comical statement about “outside” when you state you are accessing internet content constantly. (another idiot comment)

      BS QA advice? Really? It’s beyond comical that you state “bad quality” with a beyond terrible post like this. I envision you with an Angelfire website with a moving sparkly background and about a dozen animated gifs.

      Please also learn how to not type a massive wall of text that is unreadable.

      This is seriously one of the most terribly written pieces of dribble that I have read recently. Do yourself a favor and have some of this “outside” you speak of.

    • Amanda

      Greg, what are you talking about? My iGoogle homepage is lovely, has all the info I want at a glance, connects me to the internet or my email, and I love the gadgets.
      I don’t understand why you would run three browsers, rather than have one page with links to your favorite things.
      As an aside to others, I tried google+ thinking it might be an alternative homepage when igoogle goes away. It is not.
      There is no customization, the streams cannot be changed. Several of the info boxes on the page were streaming commercials and ads.
      Within ten minutes, I was contacted by a random bot from “hangouts” who wanted to know if i wanted to date a mlf in my area.
      Why would Google want their customers to go to other websites? It seems crazy.

  • http://www.humansvillemo.com Tommy Brown

    I have had gmail since it’s conception and I am just now hearing about IGoogle. That is hilarious. I guess I won’t be missing it either. ROFLMAO.

  • http://www.bangaloreseocompany.in/ Jacksmith

    That’s sad.. I had been using it my old Asus Notebook for mostly 2 years as a home page. Had a habit of opening any site with its reference.

  • Joe Lawrence

    I have not understood why Google is shutting down. I do have Google but have had Yahoo much longer. My wife’s Google was hacked by a group in Japan using her email for collecting donations. She now has Yahoo.

  • Blogeezer

    I will miss it. Set it up as soon as it became available. It was the one thing which got me involved in all of Google’s various programs. I will now switch to something else which means Google will no longer be front and center on my mind whenever I turn on my computer. I think that’s a big mistake on their part. If it is not working as they had initially planned then, it can only be because they had not properly promoted igoogle’s benefits. Seems like Google is trimming the fat and disposing of anything that is not making money. Whether or not it may help users is unimportant to them. If it’s not bringing in $$$s, kill it!

  • http://www.justtoner.net Keith

    Hell yea!

  • William

    I was going to use Yahoo!, but they pretty much got rid of that feature as well.

  • Bee

    Short sighted decision by google. Probably didn’t cost them much if anything to maintain and was super useful to people.

  • Carol Elkins

    Yes I will miss iGoogle. I’ve used it since it launched. When Google announced its intended demise, I explored other options and have set up both IGHome and NetVibes to replace iGoogle. Both services seem to be able to replicate just about everything I had on iGoogle, but I just don’t like the interface on either as well as my iGoogle interface. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.

    • Adele & Rob

      We are seniors & I have been using igoogle for a long time. Finally got my husband to learn how it works! We will have to get someone who is literate in downloading all our wonderful photos from 2005>to 2013 of camping with our 16 grandchildren! Now we’re afraid that those photos will be lost. We bought a 32gb flash drive to make sure we don’t loose photos…but unclear how we can be sure theu are saved. I think we will go to another site that hopefully will be friendly to everyone. I tried loading Chrome but non of our familiar sites came up.

      • Barbara

        Hi, were you able to find someone to help you?

  • http://www.addisonmarketing.com Frances

    Thanks to all for the alternatives to iGoogle.


    I was a big iGoogle fan – my morning start page where I could see all the things I wanted to see.

    Now I have a list of alternatives from all of you that I will check out. I hope this will be a positive change!

    If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
    Wayne Dyer

  • Lovely_Infidel

    I like my iGoogle. It has everything I need/want at a glance. The subs don’t quite measure up.
    That being said, now that Google has become an arm of the NSA, it will be much easier to quit using Google products when my iGoogle goes.

  • Ron

    I will miss it because it’s a quick, convenient way to see my stuff on one page. But everything happens for a reason and I have no doubt I’ll find or create something even better and more convenient. As for Google, they could care less about this backlash. Their decisions are strictly driven by money. In this case, it’s kinda dumb when you think about all the igoogle subscribers who will now consider alternatives. This is what happens when “the mighty” begin taking their own self-importance to heart. By doing that they create new gateways for newer more consumer-friendly companies and thereby diminish their own image.

  • http://google Trina

    Just as I was beginning to utilize the iGoogle page on a daily basis to stay informed, send emails quickly, etc., I received a message stating something crazy like it was no longer going to be a part of the Google family! What is that all about? I forgot and opened Google the next day went to my personal page and DUH! Nothing! The article stated it would shut down Nov. 1st, it shut down much earlier than it states. I was sad to see it go and now I’m upset because it was easy for me to locate my personal page and now I have to take extra time to search and research the websites I need to do my work. Talk about making a persons’ day extra! If Google is going to disregard the needs of the people who keep it alive then they need to make alternative ways to keep them!

  • http://ssaonline.org Lisa

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going to miss my iGoogle page. What alternatives do I have???

    • jim

      well, they said they’d take it down and now they have. And left me with some kid friendly search engine for middle schoolers instead of a professional looking, feeling and acting iGoogle. What idiots! Why should i have to open an app when i had my calendar, schedule, weather, radar and news right in front of me. I haven’t found another search engine that replicates what iGoogle could do. Just a shame that Google has so many childish employees working there – and bosses that listen to them. Please post any other choice that you find that compared to what we had with iGoogle.

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