Dejected iGoogle Users Create Petitions to Save the Doomed Product

    July 5, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Since Google announced that it’s going to be closing down its personalized homepage product, iGoogle, not everybody has been welcoming of that news. In fact, some are downright angry and upset. Since Google slipped the announcement through Tuesday afternoon, Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz points out that the Google Search Forum section for iGoogle Personal Homepage topics has been inundated with posts protesting Google’s decision to end iGoogle. The original announcement from Googler Conrad alone has 1025 posts and 6040 views. In all, it looks like there have been around 300 posts created about iGoogle’s demise.

As it goes, people apparently really liked having a control panel for all of the Google products they use. Who knew? Here’s what some of them are saying:

  • I am flabbergasted by Google’s decision to drop iGoogle I have used it daily as my homepage since it’s initial launch and have no clue what I might use as a similar alternative.
  • Conrad, please do NOT kill iGoogle. I use it as my browser home page for my office desktop, home laptop, GNex and Android tablet. It perfectly aggregates my feeds and information from my favorite sites – and it how I learned about iGoogle being killed off.
  • I am switching to Netvibes and washing my hands with Google. Time after time they cancel or change services I use and I’m tired of it.
  • What was the point of “supporting iGoogle over the years”, when the “support” of tens of millions of users simply ends up with the plug being pulled?
  • Nice, get rid of the ONE thing I use daily… Good thinking, Google, I love it. What a bunch of dummies.
  • I’ve tolerated a lot of google changes. And not all have been bad. Overall, I think I’ve been pretty accepting of change, but this goes way too far.
  • really bad move google. i will never have a smart phone, so your blithe expectation of me to use apps to replace igoogle is misplaced at best.
  • Incredibly bad move. Have used iGoogle for yeras. Will now try to find an alternative to all google products as soon as I can….
  • Dude, this sucks! iGoogle is my home page on every computer I own and synchronizes everything between work and home.
  • Truly insane. You can’t tell me the meager resources used to keep what is basically a glorified newsreader up and running would seriously impinge upon Google’s other projects. I’ve defended Google for many years, but no longer. It’s a very poor practice to junk a product without an alternative waiting in the wings. Shame on you for basically abandoning users like me.
  • Sad news. I wish they would’ve discontinued Google+ instead.
  • Uh the whole RATIONALE behind retiring iGoogle is ‘eroding’ support. Really, Really, More like you just wanting to push the app store out there.
  • There’s about a thousand other posts just like these, plus all of the other threads that users have created to hawk up their disapproval of Google’s decision. Honestly, I haven’t seen a public display of rejection like this since Cleveland reacted to Lebron James’ decision to skip town and head to Miami.

    What’s more, eight petitions have been created on change.org in hopes of convincing Google to not shut down iGoogle. The most popular one has already reached 949 signatures of its incredibly ambitious goal of 5,000,000. That’s a whopper of a goal to collect, but maybe not that unrealistic given that iGoogle won’t even close down for another 17 months. Who knows, maybe enough disgruntled iGoogle users will band together and at least come close to reaching that goal if not achieve it altogether.

    Even if iGoogle users do manage to rally enough supporters to say, “Hey Google, don’t send iGoogle to sleep amongst Crystal Pepsi and slap bracelets in the Land of Rejected Fun,” since when has Google actually listened to public opinion when it comes to decisions about its products? Google stonewalled everybody about its new privacy policy earlier this year and that public outcry was much, much louder than the iGoogle protest.

    Then again, is iGoogle really dragging Google down? Hardly. What harm could be done by allowing the faithful iGooglers to keep this product? If the iGoogle users want their MTV, Google, you should probably go ahead and let them have it.

    • Claire Spinelli

      I’m not sure I can even follow Google’s thinking. How in the world does an app on my smartphone impact what my homepage is on my desktop and laptop? It’s almost as if they think people won’t be using computers anymore – only smartphones and tablets. I like having everything in one place, including my bookmarks, which I can then access from any computer – even at a library it I need to. Am I underestimating the cost aspect of igoogle? I just don’t understand.

    • bill baken

      Google was a lot better tham microsoft but now thay are just as bad.

    • bill baken

      Please keep igoogle. Get rid if google+

    • Bill Buckley

      I found iGoogle to be an extremely useful product. It has been the homepage on all my browsers on all my computers for years. I hope I can find a non-Google product to replace it. Google has really pissed me off.

    • Eleanor Braun

      Like others, iGoogle is my desktop/laptop portal. I’ve arranged all my gadgets, with Gmail, Google Reader, Google calendar, various news portals, bookmarks, etc. It’s taken years to get it just the way I like it, and now Google wants to pull the rug out from under it, with no replacement. I do not get it! What is Google thinking? This does not meet the basic corporate value of “Do No Harm” — this is clearly harming loyal Google users who have come to appreciate and use the heck out of iGoogle.

    • Anthony

      This is a clear attempt at getting these users to use Google+ as their home page instead. Horribly evil google!

    • Daniel Robertson

      I don’t have an iphone, ipod or ipad and don’t intend to be bullied into buying these products. I have a sit up and beg desktop computer and rely on igoogle to give me all the information I need at a glance. Since the message which indicated the closure on November 13th, I have looked at alternatives, and frankly they are rubbish! Igoogle’s BBC news and sports service, as well as the local weather forecast in my small Spanish town is invaluable as is the translator. Most of the gadgets are far superior to others on offer, and not restricted to US information, but a worldwide audience. Definitely a bad move!


      I use igoogle I do not use smart phone (though what that has do do with it). They have just launched google on the stock exchange on the back of OUR support. Unless they reverse their decision I for one will find another engine.

    • Ben

      I use iGoogle everyday!
      Don’t want it to be killed.
      There is a facebook group as well…

    • Bill

      I use iGoogle on desktop, laptop and android phone. It is the home page on every browser I use. It is the easiest, fastest, most productive and efficient way to have news, business info, quotes, headlines, sports scores and and all the stuff I use all day long. I don’t need social media crap. I need real world, real time info which iGoogle makes quick and easy to find. There are replacements for Picasa but not iGoogle. Shame on you Google!

    • http://www.pixielatedpixels.com Chris Lord

      Google just sucks on this one. I will NEVER use a smartphone or Android and can’t see what they have to do with my homepage on my real machines anyway. I’m just pissed and will probably not forgive for this.

    • Alyse

      I will find a new homepage, although this is the best I have ever experienced AND Google has managed to convince me not to try any new Google products because it’s my total experience that just when you really like something and depend on it GOOGLE TAKES IT AWAY.

    • Carlos

      It’s a great product to be Eliminate
      It centralize everybody’s reading interests
      It’ s Google’ core business knowing what people search
      An estrategic issue
      Bad management decision
      U could charge $1 For this aplication and everybody happy!!!

    • Somebody dismayed

      Dumping Google is the only answer

    • http://Igoogle Henry

      Taking out iGoogle is a very bad idea. I am looking for other alternative for my home page.

    • http://www.googlingsocial.com Chris Lang

      OK, as a developer of iGoogle Gadgets, I have to say, “Fine, take iGoogle away, but at least give us an iGoogle page on Google+…?”

      Seriously, I think Larry Page has been wearing his Google Glasses a little to tightly lately. Either that or he is secretly wearing Plenzes…

    • richdrisc

      Dropping igoogle without providing a detailed explanation or recommended suitable alternative is a big step, i believe, towards reducing trust in the google brand and not just among devoted users (like me). Why do they operate this way? out of touch? arrogance?

    • http://Attandgoogle Anita Huie

      Please bring the IGoogle page. I could get you tube from there and had my own user name. I am dissatisfied with the Google +. I don’t want to create circles etc etc

    • Tom deFig

      I’m hating the loss of the iGoogle. I had to switch to my yahoo (not as good but almost). I use the mobile version much more than the desktop so this stings me where I care about in under two weeks.

      I was going to buy a nexus 7 but will prob get something else because I’m truly unhappy with Google, started using Bing too.

      Do another dumb thing that has little positive and so much negative feedback as evidenced on your groups page and I’ll phase out my g mail.

    • Paul Goddard

      I can only assume Google wants me to go to Yahoo or Bing for my home page

    • fredphoesh

      Google, WTF are you thinking???
      “With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for something like iGoogle has eroded over time…”
      HORSESHIT. By that I mean HORSE SHIT. If that is still not completely clear, H-O-R-S-E S-H-I-T.
      In other words, COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP.
      Those products do not come CLOSE to replacing iGoogle… WTF have you been swallowing/smoking???

    • Kathryn Swantko

      This has to be THE DUMBEST decision EVER! Bring back my iGoogle! I’ve been singing it’s praises to anyone who’d listen since I got it in 2010…and now some genius in Google land thinks we all need app’s and a really clumsy way to navigate the internet…Good Lord, please bring back the easy way for us non-technocrats who need an easy to navigate a homepage that’s filled with what we individually want to use. Can’t you have TWO ways to use Google??? One for us regular people and one for the the really smart I-phone/Android users who grew up with technology? Clearly Google should be smart enough to do such a SIMPLE thing!!!!

    • Shee Dreems

      I lost my igoogle today, July 31,2012. Most of you keep saying you still have 17 month (actually about 14 months) but you forget about the millions of us who enjoy igoogle on our mobile phones and they shut down igoogle to the mobile phone industry as of July 31, 2012. So my igoogle is already gone!!! How utterly u fair to shut down millions of igoogle mobile phone users well over a year before the close down everyone else. Why not shut us all down at the same time?? Igoogle was my home page and has been since it’s launch. Now what do I do? I will never use a google app on my phone no matter how great it is. Google, I am told has a hidden tracking (spy) device in everything they put out…they have no business in my business!!! I was told long ago from a trusted source that igogle slipped through the cracks on them and didn’t have their spyware in it. If this is indeed true maybe that’s the real reason for closing it down. We all know google doesn’t even hide the fact they are turning into Big Brother. Regardless as of midnight tonight my igoogle is gone – you people still have that is soooo unfair. I want my Igoogle back. Now what do I use that would be equlivant…I was told not to use Google Play that it was aweful or even Google +. Help!!!

    • Shee Dreems

      Oh, forgot to tell you…I don’ know if this will help as all or even if they read them, but on Google’s home page at the bottom of the page there is a link that says “Feedback”. I have already sent 3 messages thru Feedback regarding igoogle. Maybe if everyone will go to Google’s Feedback and tell them just what your saying here – maybe, just maybe it might help. My first comment was a very long one explaining my need for igoogle. Just thought I would pass this along. Hope it helps us all.

    • Shee Dreems

      Oh, forgot to tell you…I don’ know if this will help as all or even if they read them, but on Google’s home page at the bottom of the page there is a link that says “Feedback”. I have already sent 3 messages thru Feedback regarding igoogle. Maybe if everyone will go to Google’s Feedback and tell them just what your saying here – maybe, just maybe it might help. My first comment was a very long one explaining my need for igoogle. Just thought I would pass this along. Hope it helps us all. Oh, and when you all are talking about losing your igoogle please don’t forget about us mobile phone users who have already lost our igoogle and we love every bit as much as you do. I’m so bummed out.

    • BSD

      I don’t give a stuff what the marketing poobahs do with iGoogle, I only used it because it because it was there. The only difference now is I am looking at Netvibes or ProtPage.


      If you think shutting down iGoogle is going to force me to use what you want me to use, think again.

      I neither have a Facebook account or Twitter and never will.

    • Kat

      Please don’t get rid of iGoogle!!!

    • http://gillesderaiswasinnocent.blogspot.co.uk/ Morbid Morag

      Right now, when I turn my computer on, I’m with Google. If I want to search, I use Google. But only because I have my lovely iGoogle page with all my gadgets. Take that away & that’s me & Google finished forever. And a lot of other people, too, I bet.

      Great business move! Alienate your core users.

    • elgianne

      I use igoogle every day for news and all the things that I like to read.

      Take away igoogle and I’m giving up google+ and gmail.

      So in November if igoogle goes, so do I.


    • Chris

      So sad to see google yet again trimming the fat so to speak on a product that really makes more since then something like google doodle i mean come on really. If i don’t recall didn’t they just spend a great deal of money improving igoogle’s interface and its functions now what kind of company spends money on making a product better and then pulls the rug out from underneath its possibilities of success? More and more people are using igoogle everyday believe it or not its truly a one stop shop for all your browsing needs for those who know how to use it. I just shake my head in disbelief as a great product gets put down simply because of a failure to move the service in the right direction or should i say a failure of leadership. So to say farewell is hard but more importantly unfair to its users myself included

    • karyn

      I just don’t understand this “modern” business model wherein a company’s idea of growth involves NOT supporting its products.Apparently,the concept of building a brand via customer trust over the long haul is defunct.
      Just think of how much poorer our culture would be if companies like Johnson & Johnson, Sears Roebuck, GE,Levi Strauss and countless others had thought similarly.

    • Fran Perry

      I stopped using Amazon over their tax dodge issue, despite previously being a frequent user. If Google go ahead and drop iGoogle then I will be looking for alternatives, and it won’t be Chrome or a smart phone using their apps!

    • Dion Lyles

      Please do not take I google way.

    • tomlii

      I’ve been using igoogle for many years now and like it so much, as i can put all i need in one page as my home page. By closing igoogle, google is absolutely wrong. i am strongly hoping that google keeps this product.

    • http://www.jonatech.com JonaTech

      I switched to iGoogle a few years back from my.yahoo portal. I really like iGoogle like alot of other people…I just completed the switch back to yahoo. All my emails from GMAIL go to Yahoo now.

      Unfortunate…What else will they stop next? Google Voice? Google+ ?