Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

Internet Explorer 9 downloads surge, receives mixed reviews

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Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours
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Microsoft announced today their latest version of Internet Explorer reached 2.3 million downloads in 24 hours. Will IE9 be the catalyst to allow Microsoft to gain some ground back in market share?

The past few years, IE has steadily lost ground to the likes of Mozilla’s Firefox and Google Chrome. In 2007, IE controlled 80% of the market. The latest reports have them sitting at 57%.

Simplistic interfaces, faster load times, better security, have all been reasons behind IE losing ground. It appears Microsoft has remedied many of these problems, and reviews have pointed out these improvements.

PCMagazine gave IE9 a 4/5 rating, saying this of the browser, “Microsoft’s new browser is faster, trimmer, more compliant with HTML5—a major improvement over its predecessor. It also brings some unique capabilities like tab-pinning and hardware acceleration, but only Windows 7 and Vista users need apply.

Unfortunately I’m unable to provide my own thoughts as I’m on a Mac computer at this time. If you have a Windows computer and use XP, you’ll be left out in the cold as well.

While it has a small window of platforms for which it’s available, IE9 has these improvements listed on their product page: pinned sites (for Windows 7 users), tracking protection, InPrivate browsing, HTML5 compatibility, and more.

One feature I’m excited to see in motion is how IE9 will share the burden of graphics rendering with the GPU on more graphic intensive websites. HTML5 is supposed to push the capabilities of graphics integration, and being the go-to browser for this integration could be a strong investment for the browser’s future.

Firefox 4 will release next Tuesday; this version has been in beta since July 2010. The release certainly will provide IE9 with some staunch competition out of the gate. In a couple of weeks it will be interesting to see how the pieces of market share will be divided up. Many have switched to Google Chrome as well, providing a third option in the market.

Has anyone had the opportunity to use IE9 yet? If so, are the improvements as great as many reviewers have been letting on? Or are you still waiting for Firefox 4?

Internet Explorer 9 Reaches 2.3 Million Downloads In 24 Hours
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  • Travis

    I’m using IE9 right now, but Firefox’s interface looks WAY better than IE9 does. IE9 is about the same speed, but Firefox will be my choice. I’ve used Firefox more longer, and found it more reliable.

    • Eracca

      IE9’s interface is looks better IMO. What’s so original about Firefox’s?

  • http://www.LAokay.com Adsense Publisher

    We, webmasters don’t have a choice, we have to test our pages on all the latest browsers, so I’ll eventually have to upgrade, but I use Firefox for browsing and have to have other browsers installed just for testing purposes. I do make it a point to not bother with beta’s so I’m still waiting for Firefox 4 to be released out of beta. I might give it about a month until I upgrade to IE9. There’s no real rush for me to upgrade until I need to do some testing.

  • http://www.woodlandsadagency.com/ Woodlands Ad Agency

    I welcome the competition. Which one will be better? hard to say.
    I’m biased towards FireFox due to it’s vast amount of add-ons.

  • http://www.triumphcameras.com Vishal Patel

    this sound good, but as i m daily Internet users, i also download this internet Explorer 9 but i m not happy with this..means i don’t like this software for long term work…i always using Firefox…..

  • http://igor-griffiths.com igor Griffiths

    I have tested both Firefox 4 and IE9 on a Windows 7 64bit HP AMD Turion II laptop.

    IE9 64bit looks good, however it has the problem that Firefox used to have, which was putting add ons on separate tool bars rather than integrating them properly. However sites load fast and the bookmarking is as good as Firefox, it allows you to open all sites stored in a sub folder independantly, only IE9 and Firefox have this capability. This is important if you store sites by category and sub-category.

    However there are a number of my favourite sites that will not work with IE9, no matter what settings I adjust. Thus I returned to Firefox vr3, which was a terrible decision as it was as glitchy and as ugly as ever.

    With no other options, I opted to try Firefox 4.

    This really is a massive improvement on earlier versions, pages load far quicker, all my sites work and finally the look is improved with add ons integrated properly and the basic menu hidden under the Firefox drop down until you need them.

    I have come full circle after testing all of the main browsers and have now removed Chrome and IE9 from my quick start menu.

  • http://www.bargainhomeuk.com hugh williams

    I still use firefox. Loads of add-ons and tools brilliant

  • Thom Currie

    IE9 is a lot faster in most instances but I find it very slow in loading images. I think I will stick with Firefox 3.6 until bugs are worked out in both IE9 and Firefox 4.

  • Hugh

    I downloaded IE9 last night but every time I open it up, it immediately says it has stopped working and wants to shut down, Since I don’t have another web browser on my HP, I’m trying to reinstall IE8.

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