How Much Would You Pay For Google Glass? Most Say $200

    May 7, 2013
    Zach Walton
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In its current state, Google Glass is incredibly expensive. Those who signed up for the Google Glass Explorers program last year had to fork over $1,500 to get a crack at the device. The price will come down when it’s made available to consumers next year, but a new survey suggests that the price will have to come down a lot before consumers bite.

Last week, TrendBlog posed a question to its audience – “How much are you willing to pay for Google Glass?” The respondents were given a wide variety of price options ranging from below $100 to more than $2,000. The end result found that most were willing to pay near the bottom of the price spectrum.

Overall, 48 percent of respondents would pay between $200 to $300 for Google Glass when it launches next year. Going lower or higher than that causes interest to drop dramatically with only 13 percent willing to pay less than $100 with only one percent willing to pay between $1,200 and $2,000. Unsurprisingly, nobody would pay more than $2,000.

How Much Are People Willing To Pay For Google Glass by trendblog.net
How Much Are People Willing To Pay For Google Glass by trendblog.net

Pricing is incredibly important, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. Microsoft has learned this lesson the hard way as Windows 8 PCs have failed to take off partly due to the high cost. Apple was able to sell high priced electronics because it was able to convince consumers that its products contained exceptional software value. Google will have to do the same if Google Glass is priced above $300.

  • doowangle

    its unreasonable to think that this amazing piece of technology, which surely cost quite a bit in research and development to make, would cost less than your smartphone.

    I think it will be closer to $499, and even still it will be a must have item. I would buy a pair for that price personally

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    I would not wear them if someone paid me 1,000 a day

    • ohspeed1

      why not?.. got something to hide.. or… is that a phone bulge in your pants.. or are you just happy to see me… peace .b.

    • http://yahoo.com Replying to retards

      You my friend have got to be one stupid mother fucker, honestly, you wouldn’t wear a pair of one of the most technologically advanced items in the world? That’s $1000 a day, $7000 a week, $28000 a month, and $336,000 a year!? Just to wear a pair of fucking glasses that you would get handed to you, because you couldn’t even afford them now if you tried because you probably make less than or equal too minimum wage because your a stubborn asshole and wouldn’t take $1000 a day to wear a pair of awesome glasses, which would feed your children and buy them new, nice things, unlike right now, because you know, you cant afford it!XD Hahaha…. Dick -_-

  • Robert

    I not will take it even if google will pay me $1500

  • Gabe

    If it’s more than $300….that’s ridiculous.

  • Bryce

    I’d pay 400 at most

  • http://Facebook.com/WilliamC William

    I live near an African American community. The chances of getting robbed in my city are pretty high (Compton, CA). I will not risk losing a $1000 device by jigobos.

  • penelope

    how much will they cost? is this so important?? what about people video taping you in the subway or streets??? or taking pictures of you and posting it on internet,i mean if somebody is wearing the glasses you cant really see if they are taping you, we will have no privacy at all in the end anymore.. people will be not pickpocketing anymore.. but pulling your glasses of your face.. i think technoligy is great, i am so happy with internet and being able to skype with me friends far away.. but i have the feeling these glasses are going to create so many problems… this is really just too much… probebly in the beginning they will be exspensive, but at the end they will become cheaper as all things become after a while,as soon as they have created something more hightech. so everybody will be able to afford these glasses in the end, turning us all into hightec junkies who are only comunicating via them, and not anymore with eachothur directly.

  • Voice of reason

    Seriously? Who really gives a crap? Are most of the people here really that dim-witted that they don’t see that
    this is the next level to technology? We are on the verge of the next big thing. So what if it costs a lot? Soon there will be all different types of google glasses, and just like the iPhone, they will probably become a everyday thing. The price will go down eventually. I amazed that this is even possible in my life time. To think that technology is evolving this quickly is flabbergasting. So, everyone, just be patient.