Hotmail Officially Dead, Rolled Into Outlook

    May 4, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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In the late 90s, Hotmail was the most popular online email service available. Though Yahoo email and Gmail later arrived to give the service significant competition, Hotmail remained widely used for over 16 years. Now, Hotmail has become another relic of the early internet.

Microsoft this week announced that Hotmail is officially gone. The service has been rolled into Microsoft’s new Outlook.com service.

Outlook.com Group Program Manager Dick Craddock announced the death of Hotmail on Thursday, over on the Outlook Blog. From the blog post:

We want to give a huge “Thank you” to all of you who have supported Hotmail over the years, for some of you, that’s going back as far as 1996. It has been an amazing journey and we’ve been honored to provide you with a great mail experience for many years. When we launched the original preview of Outlook.com, we knew that we were committing to building the world’s best email with a brand and product experience that spans from consumers all the way to the largest organizations. We’re excited to have you join Outlook.com as we write the next chapter in modern email from Microsoft.

With the added users from Hotmail, Outlook.com can now boast more than 400 million active accounts. Craddock stated that the Outlook team was able to migrate 150 petabytes of email in just 6 weeks while maintaining Hotmail users’ preferences and contacts.

Hotmail users will still be able to use their @hotmail.com email address, but will access their inbox from the Outlook website. Microsoft is now using a single ‘Microsoft Account’ for all of its services, including SkyDrive, which is tightly integrated into Outlook.

  • em schaar

    what is my new email address.

  • http://shayarionline.org Tania

    I Thinks Outlook is Much Much Better than Hotmail.

  • http://www.mswinupdate.com/ Neel Sen

    Outlook server actually play smart role in phishing & spamming activities. With new looks & more UI design, it’s far more better than Hotmail.

  • http://www.atlasbiomechanics.com teri green

    we use outlook since it is better than hotmail.
    teri green

  • http://www.officekitten.co.uk A. Morris from Office Supplies

    Well I do like the new Outlook design (obviously they’ve nicked quite a bit from Gmail for the new layout), but I STILL have the same old issues with it. Gmail’s always fautless, yet Hotmail/Outlook constantly has problems loading, logging in, and opening e-mails. I hope they get it sorted pronto as it’s incredibly annoying. I remember last year they had a complete meltdown and the service was out for almost 12 hours! The complaints on Twitter were staggering.

  • G Miller

    I think the roll over from hotmail to outlook was the biggest mistake ever made… The new outlook is c**p… It looks boring, bland and just generally basic horrible… who ever came up with this windows 8 metro style look, needs to have a brain scan for dis-functionallity!!!
    Everyday since I was ‘forced’ to use outlook other than the hotmail account (in which I might add that I have had since late 90’s) I am constantly having issues with my email account not loading or slow loading and even when it has loaded, it then has problems opening emails or even moving from one email account to another linked email account… I am also receiving more and more junk email within my inbox than I have ever had before.
    I say “Get rid of OUTLOOK and bring back HOTMAIL…’ at least the problems with hotmail was no where near what is happening now!!!

  • http://webpronews Eileen

    I would like to know what happened to the toolbar for my hotmail/outlook email. It used to be there. Now I have to scroll over the bar and hope it lets me forward or reply. Where and how do I log out of the email?

  • http://webpronews Eileen Ritter

    Where is the hotmail/outlook tool bar? How do you reply or even sign out of your email?

  • H Miller


    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/we-cant-connect-to-outlook-right-now-please-try/8b08fca7-d328-4788-8422-ea6c4e48668b?page=9&tm=1386505270145 nine pages and 84 replies

    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/we-cant-connect-to-outlook-at-the-moment-please/4e4312bf-63e7-4cbe-8355-a015abb8d254?page=13&tm=1386505399231 thirteen pages, 121 replies

    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/i-am-finding-this-new-outlook-rubbish-bring-back/b55b8a44-fe84-4094-9d41-972c3b947aa7 thirteen pages 121 replies

    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/oemail-osend/outlook-doesnt-work-and-microsoft-do-not-care/99330f85-a555-42c8-9331-a6dc11297b05?page=9&tm=1386505553841 nine pages 87 replies


    1. LONG TIME between signing in and anything appearing.
    2. CANT CONNECT message, at least 100 times now
    3. MOVE TO drop down list doesn’t appear after the first time
    4. MOVE TO drop down list – already has two or more folders highlighted, which cannot be removed, = no idea where the mail has been moved to = have to search the highlighted folders
    5. MOVE TO drop down doesn’t disappear after email moved
    6. MOVE TO drop down can cause next email to be moved, without it being ticked = have to search that folder and move it back
    7. MOVES emails to wrong folder – often only discovered by chance !
    8. MOVE TO drop down sometimes has no scroll bar = can’t access folders further down the list
    9. INBOX won’t open emails – many times – email is highlighted but will NOT open
    10. Page jumps and just returns to the same
    11. Opens email, few seconds later just closes it and returns to inbox
    12. FOLDER NAMES, or EMAILS – disappear leaving blank spaces
    13. FOLDERS won’t open
    14. FOLDERS need so many clicks to open
    15. FOLDERS WON’T HIGHLIGHT when clicked on –only faint highlight whilst Inbox is still highlighted
    16. EMAIL inside folders need so many clicks to open
    17. OPEN EMAIL – then closes after a few seconds and returns to the view of the folder
    18. NO HAND to attach files – hand only available on enhancements (bullets, underlining) above
    19. VERY SLOW to open attachment window – time to make a cup of tea
    20. PLUG IN UNRESPONSIVE message
    21. Drop down list to get Print – will not close again
    22. Printed layout has changed – when copying + pasting part of the print preview– it now pastes with massive spacing between paragraphs = manual removal throughout
    23. COPYING + PASTING from print preview – pastes the wrong font and mixed up fonts eg one paragraph =minute font, next paragraph gigantic font = detailed editing process now
    24. WRITING EMAILS – TO field VERY slow waiting for frequent contacts
    25. After entering the address, the drop down does not go away + often can’t get cursor in Title or Writing area
    26. TO WRITE a message first, then decide who to send it to = difficult to get the cursor in the writing area as it wants addresses first
    27. AFTER SAVING DRAFT – there are no folders to click to get out of the draft – all left hand side is taken up with just the TO field.
    28. FONT –Options shows a sample of the font you chose BUT on the email it is bigger, so isn’t what you chose
    29. FONT WHEN WRITING – starts with one font – but if you click lower down and type, it is SOME OTHER FONT AND OTHER COLOUR = have to continue from the last bit of typing in each place to maintain the font.
    30. ADD CONTACTS appears after emails – when addresses have been picked from contact list !!!
    31. ADD CONTACTS does not appear when new addresses have been entered in the TO field
    32. Often no CURSOR appears in typing area
    33. NOTHING on the page, no folders or mails
    34. Everything is very SLOW
    35. Can’t always access the top of the email, after moving down, as it won’t reach the top = no access to arrows
    36.‘can’t connect to outlook’ message time and time again
    37. Unresponsive plug in many times
    38. Gaps on screen – folders missing and emails missing, gaps in their places
    39. NOTHING on the blue ribbon
    40. WHITE DOTS moving along blue ribbon from left to right
    41. CAN’T SIGN OUT when drop down list won’t respond
    42. SIGN OUT drop down immediately closes when HAND is moved over it – time and time and time again = impossible to sign out
    43. ATTACHING FILE – message saying email is about to be deleted – when click on SAVE, it immediately closes the email
    44. WRITING EMAIL- long wait for attachment window to appear, whilst it was attaching – message appeared saying it was about to DELETE the email!!! Giving option to save draft or delete. Clicked on SAVE. Immediately the email closed and it went to the drafts folder.
    45. Junk Box – shows one item……. click on EMPTY … it empties and says “you don’t have junk here (hooray!) …. BUT STILL SHOWS (1) BESIDE “JUNK” IN FOLDER LIST…go out of folder, back in, still shows (1) although nothing there
    46. NO DATA message from Outlook server
    47. MESSAGE – “Please sign in again. To help protect your personal information, we periodically sign you out (for example, after 24 hours or when you sign into a different account).” – message remained there after signing in again and again
    So many more problems I can’t even remember them.