Hermann Rorschach Google Doodle Wants You To Share What You See

    November 7, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google is running a doodle honoring Hermann Rorschach in parts of the world where it’s November 8th. It should be making its way over to our neck of the woods in a bit.

Hermann Rorschach would be the psychiatrist/psychoanalyst who developed the Rorschach inkblot test. Here’s what he looked like:

Hermann Rorschach

The day would be his 129th birthday. He died in 1922 of peritonitis at the young age of 37. He was Associate Director of the Herisau Hospital when he passed.

Google’s doodle naturally make use of the famous Rorschach test, letting users look at inkblots and share what they see with others via social media. Google is actually incorporating Facebook and Twitter sharing into the doodle, as well as Google+.

Hermann Horschach Google doodle with sharing

Anyone else see the Wu-Tang logo?

Here’s a look at the doodle’s animation:

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • Erika Watts

    Looks like a back view of a Star Wars pod racer.

  • nitin

    two people arm wrestling

  • nobody

    batman fighting off two villians

  • shenk

    Two people with down syndrom high fiving

  • http://w3lessons.info Karthikeyan K

    Very Creative :)

  • harshira

    A witch, having two horrible creatures in both her arms…

  • jon macias

    I see two muscle men arm wrestling

  • samantha

    Two people sitting back to back looking away from each other with sadness on their face

  • Marty R.

    Looks like a pelvis.

  • Marty R.

    Oops…that might be a bit Freudian.

  • Bujar

    i see smokers lungs

  • Suzanne

    I see a pelvic bone

  • Sarah

    Two little leaguers,from the same team, congratulating each other on a win, with their secret handshake.

  • Sherry

    A woman wearing a long gown , with a crown on her head, her arms raised

  • Tom

    Two baseball players high-fiving.

  • angie

    I see two trolls with a horn on their foreheads doing a “high five”

  • Dave

    A bridge with a castle tower on it joining 2 rocky cliffs

  • Veronica

    a pair of lungs!

  • Jacklynn

    I see two animals playing patty cake.

  • suzy

    It looks loke two giant sumo wrestlers holding hands.

  • Clint

    Hip Bones from a skeleton

  • sweetontweety

    the devil coming at you with open hands

  • Caption obvious

    Its clearly optimus prime

  • Hannah

    it looks likw cats the musical from a behind view

  • Hannah

    or a rock band that is whering devil horns

  • Daniel Elliott

    Please take down your offensive graphics google!

  • Anonymous

    I see a bat in the image.