Here’s What Google Has Been Up To With Knowledge Graph

    October 4, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced about a month ago that it expanded the Knowledge Graph Carousel throughout the world to English-speaking users. On Thursday, Google gave us a peek at a few other things it has done with Knowledge Graph over the past couple months.

Google released its big list of changes for the months of August and September. Surprisingly, only a few of these had to do with Knowledge Graph, which Google has championed as one of the most significant things it has done in search in a long time. Still, four list entries were Knowledge Graph-specific. One of them is about the change we mentioned, and one is simply about expanding the Knowledge Graph itself into more countries:

  • #83443. [project “Knowledge Graph”] We added a lists and collections component to the Knowledge Graph.
  • #83012. [project “Knowledge Graph] The Knowledge Graph displays factual information and refinements related to many types of searches. This launch extended the Knowledge Graph to English-speaking locales beyond the U.S.
  • Knowledge Graph Carousel. [project “Knowledge Graph”] This change expanded the Knowledge Graph carousel feature globally in English.
  • #83304. [project “Knowledge Graph”] This change updated signals that determine when to show summaries of topics in the right-hand panel.

The Knowledge Graph also got a bit of extra exposure last month thanks to the publicity of Google’s Bacon number feature, which utilizes it. It even managed to grab the attention of Kevin Bacon himself.