Here’s How To Stop Facebook’s “Message Seen” Feature

    July 18, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Last month, users slowly began to notice that Facebook chat (messages) had a new feature. Right under sent messages, in the chat box appeared a light gray notification that simply said “Seen XX:XXpm.”

We quickly learned that Facebook’s new feature allowed people to see when their conversation partner sees a message, and some users had a collective freakout. When you think about it, it really is a strange feature that could lead to some awkward scenarios between friends and relatives.

Take for instance this possible scenario:

“Hey, as*hole, what didn’t you respond to my message?”
“What message?”
“Don’t even try that dude, I saw that you saw it.”
“No, really, I didn’t.”
“Whatever, I hate you and we are no longer friends now.”

Seriously – it could happen. Or at least something like it could happen (albeit a bit less dramatic).

Facebook has defended the “message seen” feature by saying that “knowing when your friends see your messages means you no longer to have to wonder if a message you’ve sent was received and is a lightweight way to make your messages more conversational.”

But if you don’t buy that and want to get rid of it, there’s a Chrome extension for that. It’s called Facebook Unseen and lets you turn off the “seen at” message with the flip of a switch.

Once installed, here’s what you’ll see at the top of your browser:

As you can see, it’ll keep a tally for you letting you know how many message you haven’t “seen” that you would have “seen” before. Turn off Facebook Unseen if you want everyone to know that you’ve read their messages.

  • http://www.datevitation.com/ Brandone Heate

    This only applies to google Chrome not other browsers or mobile?

    • TheOxymoron

      Yup, seems like it. I’m okay though, as I have Chrome installed. It really is a good browser if you want to get it for features like this.

  • http://pcitbacktogether.com Jon Heil

    Lame… its always nice when you IM or email someone and they dont reply shows they seen it, not saying they know how to read but least you know they do, I cant stand them people who cant even reply back if you ask them something or say hey. I know some ar eon mobile, but other times they arent, so dont get why you’d want this crap.

    • M Rich

      Privacy, maybe? Or personal space? Just because I’m online doesn’t mean I’m required to talk to anyone who feels the need to send me a Facebook message RIGHT THEN. Seems to me the only people that would have a problem with people being able to be “hidden” are those who a lot of people want to be “hidden” from…

  • http://www.zazzle.com/gkrew1* DC

    why even use Facebook chat?

  • ciucinciu

    if the chat window is blinking this means you didn’t see it, so you can get away pretty easily with that

  • whatsupdealer

    why go through all the hassle of downloading a plugin, if u want to read messages without ppl knowing just activate fb notifications so u get messages through ur email or as an sms, that way u can read messages without even loging in

    source: common sense

  • jo

    So you try to defend your privaty by using google chrome…
    That’s like protecting your children by putting a warning sign on the gun you give them :)

  • Cindy

    This facebook feature is bullshit. Now I have to avoid my facebook inbox like the plague, just because I want a little personal space. Some of us appreciate some privacy once in a while and don’t want to become enslaved to the cyber messaging world. I can’t believe they added this, and I hope it isn’t a feature that catches on with emailing and other messaging programs too.

  • mimi

    Will I see if my message was read by a person who’s not from my friend’s list?

    • jason

      I had the same question “Will I see if my message was read by a person who’s not from my friend’s list?” did anyone find an answer?

  • http://ErlindaShen.com/ Erlinda Shen

    Seen 11:39 PM

  • Michael

    Does the extension work for Timeline posts?

  • awri

    so this works only if i use chrome? thats whack