Here Are Over 60 Things You Can Say To Google Now

    November 30, 2013
    Chris Crum
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TrendBlog.net has put together a pretty cool infographic listing all the different commands you can use with Google Now. There are over sixty of them.

What would you like to be able to tell Google Now in the future? Let us know in the comments.

You may already know most of these, but it’s nice to see them all collected together, and serves as a reminder of some of the things you can do.

Google Now Voice Commands by trendblog.net
Google Now voice commands by trendblog.net

Google Now is about more than just voice commands. It’s really about getting users information they need before they even have to go looking for it.

Gartner recently predicted that by 2017 smartphones will be able to reliably predict what to do next before their users interact with them, based on use patterns and data collected about the device’s owner. The firm believes smartphones will take over booking reservations, creating to-do lists, and responding to emails, to name a few things.

With Google Now, and how far it’s already come in its early life, expect Google to remain at the forefront of this kind of thing, especially as it continues to integrate its various products (like Google+, Gmail and Google Wallet) with one another.

Earlier this month, Google announced site updates, traffic incidents and TV recommendations to Google Now.

Google also just released a new Chrome extension that will let you engage with Google search from your desktop computer using “Okay Google” commands.

What would you like to see Google Now do that it doesn’t already? Let us know in the comments.

[via IntoMobile]
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    Did’nt know there were so many commands , Nice Info thanks

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    This is really awesome app, very good way to use it and communicate with google now, Also it will tell your location from your office to home or set any direction,and Google will remind you about it. I like this feature..

  • Tommy

    On your Google adsense program, give people a warning or a chance to fix the problem before you ban them. give them a chance to be be re-instated too. you never give a reason why you banned them and use that same ol appeal letter for a reply,most probably were banned for nothing.we want to hear from people.

  • JDavis

    “Where’s my car?” after a night out.
    No seriously, how about “Pictures of [celebrity]”
    Great list, thanks.

  • http://farewellbysea.com capt jeff

    I second the issues with google adsense/words. we paid thousands, only to have to stop it and be banned from further searches. we would have reinstated the program if we had the cash. but not being on google stops us from getting any hits at all. doesnt make any sense. they are on it with these cool advancements of voice integration, and ties directly into ads on google. asking “Who can bury my grandfather at sea?” we would like to be there in the top numbers.

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  • John

    I’d like to “OK Google, call contact name, speakerphone on” to establish the call, and turn on the speakerphone. That would be useful while driving without a Bluetooth headset, while the phone is in my breast pocket.

  • Randall Compton

    lol – i tried some of these, and my nexus 5 isn’t working all that well yet, but when I asked Google Now the meaning of life, it sent me to the Mormons…. Really? The Mormons.

    Ok, obviously this unit still has some flaws – the answer is ALWAYS 42

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    I have only made suggestions and ideas to Google to help them in the future. I did so freely and without renumeration.

    The world needs thinkers and ideas that improves the life of others is well worth my time writing to them.