Hemlock Grove Season 2 Still Up In The Air, According To Netflix

    June 4, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Update2 : It’s happening. Netflix has made it official.

Update: Netflix hints that season 2 likely (kind of).

Last month, we reported that while a second season for Hemlock Grove had yet to be announced, one was “highly likely”. Now we’ve heard directly from Netflix that it’s still up in the air.

“We haven’t made any decisions on renewal for Hemlock Grove,” a Netflix spokesperson tells WebProNews.

We said a second season was likely for several reasons. For one, Netflix boasted that the show outperformed the critically acclaimed House of Cards in the shows’ premiere weekends. House of Cards Season 2 is currently filming.

The show is getting viewers, and more importantly, they want more. Despite mixed reviews, the show has an audience. Yahoo recently revealed that searches for “hemlock grove season 2 release date” were spiking, and we continue to get comments every day on our earlier coverage of the topic. They pretty much unanimously beg for more Hemlock Grove.

Another reason that a second season could be in the cards is because Brian McGreevy, who wrote the novel the series is based upon has indicated that he would be working on sequels to the novel, which would mean more material to draw from.

Lilyhammer, Netflix’s first original series recently finished up shooting for its second season. A release date for that is also undetermined at this point.

  • Jen

    Bring back Hemlock Grove!!!

    • Starpunctures


  • brit

    They must have a second seaon! The first season was setting up the story for the following seasons. Netflix has something here I truly hope they dont give up on it before they give it a chance.

  • http://yahoo lance littrell

    please have have more episodes of hemlock grove. loved it!!!

  • Ashleigh

    Please bring Hemlock Grove back…..it’s an incredible show and it’s the best I’ve seen in a while. You cannot take it away….SECOND SEASON Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mariel

    I really want more of Hemlock Grove. It was the a show a really enjoyed and a lot of head-turners until the very end. There are a lot of chliff-hangers as well I would like to see finished. I hate not seeing something to the end.

  • Liberatore

    Really? Hemlock Grove is AWFUL

  • maria

    I need more of this show in my life. Mainstream shows these days are mostly afwul and shows like this are just so amazing I feel like it was made just for me! LOVE THIS SHOW!!

  • Kristyn

    Absolutely, please film more hemlock grove. I would have watched at leason 3 seasons without stopping when I first found it, were it available. It’s one of my top three favorite shows ever. The storyline is great, you can tell it came from a book as opposed to a script because of the deeper, more intricate plot line and details. The cast is great and it was wonderfully done. The finale wrapped everything up and yet left viewers wantng more better than any show premier. Absolutely loved everything about it. Def a fan.

  • Lethality

    I just started watching Hemlock Grove this week and ended up watching all thirteen episodes over two days. Now my girl friends hooked too and we want more. PLEASE make season two soon, as we are yearning for more twists and turns, more crazed romance, more dark humor, and far more on the gore score charts. We love this show!

  • Bridget

    Hemlock grove is an amazing show and even though i just started watching it i was hooked from the first episode. You guys have to renew the series because the first was fenominal and the whole first season leaves you begging for a second one!! You have to make a second season, the show is an addiction and their just has to be more. The cast is amazing and they all do a fantastic job capturing the characters….PLEASE MAKE MORE HEMLOCK GROVE!!!!!!

  • Becky

    Seriously, netflix? “Up in the air” ? We obviously need more Hemlock Grove!

  • stylinred

    Netflix has a real gem here it would be such a waste for them not to commit to a second season, heck im surprised season 2 isn’t available already….if they won’t commit they should sell the show to a real series bearing network

  • Derek37

    Hemlock Grove is the shit!

  • Marc

    More hemlock grove plz we love it

  • Cat

    Please continue with this show! I felt it was well done and want to see more. Sat and watched all the episodes in one sitting! Couldn’t stop watching!

  • becky


  • http://Webpronewas Charlie

    Hemlock, best series ever. Please show Season 2. Best Series along with TrueBlood.

  • http://bookloverscozycafe.blogspot.com/ Samantha Mullins

    I seriously hope Netflix won’t disappoint and give the fans what they are asking for, which is Hemlock Grove Season 2.

  • Johnnie

    Oh COME ON ALREADY!!! The know we want a 2nd season, so JUST GIVE IT TO US!!!

    • Johnnie


    • kaycee

      Really!?! they have to make more.

  • Mark J

    If they don’t make a second season im quitting Netflix…..

  • s. erwin

    i really hope to see a second season. loved the show.

  • natalya

    I really hope they make a second season and so forth this is an addicting show:) lovs it.

  • tanya stewart

    Please please make a season two of Hemlock Grove….,love the show!

  • jessica

    This show is odd but so entertaining, there isn’t anything out there like it. Hoping for a 2nd season!! 😉

    • Ron

      Bring back letha without her it wont be the same

  • Maz

    I recently watched this while on holidays and found some episodes totally annoying and others interesting. The script writing is terrible and the acting is pretty B grade, but they do have a decent storyline to build on. Just improve the script and spend more money on it please!!

  • Susan

    More hemlock grove!!

  • amalthea

    This show was brilliant. I didn’t like every single episode but it kept me hooked. The finale blew me away, and I reeeeeeally hope they make more. That was one of the best finales I’ve ever seen. The characters are remarkable.

  • Mary

    We want more!!! Best show ever loved it everything looks amazing and real!! I’m just waiting for season 2 :)

  • Laura

    I’m sorry to say I just started watching season 1 of Hemlock Grove cause I wish I would have caught it sooner. The show is AMAZING!! There has to be a Season 2, there certainly can’t be a good excuse not to give it to us………Can there????

  • Natalie

    I have watched the whole serise in about three evenings, and would absolutly love there to be a second serise.

  • Peder Lindgren

    What a ride!!! I don’t want to get off yet!!! More, more, more!!!

  • Wynter

    I loved this show! I’ve gotten all my family and friends watching it. we can’t wait for season two! Please Netflix get to work and do what you do!!!!!