Have We Got “Social Networking Overload”?

Are there too many social networks?

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Have We Got “Social Networking Overload”?
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I remember back when I first started to join the social networking scene, I was a college student, and I had just created my account on MySpace. After that, I was hooked and got really involved in networking with my fellow collegians, as well as frequently updating the design and other cosmetic features on my page. Then, a few years later, my college had just acquired its network for a new kid on the block… Facebook. After I signed up for this new service, I started to think to myself “Isn’t this doing the same thing as MySpace?” Now, in 2011, we now have so many social networks, we cannot count all of them on our fingers and toes. With this premise, instead of Bing’s “Search Overload,” have we got “Social Networking Overload”?

Are there too many social networks? Let us know your reaction!

I know that there are social networks out there created more for centralized niches, such as LinkedIn (geared for business) and Meetup (geared for event planning); however, if you look at a large list of the most-popular social networks, aren’t they all doing the same thing in attempt to achieve the same goal? Even the public is starting to think that there are too many social networks as well:

Too. Many. Social networks. 2 hours ago via Osfoora for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

there are too many social networking sites now. 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

While Facebook’s userbase progressed throughout the years, MySpace’s popularity started to head southward (shown in the graph below). As of this past Wednesday, it was announced that Justin Timberlake (along with Specific Media) acquired MySpace to help gain its popularity back again. The search giant Google also has plans for its recently announced Google+ project to be a new wave of social networking. This means that one social network will be resurrected, while another social network (from a major company) joins the game.

To see a full list of social networks (submitted by the WebProNews community), check out our directory’s Social Networks category. There are more social networks than you think, and one for almost every niche.

Have We Got “Social Networking Overload”?
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  • Jack

    we dont have enough if you ask me.. we need more niche targetted platforms.. more real networking not making a platform bigger and richer.. I hate facebook because they have too much control on everything… I hate twitter because it lacks real life interest, unless you are a celebrity, its useless!! I never liked myspace, too much spam pages and junk ever since it started till now! I never found a real interest in likedin, even after having 12,000 connections no business or real networking came out of it, but alot of f*ucking emails! even after I changed my notifications.. The only platform that i truly can say is worth the time is video social networking, like YouTube..

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/giftshop1 Joe H

    Way to many social sites, it has been run into the ground and opened the door for a lot of spam. These are markets setup to do one thing sell advertising. Enough already.

  • http://www.bdjournal.com bdjournal

    Social Networking becomes Marketing network in recent days. I hate the practice of capitalism everywhere in our life.

  • http://homeentrepreneuralsuccess.blogspot.com/ Wendy Heyworth

    A year ago I found I was signing up to as many as possible trying to keep up now I am just on a couple that I try to use to best effect. It can become overwhelming and time consuming. May be they need to be more niche as social sites?

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