Has Facebook Begun The Final Timeline Push? [UPDATED]

By: Josh Wolford - August 7, 2012

Facebook recently said that the final Timeline push is coming, and every user will be forced to switch by fall. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Facebook has said the end was near for old profile holdouts. The first time we heard talk of mandatory Timeline for all users was all the way back in January. At that time, Facebook told users that they had about two weeks to get everything in order before their Timeline went live.

But, as we now know, Facebook didn’t push Timeline to everyone.

Just last week, however, Facebook said that the recent upgrades to the photo section inside Timelines was the beginning of the end for old profile users. This fall is the time, they said, and all users that have yet to switch would eventually be greeted with a message when they log in telling them that they must make the switch.

Now, is the push already happening?

Some users are saying that they just woke up with Timeline (and they’re not happy, although their happiness is of no consequence).

What’s also interesting it that the users seems to be in a transitional period. They’re profile are still showing up as the old version, but hovering over their names shows on of the Timeline-inspired hovercards that Facebook unveiled back in June. Facebook gives users a week to manage their Timeline before it goes live to their friends, and it appears that their closed Timeline view is being leaked out via these hovercards.

There’s also a report from RTN coming out of India that says users have been notified that August 13th is the date of mandatory switch.

“However, several users in India have reported seeing messages on top of their Facebook pages that warn them that their profile will have to undergo a mandatory migration to Timeline by August 13,” says RTN.

By and large, users are still iffy about the Timeline. However, Facebook is going to push it to everyone very soon – your opinions are moot, to put it bluntly. The only question left now is “When?”

I’ve reached out to Facebook for comment and will update this article accordingly.

UPDATE: A Facebook spokeswoman tells me,

“We’ve been rolling out Timeline since January. As it rolls out, each user has a seven day review period before their own timeline is visible to their friends, so the clock will be different for everyone depending on when it rolls out to them and when they log in…”

She reiterates that Facebook hopes to have everyone switched over to Timeline by fall.

Josh Wolford

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  • http://AdwordsAdvance.com Jillian Pierone

    As a social media marketing coach, I encourage none of my clients to ever get comfortable with a social media platform tool. We must always be willing to ‘jump ship’ and find a tool that better reaches our target market.

    That being the case, let me just say that nothing Facebook has done has negatively harmed our ability as to market our message on Facebook. In fact, they are making regular improvements to their Facebook advertising features, and the transition to timeline took only a month to settle into.

    Now if they would ONLY change the way they display images now! Is anyone else tired of having their images cut off at the bottom? It’s a simple matter of resizing for cripes sake..

    Like Lattice Marketing on Facebook for regular social media marketing tips: http://facebook.com/latticemarketing.com

  • Ireland’s Mother

    I was notified with a message on my screen, after logging on to facebook; I would be switched to Timeline on August 13. I could “Publish Now”, my Timeline Profile, or wait and it would be changed to Timeline on August 13, 2012. I don’t know what time, but I will find out . I decided NOT to “Publish Now”.

    “Welcome to Your Timeline — Preview
    Timeline is your collection of the photos, posts and experiences that help tell your story. People won’t start seeing your timeline until August 13. This gives you a chance to:
    1. Review what’s on your timeline now.
    2. Add or hide whatever you want.
    Want people to see your timeline before August 13? Just click Publish Now. Learn more.

  • mikey

    I created a new account just to see what it looked like, to be honest I like to keep my profile a bit secretive by not showing my real name, date of birth. Only problem is that the timeline changes that and allows people who I don’t want to see my profile… well see it. I only actually have about 20 friends on the website but I have a load of enemies I want to keep off it (long story)
    I’ve had a look at a few people’s timelines and they just looked like an eye sore (had to turn away from a few and that’s saying something.
    I think the only thing I like so far is the banner.
    What I would do with facebook is allow people to edit their profile by doing things like move links around add links in. forget timeline, how about facescrapbook.
    Ok the name needs work, any way off to play one of the games that will keep me on facebook
    Sorry for the long text, been up too long so I get like this

  • io_saturnalia

    Still flying under the timeline radar … for now.

  • Niall

    I was notified today that I was being migrated. It appears that I have 2 choices either accept Timeline or say goodbye to Facebook. Not a difficult decision, I have deactivated my account.

  • http://yahoo joseph baugh

    got timeline yesterday……….today facebook is a memory!

  • Guest

    I was notified that I could view my information and change anything before the switch to the timeline on August 15th.

  • Wanda Zarker

    I don’t want face book-hate it. I’m an old timer who don’t like change. I do this to see baby pictures of little ones in our family. Please let people who want the old type -keep it. Please don’t change me to face book Thank you

  • http://www.bestessayservices.com Pitzer Answers

    For some reason, I never liked facebook timeline at all; the reason I found myself here. Now, looks like I do not have a choice. How I wish they would have let users have control over their account??

  • http://iamsomeonelikeyou Emmanuel Efiom

    Facebook timline is the best

  • http://www.LanceCampeau.com Lance Campeau

    I finally managed to shut down my original 5 year old Facebook account!!! I promised to rid myself of Facebook once they forced the completely shit piece of code know as Timeline on me.

    Worst tech blunder of 2012