HarperCollins Pisses Off Teen Girls

    February 28, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Teen-girl creative writing website Inkpop, owned by HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. announced on its blog yesterday that it is “merging” with Figment, a competitor, effective tomorrow. What that really means is that HarperCollins is selling Inkpop.

From their blog:

We’re excited to announce that the inkpop site and community will be merging with Figment, which means you can now be part of an even bigger community of writers.

Figment is a creative writing website and just like inkpop it’s dedicated to fostering talented writers and giving them a platform to gain a wider audience. As a Figment member, you’ll have even more ways to get feedback, improve your writing, and connect with authors and publishing professionals.

While inkpop will no longer exist as its own site after 3/1/12, the inkpop & Figment teams are working hard to make sure all inkpop accounts and projects will have a new home and that you will be able to easily find & connect with each other on Figment.

Over the next few days, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the process of moving your account information to Figment.

Thank you for being a part of the inkpop community—we are excited about this new partnership and look forward to seeing you and reading your writing on Figment.

Reactions to the news, and the immediacy of the move, were swift. Some members expressed serious concerns that Figment does not have safeguards against people copying/pasting others’ writing.

Wow, thanks. I was just getting used to things and ready to post some work. ;-;

*Walks silently in black mourning clothing sobbing quietly in a hankie*
Oh great…we’ll be called figs.
*Sigh* I am so disappointed. I can’t believe HC did this. Well as to my favorite publishing company, it is now back to S&S. I am actually really sad about this. And as well, what happened to, um, notice!?
:'( I’ve been on here for years, I can’t believe it is going away. Well I can, but I just hoped it wouldn’t.
So…does anyone else feel like they’re giving up on us? -_- Hmmm… Goodbye inkpop, and thank you for everything.
–Kbj *Sobs into a kleenex*

Starting my ban on all HarperCollins books today. Not because you are selling inkpop BUT because you didn’t have the decency to give the users notice. 3 days? Really? Lucky I logged in. I can go for quite a while without logging in. I won’t be going to Figment. I don’t think many people will. What an awful investment for Figment. Sincerely hope you are happy :)

There is one MAJOR PROBLEM with FIGMENT!! People can just cut and paste your work. Until that’s fixed i’m not using it.My opinion is if Hapercolins isn’t getting rid of their other website http://www.authonomy.com/ everyone from here should join there. There is no copying. No one can steal your ideas and it’s still improving. It’s much better then Figment.

I cried over the closing of a website today. Let me repeat myself. I CRIED MY EYES OUT BECAUSE INKPOP IS SHUTTING DOWN! My own family can’t deal with me right now because I’m an emotional mess.

You guys couldn’t have told us in advance, not 2 frigging days before this?!

What about those of us who are supposed to get HarperCollins reviews? I heard that the December projects haven’t even gotten theirs. And will Figment be adding a copy/paste disabler? Because I removed my work from their website for a reason.

  • NoNoInkpop

    Inkpop wasn’t just used by girls, there was many boys on that sight also. Just wanted you to know.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/mike-tuttle Mike Tuttle

      My point being, only the girls were making a fuss.

  • A Pissed Person

    Why would you say that only girls were making a fuss? Obviously you’re drawing to conclusions without looking at the big picture. In fact, loads of boys and adult men were angry and ‘making a fuss’ too. You think read over what you write before you pubilsh it. What you’re saying now makes you sound racist and immature.

    How would you know who’s a girl and who’s a boy? Many of our usernames didn’t show and we didn’t always post ‘Male’ or ‘Female’. onto our profiles. Anyway, it wasn’t just teens that were pissed. A whole boatload of parents and adults who used Inkpop are pissed and making complaints, both publicly and on Inkpop.

    • A Pissed Person

      Sorry, sexist. Not racist.

  • Anonymouse

    Well Hexbound is good.