Harold Camping: Rapture Rescheduled for October 21, Twitter Laughs On

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Harold Camping: Rapture Rescheduled for October 21, Twitter Laughs On
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The “flabbergasted” biblical numerologist Harold Camping has emerged from seclusion and addressed the world about the still impending rapture.

Until a broadcast on Family Radio late last night, Camping had only said a few words about the fact that the world did not begin its tailspin towards destruction at 6 pm on May 21st. Those words were caught on tape, courtesy of NPR:

Harold Camping speaks at home 5/22 by Brandoom

But last night, the 89-year-old fake prophet announced that the rapture was far from cancelled – but simply postponed. More specifically, he was not off on the dates. May 21st marked a more “spiritual” beginning of the end, and in five months the real end will come.

In Camping’s original prediction, the rapture was to take place on May 21st, sending the souls of some 200 million people to heaven. The world was then supposed to linger about in post-apocalyptic misery for five months, finally ceasing to exist on October 21st. It was a soft opening for the rapture, if you will.

Now, Camping is saying that there will be no lead up to the end, it will just happen on October 21st – a hard opening.

Camping, as quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Were not changing a date at all; we’re just learning that we have to be a little more spiritual about this. But on Oct. 21, the world will be destroyed. It won’t be five months of destruction. It will come at once.

We don’t need to talk about it anymore. The world has been warned – my it has been warned. We have done our share and the media picked it up. The world has been warned that it is under judgment.”

Well, the Twitterverse is reacting as you would expect:

Apparently the apocolypse is moved to Oct 21st, which also happens to be Kim Kardashian’s birthday. It’s all starting to make sense… 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The Rapture pushed back to Oct. 21 after being overhauled & retooled by “Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark” creative team. 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Harold Camping is now saying the Rapture will occur on Oct. 21. Apparently he was able to file for an extension. #Rapture 3 hours ago via Seesmic Web · powered by @socialditto

Boy, even that fake Judgment Day is making Flag Day look like, well, Flag Day. 1 hour ago via web · powered by @socialditto

And joking seems to be to preferred method of talking about Camping’s rapture predictions. Social media monitoring company Crimson Hexagon analyzed over 500,000 relevant rapture discussions on Twitter from May 20th to May 23rd and found that 67% of those tweets were in the form of jokes, humor and sarcasm.

9% were about end-of-the-world parties while 10% were direct knocks on Harold Camping himself. 3% were talking about how they survived the rapture and 3% also said that the whole nopocalypse actually brought people closer to God/religion.

So the rapture is still imminent, my friends. And if Harold Camping has taught us anything it’s that when money is involved never give up on the crazy – you double down on the crazy.

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Harold Camping: Rapture Rescheduled for October 21, Twitter Laughs On
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  • http://www.nomorebiggene.com Gene Milstead

    This guy is one of the craziest people I have ever met. The crazy part is all the nuts that follow him. The Bible says we will not know the time or place. Plus the part in the Bible that talks about the rapture was a dream that someone had. Dreams can be interpreted many different ways. It was not something that God said would happen a certain way. This guy has made enough money off ignorant people that his family is set for life. Grow up america and learn and study for yourself don’t take someone’s word for it.

  • Gayle

    You know, I can’t even poke fun at this guy anymore. He’s a senile old man, broken and delusional. It’s not right to mock the mentally ill. Now his followers should be condemned if they let Harold keep making a fool of himself in public. Shame on them.

    • Shells

      I don’t think so. He’s gotten millions of dollars out of this. Additionally, he predicted this before, in 1994, when he was presumably younger and more mentally agile.

      My guess is that he’s somewhere between religious nut and con man. As for his followers? I can’t feel any pity on them, because when you don’t do any critical thinking or investigation, you get what you deserve. If these people weren’t following Camping, they’d be following some other religion. S’just how religion works – once you give up your critical thinking abilities, you’re up for grabs.

      • bruce lee

        Shells, you speak the truth. Funny how religious people say Camping is crazy, but they believe in Noah’s Ark, Moses, Adam & Eve etc. Note to religious people, everyone not indoctrinated in those beliefs think they’re crazy nonsense too!

        • ari bendavid

          right on !!

        • Tim

          So, why do people without faith feel the need to comment on what those with faith choose to believe. If I say I believe I’ll have another beer, someone will call me an alcoholic. If you say the rapture is coming, then good for you, get your house in order. It should only make the more religious Christian’s nicer people, right?

  • vincent

    harold camping needs to drop dead before he makes anymore false judgment day predictions, cuz im sick of hearing about it ! i have very religious family and have heard ” we will not know the dates ” so this asshole needs to lose his mind completely to dementia and do us all a big favor.

    • MakinFunOfTheReligous

      Wow! Powerful words!
      You sure do sound religious!!!

      To bad the rapture doesn’t also take care of the idiot of the world. I bet you would be worried then!!!

      • Tim

        It does take care of the idiots, wait and see for yourself!

  • http://www.freeminds.org Danny Haszard

    Harold Camping sounds like he plagiarized Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Jehovah Witnesses are a spin-off of the second Adventist which all came from the Millerite movement.American war of 1812 army captain William Miller is ground zero for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Yes,the “great disappointment” of Oct 22 1844 has never died out… it lives on in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    The central CORE doctrine of the Watchtower,yes the reason the Watchtower came into existence was to declare Jesus second coming in 1914.When the prophecy (derived from William Miller of 1842) failed they said that he came “invisibly”.

    Danny Haszard been there folks!

    • Tim

      Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t Christians. They do not believe Jesus was the son of God, they believe he was the archangel Michael born of a mortal mother. The very core of Christianity is that Jesus was the Christ. Repeating…J.W.’s don’t believe this, ergo, they are not Christians. Doesn’t matter to me really, but Muslims and Jews don’t go around pretending to be Christians either, yet we all use the same Bible (parts of it, at least).

      • zenn

        You’re wrong, Tim! JWs do believe JC is the son of the Almighty God, but he had a pre-existence life in heaven before he came down to earth.

        As for Harold – apparently he thinks he knows better than the angels and JC and wants to speak for God himself. A mental Institute will be his next place of hiding after 21st October.

    • zenn

      If you’d been there, I would say that you are an apostate, Dan.
      It’s not really nice making defamatory comments like that against a particular faith.

  • jOHN

    God does not make mistakes Harold. No man will know my coming. You just proved to the world, you are a fake! Oh, by the way, God has a special place for you too, Mr false prophet, Hell!

    • Ralph Cramden

      You shouldn’t talk about your coming. Only my wife will know about my coming! LOL!

  • Jake Ethan Alexander

    I hope Camping won’t drop dead during the next 5 months…. I can’t wait until the whole world laugh at his face again. and those people who following him… will be even funnier…

    there is more chance for BET’s Rapture coming back, than the real Rapture coming on on Oct 21.

    wake up!

  • http://www.brendanmcnallyauthor.com Brendan

    The devil is late for a midnight meeting at the Crossroads. You give him a lift. Now he owes you. Bigtime. He’s offering something really nice. But, you’re an atheist. And, in your mind, taking something from him is tantamount to acknowledging God’s existence. Problems arise. Not just with the devil, but with “that other guy.” You find that they’re making bets over you, not even big bets over your soul, but side bets over piddly little things here and there. And even though you still refuse to believe in either of them, you vow revenge against both. Soon, God and the devil both realize they’d picked on the wrong guy. Friend of the Devil, now on Kindle, only $7.99, by Brendan McNally (author of Germania, Simon & Schuster, 2009).

  • charlytuna

    I think the term “fake prophet” says it all. If he was just an unbeliever who predicted the end of the world (ie, Mayans, Nostradamus) — you could chalk it up to ignorance. But the fact that he is well-read in scripture, defines him very clearly as a false prophet. Jesus said in Mark 13:22 “For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. 23 But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things.” and then farther along in Mark 13:32 “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. 33 Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is.” Harold Camping has read those words many times I’m sure — but for some reason he believes even though neither the angels in Heaven nor the Son Himself knows, Harold Camping knows??? Hmmm. Interesting. My advice to you is, watch and pray, and DON’T LISTEN TO HAROLD CAMPING.

  • Kross

    I think Harold actually started out believing his theory, then he got corrupted by fame, fortune, followers. And most highly religious, highly educated people end up whacked out with some crazy tgeory. They almost never admit fault or when they are wrong. Religion has become a money making scam imho, at least most organized religions are.

  • S Kenney

    My 36th birthday is on October 23rd. My doctor was right, I’ll never make it to 40. I guess I owe him a coke

  • kurt

    This guy is a false Prophet and would have been put to death in old testament days after his 1st false prophecy. I believe in the return of Christ but no date has been given only His promise that He will return when He left. Christ has given us signs of the times leading up to His return and many are happening around us at present ,many have happened as prophesied in scripture and many are still to come.

  • http://JesusChrist-SuperStar.com Jesus Christ

    I’m climbin in yo windows, I’m snatchin yo people up!

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      double meme.

      • wasa

        for more articles

  • http://historychannel Chan

    All the Cable “VANGILISTS” And Iguana Camping who are leading the flock astray will get the same punile treatment as their Father of Perdition will get…by their fruit you shall know them…these vermin are sho nuff GREEDY OF EARTHLY GOODS , GOLD , AND SILVER.. WILL DO ANYTHING FOR GOLD PIECES lime the one that betrayed JESUS to His face.

  • chuck

    You wrote… “This guy is one of the craziest people I have ever met.” – Have you actually met him? Where did you met him? Was a nice guy?

  • ajc98

    It’s not that the Bible was proven wrong- only Harold Camping was! Christ will come back and all will stand before him, small and great. Harold Camping does not know when that will be and has no business giving dates. Nevertheless Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who at some point WILL take his power to himself and reign over the world (Revelation 11:15-18). His rule is characterized by love of righteousness and hatred of iniquity (Hebrews 1:8-9). But many who read this love something he calls evil and/or hate something he calls good. The conscience and the word of God bear witness to that truth. Now there is still a chance to change your mind, turn from your sin to follow Jesus on the narrow way that leads to life, and find mercy. Who will be honest and say that they would not be ready if Jesus did come back? Who will be wise and do something about it and prepare for eternity? There will be no mercy at the judgment- but now you can end your rebellion and call on the Lord Jesus to save you. To hold back and wait for another day is to refuse his salvation. Get ready now while you still can!

    “Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.” (Acts 3:26); “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness” (1 Peter 2:24a); “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.” (Isaiah 55:6-7); “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)

  • Richard

    Please enough with this crazy old Harold Camping the world is not going to end on Oct. 21, 2011. He’s just trying to scare people. Don’t follow him or believe him. He’s not a real preacher. A real preacher wouldn’t try to scare people with an end of times prediction. Prophets should stop trying to predict the end of our world already.

  • Andy

    What a moron!!!! Go to hell!

  • Andy

    Fucking retard!

  • MOnte

    To Harold Camping: come on guys. You already make a big mistake on may 21, and now oct 21? that is insane!!.. the fact is in the bible says no men, angel or son but the Father in Heaven knows. So lets enjoy our time with God Grace day by day and you know what?, Jesus is here!! with us all the time!!. All the rapture things let it go and that is Father in Heaven business. We as his beloved child should enjoy His unmerited favor and His Blessing!!. Shalom!!

    • Tim

      Yeah, try 1988 and 1994 as well. If at first you don’t succeed…

  • Al S

    It is true we are absoutly on the brink, but one KEY clue found in Joel is the sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord shall come. This refers to a blood moon lunar eclipse. I believe there is one in November after the harvest moon in Oct. He may be close but no cigar as this is a key clue he must apparantly does not know. Al

    • Tim

      He bases all of his predictions on numerology, which the Bible leads me to believe is the tool of the Devil anyway.

  • Robin Ten Eyck

    Mr. Camping,

    Well I hope your happy that you make really (real) Christians look as Stupid as you!!!! It is because of dumb statements like the one you make that keep unsaved from getting saved. If I had you as an example I wouldn’t want to come to Christ either. I’m sure heaven is rejoicing over that!!!
    O ye of higher learning….where did you learn you Bible? Because my Bible says: Mark 13:32 (King James Version)

    32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

    So what made you think you would know??? Just a little vanity perhaps.

    Be still and know that HE is GOD.

  • Lord Help Us

    As bad as it is, doens’t this man realize that those who would come to know Christ as their personal savior may never come because of his foolishness. How does he expect anyone to take the word of God seriously, when he continues to mislead and prophelie. Harold you will be held accountable for all those who loose out on the chance to know Christ as their personal savior. And to those who continue to follow him,read The Book! No man knows the day nor the hour…. Lord Help Us!

  • george

    Camping’s mistake is no suprise. Here is a link to an audio from a spiritual group which is getting a lot of attention right now. They explain how Christianity follows a false image of Jesus and is the false religion Jesus warned about. This recording is apparently causing a lot of controversy! http://www.merkaba.org/audio/sing144000.htm

  • Pearl

    Camping’s mistake is no suprise. Here is a link to a audio from a spiritual group which is getting a lot of attention right now. They explain how Christianity follows a false image of Jesus and is the false religion Jesus warned about. This recording is apparently causing a lot of controversy! http://www.merkaba.org/audio/sing144000.htm

  • Tony Fisher

    Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus is the Son of God. People who do not know what their are talking about should not talk about things they know nothing about. J.W’s understand the Bible better than most so called religious people. For some goof ball to drag them into the same goofy nut job as Harold Campings beliefs and statement offend people of sound minds.
    The world would be a much better place if their were more J.W.’s preaching the good news. By the way, They grow stronger every day, over seven million people know the truth.

  • Tony Fisher

    To Danny Haszard: You say you have been their, Huh!. You sound Apostate to me…You do not know what you are talking about…J.W.’s follow the teaching and Bible understanding of Mr.Ruthterford. Not Miller…Where do you get your information? WallMart…
    The only place you have been to is the Earnest Angley Ministries, Hands on Healing for you Mr. Know it All!. Ask Angley to heal your distorted
    Mind…We pray for you!…

  • Patrick

    I think Harold camping is right.oct 21th something going to happen? I believe that but not end of the world,my brother & sisters who r leaving in this world? I ask u one thing DO THE PRAYER IN UR HEART days r soon god bless youll

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